Blue Phoenix

Chapter 350: Treasures

Musing for some time, Hui Yue looked at the experts who continuously entered the room. One group after another made the misconception that Hui Yue was a Saint and due to his stoic pose and constant silence no one dared mess with him.

Hui Yue, knowing that the Saint had been sent back to the start of the grave said nothing, but every time a group vanished as prismatic beams of light, he checked their destination, and every group of cultivators returned to the entrance of the grave. Therefore he knew it would not be long before the actual Saint returned.

When the Saint returned, Hui Yue would no longer be as safe as he was now. The many other families would find that he was not as strong as they thought and then they would likely act against him. It was even a possibility that the other Saint would attack him.

The others he could easily deal with, but the Saint, on the other hand, could prove quite troublesome. Although Hui Yue could deal with a Saint with his current strength that was only to the extent that he could escape. He had no way of actually defeating a Saint with his current strength. On the other hand, if he were to use Lan Feng’s powers he could easily defeat the Saint but that would let others know one of his best attacks.

Sighing deeply, he decided not to think about it anymore. His life was worth more than keeping his strength hidden, and he definitely did not want to lose his treasures. If anyone tried to steal them, then they would be in for a surprise, no matter if the thief was a King or a Saint.

Returning his focus to the strange and seemingly random energy patterns within the next room, Hui Yue started to wonder what exactly he should do. ‘Perhaps I should let it teleport me to the start and take another path.’ He contemplated, but the greed in his eyes did not lessen. He wanted that red liquid that could cause teleportation.

Looking into the room, Hui Yue had plenty of opportunities to see other families being teleported away and he soon came to understand the very first set of energies. The moment one stepped into the room, one would be wrapped in the energy. This energy would then immediately start to fall off the body and the moment it vanished a massive beam would descend and drop the red liquid onto the aggressor.

The energies had no pattern, but it stuck close to anything which moved through the room. Looking at the next set of energies, Hui Yue found that they worked the same way, only the beam of light descended swifter than it had done in the previous set of energies. This room tested if one could speed through the sets of energy without being teleported out of the room by the array.

In total, the room was split into seven parts of turbulent energy. One had to cross through all seven parts to be able to exit the room. Waiting for the room to run out of red liquid did not seem like a good idea either as the beam which locked one in place could turn permanent, forever locking the unlucky experts in one place.

Looking at the energy ripples, Hui Yue slowly started pouring Qi through his meridians causing massive amounts of Qi to move in a specific pattern that slowly activated Velocity Flow and pushed its ability to the limits. This room required one to be swift, and if that was the case, then he had to be at his fastest.

He had known Velocity Flow for so many years now that he could perfectly execute it, and when he pushed it to the limits it was possible for him to move a large distance in less than a second. In a way it seemed as though he was teleporting himself, launching himself into the distance.

Standing in front of the energy ripples, Hui Yue felt his heart beat rapidly. He knew that it was now he needed to be the swiftest of his entire life. Pouring more and more Qi into his body, he felt how small wings appeared on his feet; a sign that the ability was being pushed to its very limits.

It was now or never. If he were to start at the beginning once more, Hui Yue decided to take another tunnel towards the middle, but his greed for this red liquid made him ready to try his best as he shot off into the distance.

His figure blurred, and he seemingly vanished. The movement had been so sudden that the groups of experts who were observing him felt their minds go numb. His speed was simply too awe inspiring.

Hui Yue, although moving the fastest he had ever moved, was nervous that his speed would not be sufficient. He charged through the first set of energies with no problems, the second was also done painlessly, and so had the third. As he reached the fourth, he managed to get through without being stalled, but for the first time, he started feeling the energy wrap itself around his body.

This feeling increased with the fifth set of energies that descended, and in the sixth, he could feel he was strongly constricted by the energy ripples. Still, his eyes were determined as he looked at the door which appeared closer and closer. Reaching out, Wu Wei sprung from his arms and forced open the door while he rushed into the seventh set of energies.

This time, he felt as though he had run straight into a wall, but as soon as he arrived at the wall, he forced the Qi in his dantian out through his meridians and into the pattern of the Velocity Flow.

His body suddenly burst with strength as he was propelled forward. His feet never stood still, and never slowing down; instead, it took him to the other side of the room. He felt as the energy ripples had attached themselves to him and vanished one by one. Although he was using the highest speed possible for him, it was a close call for him to be able to reach the door in time.

Just as he reached it, he heard a commotion behind him, and he turned to look. The Saint had returned, and his eyes were filled with venomous light as he glared at Hui Yue. A glare that the younger man could not understand at first.

As he entered through the door, he was not too worried. If the Saint had already failed once, he was likely to fail again. Even if he managed to understand the concept, if he did not have a speed increasing martial art attack he would be done for.

Deciding not to pay any more attention to what happened behind him, Hui Yue looked in front and he was shocked to see that three letters were floating in the air in front of him.

Reaching out, he picked up one paper, and as soon as his hand came into contact with it a light shone and an ancient voice sounded out. “This is a reward for defeating the teleportation room.”

As soon as the voice sounded, information poured into his mind. Slowly all three papers grew dim before they slowly crumbled to the ground. In Hui Yue’s mind, there were three recipes.

Hui Yue was awestruck. What he had gotten was three recipes all titled Celestial Alchemy. The first was a recipe for the red liquid which forced teleportation upon the ones it touched.

The second was called ‘Dream of Tomorrow,’ and it allowed for one to sever the consciousness from the body. The elixir created a pocket dimension where one’s consciousness could train while the body was in a meditative stance. It lasted for an hour, but time in the micro dimension was different. For the consciousness, one drop of liquid lasted for an entire day within the dimension.

The final recipe was a medicinal pill which allowed the body to absorb Ancestral Worldpower.

The two previous items required medicinal herbs which Hui Yue had in his bags. They were the herbs that Hui Yue had picked in the herb room, but these herbs were also some that Lan Feng had never seen before.

The medicinal plants for the Ancestral Worldpower pills were ingredients Hui Yue knew and was familiar with. They were herbs from his own world.

‘I guess that after each room is successfully passed a treasure is handed out,’ Lan Feng commented as he greedily licked his lips. These three recipes, although not useable yet as Hui Yue was not an alchemist, had such great potential that he was completely uncertain what to do with them.

‘If we run into that Saint, we need to fight him,’ Lan Feng continued. ‘He has gained a lot of treasures and these treasures can assist us in the future. I have a few ways of getting rid of memories from people’s minds.’ He continued as a smug smirk appeared on his lips once more. He was clearly greatly satisfied with himself.

‘Well before we do anything else, let us look at the room in front of us.’ He sighed, and Hui Yue changed his focus from the talking bird to the empty room.

The fact that the room was empty worried the young man. No matter how he looked at it, all he found was a room with absolutely nothing in it; no energy ripples came towards him. There was no presence of any traps, nothing. And this nothing was exactly what frightened Hui Yue.

He had managed to go from being in the middle of all these cultivators to leading them all now, and unfortunately, he could not expect many of the families to make it to the room he was currently in. It was simply too hard to successfully pass the previous room.

‘I really do not feel anything in this room, but I know that the Saint is about to make it here. When he does, we will either have to fight him, or let him go ahead of us. Since I do not sense anything here, let’s try and step forward. If something happens, be ready to jump back instantly.

Tentatively, Hui Yue looked at the room in front of him. His face was grim, and his heart was beating erratically. Jumping into a room like this seemed dangerous and against everything he stood for, yet knowing that he had no other option he slowly stepped forward.

The moment he stepped in, nothing happened. No energy started brewing, no traps deployed. In fact, nothing happened. The room stayed exactly as it had before. Another step into the room and the same result.

‘Could the trap perhaps have failed due to the passing of time?’ Hui Yue mused to Lan Feng, yet the Phoenix was as clueless as himself. None of them had even the smallest idea as to why the room was so empty.

One step became two. Two became three, and soon he was almost halfway through the room. Just as he reached the halfway point, a light shone in the middle of the room as a beam descended. It was much like the beams from the teleportation and the young man who now stuck within the beam found himself incapable of moving even a finger.

A sour feeling welled up in his heart as he heaved a heavy sigh. ‘I wonder what is going to happen to us,’ He said to the phoenix within him, but unlike before, the bird had become completely silent.

Knowing that he could do absolutely nothing about the position he was currently in, Hui Yue just sighed and awaited his destiny. He hoped that he was as fortunate as the people who had stepped into the previous room and were teleported back to the entrance, but deep in his heart he knew that this was not likely. He was most likely incredibly screwed.

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