Blue Phoenix

Chapter 329: Young Master og the Jing Family

“So they think that I am nothing without my weapon,” Hui Yue thought to himself as he looked at the snowstorm which was raging around him. Looking at the sword in his hand, a satisfied smile appeared and he flicked it once more sending ice shards at the three experts. The fourth had long since died because he failed to protect himself with Wu Wei. The pain from his leg had blinded the man causing his demise.

“Let’s see who shreds who,” Hui Yue said laughing as he stopped pouring Wu Wei into his sword and instead sheathed it. He placed it into a storage stone he had embedded in a bracelet around his arm.

Although this weapon was outstanding, Hui Yue was used to fighting with a dagger and his skills with a sword were still not great. Because of this he decided to fight them head on without a weapon but with Wu Wei. Should he have problems, then he could always transformation into a wolf.

As Hui Yue stopped the flow of Wu Wei into the sword the snowstorm slowly died down. The surrounding temperature once more started to rise, and the ground which had been dry before was now filled with mud. Inside this mud was Hui Yue standing tall while looking at the three Kings who had exerted the majority of their Wu Wei to protect themselves from the snowstorm. Despite the fact that they had used so much Wu Wei, none of them regretted it.

“Now he is out of energy!” One of them yelled excitedly. “Watch as I, your grandfather, show you what a cultivator is like!” He continued as Wu Wei gathered around his fist. He then launched himself forward at the young man with a manic grin on his face.

Seeing his opponent rush towards him, Hui Yue showed no signs of retreating or fear; instead, he just stood there, smiling. He waited for the man to get within range. When he did, a massive golden palm suddenly appeared out of thin air above him. The cultivator tried his best to avoid it, but as Hui Yue gestured with his own palm, the attack descended from the sky at a rapid speed; a speed which was impossible to avoid.

Moments after a large boom sounded out. Then the golden palm vanished, and looking down at the crater it had created, the man who had been advancing was now beaten to a meaty pulp. Nothing was left apart from a meat paste at the bottom of the crater something which caused the two remaining experts to tremble in terror.

As they stood still a group of people appeared by their side. One of them was a young man. A man who was around twenty to twenty-five years of age. His eyes were narrow, and he looked at the meat paste with no emotions whatsoever. Instead, his eyes moved towards Hui Yue as he looked at him with great disdain.

“I am Jing Cao of the Jing family,” He introduced himself. “I come from the City of Heavenly Gardens in the Yueliang Province. We have traveled far to visit this blood altar. I came here to obtain some Nine Heavens Devouring Blood Metal, but I see that you have an item which has been forged at this altar. Sell it to me, and I will allow you to leave here alive.” He said in a voice filled with disregard. It was clear that he was a young master who was used to get his way, but while he was speaking to Hui Yue, the young man gave him a toothy grin.

“Go ahead and forge your own weapon,” He said; the disdain his voice was obvious. “Mine is not for sale. It is already bound to me by blood therefore even if I wanted to sell it to you, I would not be capable of doing so,” He continued with a shrug of his shoulders.

“I see,” The young man looked at Hui Yue for some time before he shook his head, “You are just a mere mixed blood b***ard. I am sure that no one will miss you when you are gone. Why not lay down your life right here and hand me your sword? I promise to leave a complete corpse if you give me your sword now.”

Hearing the words spoken, the smile on Hui Yue’s face stiffened and a growl escaped his throat. Although he was used to being considered a person with mixed blood, he was not used to such utter disregard. To actually expect that he would gladly allow them to kill him. This thought caused laughter to suddenly escaped him.

“A weakling like you actually dare say such words? You and what army will kill me?” Hui Yue asked as his body started changing. His skin turned red, and his body ballooned to double his normal size. His teeth turned to fangs and his hands to large claws.

Where the handsome white-haired young man had been standing was now a massive red wolf. A red wolf with blood-red eyes and a sinister smile shone on his face. “I want to see what you and your little friends are capable of,” Hui Yue growled. His voice was much more hoarse and rough now, but despite this every word was understandable. Looking at the wolf, the young master was slightly taken aback, but he did not know if he needed to be fearful or not. Beckoning with his hand, twenty Duke ranked experts appeared at the same time alongside two more King ranked experts.

Looking at the twenty-four experts and the young master in front of them, Hui Yue did not feel even the slightest hint of danger from them. Howling, red mist billowed out of his body and it gathered above his head. Together it materialized into a massive wolf head in the sky which let out a silent, terrifying roar. Although the silent roar eerily gave off no sound, a tremor ran through the ground beneath everyone’s feet, and right after the head roared it swept downwards, aimed straight at the cultivators.

Before anyone could react the massive wolf was upon them, and it caused blood to spray from the mouth of all the Duke ranked experts present as they were forced to their knees. Their bodies were under enormous pressure from the massive wolf head. The four King ranked experts used various techniques to defend themselves, but even their faces had turned slightly pale because they needed to both both defend themselves and their young master. Of all the many experts who had taken the attack, the young master Jing was the only one who still had a healthy and rosy expression.

“You weaklings; he is only a mixed blood beast!” The young master from the Jing family yelled out as he saw how his forces were beaten by only one attack. “Everyone, attack him together; use your numbers to make up for his weird beast blood!” He continued, and all the experts tried to accommodate him. The Dukes who had been forced to their knees tried to force their bodies to stand up once more, and the Kings all took a step forward.

Seeing that none of them had the intention to give up, a cold smile flashed across Hui Yue’s face as he lifted his hand. Suddenly, ice cold killing intent billowed outwards together with golden Wu Wei. Seeing that his golden Wu Wei had merged with the red mist energy surrounding him, the young master narrowed his eyes.

“Actually, don’t kill him. Cripple and capture him. He can use both Wu Wei and mist energy; he can be, without question, a great asset to our Jing family. He would make a great slave if one can form a blood bond with him, so capture him!” He called out, and the words completely stunned Hui Yue. What he said was so outrageous that he could not help laughing out loud.

“I do not think you have the ability to do so!” Hui Yue said with a serious expression on his face. After glancing at the many Dukes, his speed suddenly became explosive as he activated Velocity Flow. He seemed as if he were teleporting as he vanished from one place before he reappeared behind one of the Duke ranked experts and used his physical strength to overwhelm them. Some of them had their throats crushed while others had their chests caved inwards from being hit by his fists.

One after another the Dukes fell to the ground. Some managed to let out shrill screams before they collapsed while others experienced death so swiftly that they did not even have the time to react.

The four King ranked experts were shocked the moment they noticed the sudden change on the battlefield; shocked that their men fell one after another at an astonishing speed but unlike the Dukes, these Kings were all veteran fighters. They all dashed after the fleeting shadow throwing one martial attack after another at him.

Seeing Wu Wei weapons, fists, and kicks aimed at him, Hui Yue pushed Velocity Flow to its limits and once more withdrew his Sword of the Icy Tempest. He was unskilled when it came to sword play, but he knew the basics. With his strong sword in his hand, he managed to finish off the final Duke before he came to a standstill. He stood completely still as he looked at the four King ranked experts who were looking at him waiting for the opportune moment to strike.

Their eyes were red from anger after seeing their comrades dying one by one, but they were quite clear that their capabilities were not enough to save them. At the back, the young master was swearing out loud, “He is only one man. Kill him instantly!” He yelled out, his feet stomped on the ground, and his eyes filled with arrogance. It was clear that he never thought it was a possibility for his side to lose. After all, he had four King ranked experts protecting him, and even though Hui Yue dared to kill Dukes, they were just that, Dukes. In the eyes of the young master, Hui Yue would never offend the Jing family by killing him or his bodyguards.

“Don’t capture him! Even if he is a divine beast, he has thoroughly angered me! Kill him instantly!” The young master called out once more to the four Kings, and although they were hesitant all nodded their heads while on high alert. They were carefully observing every move Hui Yue made.

A toothy grin appeared on Hui Yue’s red muzzle, and with a loud howl, he threw himself towards the Kings. The sword in one hand and his claws ready on the other. Hui Yue poured both mist energy and Wu Wei out of his body. The mist energy took the shape of a large horde of small wolves which were like soul shadows. Each of these wolves acted like a living wolf. They bite and used their claws to overwhelm and conquer their targets. Rushing together these wolves split into two groups with roughly ten in each and headed for two of the King ranked experts.

Seeing the wolves swiftly headed towards them, they quickly gathered their Wu Wei around their bodies and launched Wu Wei attacks at the incoming wolves. Wu Wei attacks rained down on the wolves, yet every time one was hit, a hole appeared in its body which quickly reformed. These wolves were created from mist energy, and although they had sharp teeth and claws, they were not so easily destroyed.

The mist wolves kept two experts busy, and Hui Yue played with the other two. The sword whirled in his hand as if it were a dagger. His movements were fluid and dangerous. He would stab and slash at all angles at the four experts. He would slice through the air, and if the experts were just a fraction slower, they would have been severely injured. Seeing that Hui Yue was capable of entangling four Kings at once, Cou Ling and Fang Wei who were hiding behind a stone were both stunned. They looked at him with fevered reverence. Something they had never felt before.

Cou Ling held her hand on her chest and held her breath as she watched Hui Yue fight. The tentative look in her eyes and the doubt she had felt towards Hui Yue had been completely replaced by astonishment. Seeing the young man battle so fiercely, she was incapable of doing anything but admire him greatly.

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