Blue Phoenix

Chapter 352: Heaven’s Door

Seated in the dim light of the room, Hui Yue was the most relaxed he had been since entering the grave. There was clearly no traps around him and bitingly cold Yin energy was pervasive in the room he was at.

Sitting down, Hui Yue was completely submerged in the cold energy which rushed into his body. He knew that he should spend some time looking through the treasures he had obtained on the way; however, he was simply incapable of not absorbing the abundant energy into his body first.

The energy had been stored within the room for thousands upon thousands of years, and the room had become so filled with energy that even just breathing caused quite a lot of energy to enter his body. It was as though he was able to absorb endless amounts of Yin energy. The energy that Hui Yue absorbed was so much that he felt his Yin Yang balance within his Wu Wei core slowly moving; it crept towards being in perfect equilibrium. This was something that he had wanted for a long time and it caused a great smile appeared on his face as he greedily absorbed the energy into his body.

One day took another and soon three days had passed where Hui Yue had not moved an inch. He sat there unmoving as the air in the room changed. The first day it had been dense, filled with astonishingly cold Yin energy, but now there was a slight warmth to the air. A warmth which was pouring out of the young man slowly taking over the entire room.

As the fourth day came to a close, Hui Yue opened his eyes and exhaled a stale breath of air. He had been fully focused on absorbing the Yin energy in the room and he had finally succeeded in absorbing it all.

Deep in his eyes was an icy gleam which slowly melted as all the cold energy was claimed by the young man. A great smile spread on his face as he slowly rose from the ground. His entire body was bursting with energy. He was currently at the peak of the ninth star. He was so close to breaking through into the Emperor rank; so close that he could almost feel the abundant energy which would be his as soon as he managed to cross the final barrier.

The Yin energy had not only managed to boost his strength tremendously, it also let him perfectly balance the energies within his consciousness. The Yin and Yang energies. He no longer had an imbalance like the one he experienced after absorbing the energy of the Jing family’s men.

As he stood up, Hui Yue stretched his body before he picked up a few storage stones containing the many treasures he had grabbed on the way in.

Looking at the room with the open door, he knew that the groups of experts were currently rushing towards him. They were rushing through one room after another to finally reach the inner area of the grave where he was located right now. When they made it here, it was likely that a fierce battle would occur, but it was also possible that the Saints would team up to open the heavy door behind him.

Sighing, Hui Yue sat down and slowly opened the storage stone then he picked up one item after another. The first thing he looked at was a leather scroll. Opening the scroll he found a painting of multiple beasts sealed by inscriptions. Looking at these sealing inscriptions he found that they were far different than any inscriptions he had seen before.

‘This seem to be some sort of soul shadows from another world,’ Lan Feng said slowly. ‘They appear differently from the soul shadows in our world, and not only that, their inscription patterns are also something I have never seen before.’

‘Then they are of no use to me,’ Hui Yue said dejectedly, but he was quickly rebutted by Lan Feng. ‘They are worth far more than soul shadows from our world!’ He exclaimed.

‘This inscription is a sealing inscription, something you should learn from. With it you might be able to seal living beings. And the best is that no one knows these inscription patterns. They will be unbreakable to everyone.’

Hearing this Hui Yue’s heart started beating rapidly. Being able to seal other cultivators with inscriptions no one knew, Hui Yue understood that it was without a doubt something he could not pass up.

Without pulling out any other treasures, Hui Yue once more sat on the ground. The leather scroll was in his hand as he poured his Wu Wei and consciousness into the scroll. He observed every single sign in the inscription trying to understand and see through and understand this complicated pattern.

Although Hui Yue was capable of understanding the inscriptions one by one, he was still not completely certain how they worked together. The sealing inscription was incredibly hard to understand; it was very profound, but the longer Hui Yue studied it the more he started to understand.

It was not one inscription pattern but five which had been layered on top of each other. Individually these inscriptions were fairly simple and did nothing more than snare an opponent, but if they were inscribed in rapid succession, then the inscription came to life and proved to be incredibly hard to break. Of course everything was relative. If Hui Yue used his peak King ranked energy to trap a Saint, that Saint would be able to breaking free. However even still it would require quite some power and would allow Hui Yue to flee.

If Hui Yue on the other hand used the Saint power from Lan Feng then he should be capable of trapping and sealing other Saints as well. The sealing formation was simply that amazing.

Now that Hui Yue had understood the inscription pattern, he also knew how to unseal the soul shadows within the leather scroll. Hui Yue was uncertain whether or not he should try them out or leave it for later. It was possible that it was a one time use soul shadow and in that case he would rather save them for when he was in a bad situation.

Just as he was about to pull out another item he heard the sound of a creaking door and he instantly put his items back in his storage stone which he placed around his hand in a bracelet.

Standing up he looked tentatively at the opening door. Ever so slowly it opened up wide before a figure slowly tumbled inside.

His entire body was covered with blood and wounds were visible all over. His eyes however were completely somber and he was able to focus on the room he entered. Looking around relief seemed to flood his black eyes. He swiftly hurried to a corner where he sat down and cultivated clearly attempting to heal the wounds he had sustained.

Hui Yue ignored the injured man. He seemed to have no designs against him, and Hui Yue was not one who attacked without reason. As long as they did not insult or trouble him, he would not bother them.

It was obvious that this Saint had rushed through one room after another. He was likely to have a great many treasures on him, but Hui Yue still did not attack him. He waited patiently for more Saints to arrive so that they could make their way through the massive door.

After waiting for another day more experts seemed to make it through the door where the wounded Saint had appeared. It was clear that he had cleared the majority of the traps making it a fairly simple and safe route. It was like a flood of experts whcih appeared in the doorway and entered the chapter. Looking at this flood he was surprised to find the group of magical beasts that Sha Yun had joined stepping through the door. After observing them for some time with a worried heart, he saw his friend safe and sound. She was smiling as she joked around with the others of mixed blood.

Many experts appeared and Hui Yue was glad that the large stone chamber they were in was as large as it was. It was so vast that it seemed capable of holding up to five thousand cultivators with no problem.

A few days passed by when some experts tried to forcefully break through the door. While Hui Yue had been waiting, others made small stalls and sold or exchanged some of the treasures they had found so far. Although lots of treasures had been hidden within the tombs, the majority of these treasures had been taken by the high ranked experts, but even still a few treasures had been left behind. It was mainly these treasures that were being traded. Many pills and herbs were up for sale.

Walking through the makeshift stalls, Hui Yue purchased all the herbs he recognized to be from other worlds. These were the items he would need for his celestial alchemy formula.

Many people were happy selling these herbs as they had no idea what they were and assumed that they were just trash flowers that no one needed. A few people could guess that they were special yet with enough gold coins everyone parted with their flowers happily.

On the seventh day after the second door opened, one more door slowly creaked open. The sound caused both Hui Yue and the other Saint to watch vigilantly.

Two saints walked through, and both of them seemed exhausted yet none of the two were wounded like the other Saint had been. Although they were not injured, their eyes were filled with disbelief as they looked at the many experts who were moving about within the chamber. Their eyes almost popped from their sockets when they saw that two gates had already been opened.

The two Saints quickly glanced over the many people within the chamber before their eyes rested for a mere moment on Hui Yue and the other Saint who was currently healing. Both of the new comming experts contemplated for a moment what they should do before they moved towards the massive door.

Gathering all the Wu Wei within their bodies they allowed for it to surge forth and side by side they attacked the massive door. One explosion after another sounded out, but not even the slightest dent was visible on the door itself. It stood there as towering as ever like an impenetrable castle.

The two Saints continued for quite a long time before they finally had to give up. They were both incredibly tired as they had exhausted their internal energy completely. Moving backwards thundering laughter suddenly rung out from everywhere within the room.

Hearing the voice, Hui Yue was not too taken aback. He instantly recognized it as the voice of the owner of the tomb; the voice he had met earlier.

“Hahahaha, you fools! Do you believe that you can break through my Heaven’s door with something as simple as your individual power?” His voice boomed outwards causing some of the experts within the chamber to step backwards from the pressure wave that burst forth from the massive door. The closer one was to the door, the more of the pressure wave they had to endure. Some even threw up blood as they tumbled backwards. Even the two saints who had tried to force it open were forced to step backwards.

Their eyes were filled with shock and disbelief as they for the first time felt just how strong the owner of this grave was. He was far stronger than even them, and this realization only caused their eyes to shine with even more greed than they had done. Someone who had become this strong needed to have some astonishing treasures.

Looking at Heaven’s door as it was named, everyone’s eyes shone with excitement. Even Hui Yue was excited. Yet Hui Yue knew that they did not currently have the strength to break it open so he stayed in his position of slowly observing everyone around him. He observed their reaction to the sudden appearance of the owner of this grave.

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