Blue Phoenix


Chapter 282: Difference in Strength

Seeing the blue flames appearing on Hui Yue’s body, the Saint was somewhat shocked. He was a Saint, and he knew that blue flames were incredibly rare. They were something which required a lot of energy to create, and these flames were far more dangerous than the red ordinary flames most experts controlled.

A smile slipped onto the Saint’s face as he looked at the young wolf-man who was completely covered in blue flames. His hand heavily gripped the handle of the warhammer, and his eyes glistened with interest as he looked at the younger man in front of him. “It seems as though you have many secrets,” The Saint said as he licked his lip in excitement. “It makes sense that you are the Grand Marshall since you have so many secrets. Not to mention, this type of power. How could you have become so much stronger than you were just moments ago?” He asked acting as though they were acquaintances meeting for the first time with a polite interest in one another not as two experts meeting in the middle of a battlefield.

Being asked all these questions, Hui Yue remained silent. Although his opponent seemed relatively relaxed and chatty, he had the strength to behave that way. Hui Yue, on the other hand, was running on Lan Feng’s strength, something which had a limit.

Seeing that Hui Yue had no intention of answering, the tall Saint sighed deeply as if someone had taken away his greatest pleasure. His previously cheerful expression turned slightly sour as he started to twirl the warhammer in a circle as though it was light as a feather. His face now no longer showed happiness, instead, he was filled with annoyance.

“I truly hope that you have something hidden up your sleeve,” The Saint said, his voice now low and threatening, his entire demeanor completely different from what it had been moments before. “I don’t know what it means to take it easy. I will be going at you with everything I have,” He said as he observed the hammer in his hand something which made Hui Yue feel slightly worried. Although he was in beast form and he had a power that he did not have before, he was currently standing in front of a Saint. A Saint, who was far stronger than him, not even mentioning the massive Warhammer. One hit from that hammer was likely to completely smash his body.

Hui Yue’s eyes were on the man in front of him. He was already worried about the battle, but he had no option other than to go all out. Listening to his surroundings, he heard loud clashes mixed with shockwaves that sent shivers through his body and made him sway where he stood. Feeling the shockwaves, Hui Yue guessed that the other Saints were already fighting. It was highly likely that the other Saints had all joined the battle, meaning that none of them were capable of helping out their Grand Marshall leaving him alone to battle a saint much stronger than what many of them were fighting.

While Hui Yue was thinking, he instantly felt danger appear in front of him and with his swiftest speed, he retreated away from the Saint. “Oh, well done!” The Saint praised as his warhammer hit where Hui Yue stood less than a second ago and without waiting for even a moment, the warhammer spun in the air shifting towards his new position.

Having felt the danger, Hui Yue had activated Velocity Flow to its limits to keep avoiding the warhammer which came at him from every angle. This caused him to feel more and more danger the further back he was pressured. Although Hui Yue wished to advance, it was literally impossible for him as the warhammer constantly spun around attacking him unceasingly.

Gritting his teeth, Hui Yue observed the pattern with which the tall man swung his warhammer around. At first, it looked completely random where he was swinging his hammer, yet after having avoided around twenty blows, he finally found a pattern. Seeing this, the Saint’s eyes gleamed with astonishment, and his lips curled into a smile. An expression of childish joy appeared on his face, something which made Hui Yue even more worried than he had been before.

Taking the warhammer in one hand, he touched a storage stone on his belt, and another warhammer appeared. Suddenly two hammers were raining down upon him making it even harder to avoid being hit. Retreating further and further back, Hui Yue felt cold sweat appear on his body as he looked at the expert in front of him. Managing to advance rather than retreat, he would need to take a blow from the hammers, and one blow alone was enough to wound him severely. Still, he could not keep retreating. With determination in his eyes, Hui Yue focused on Velocity Flow while watching the hammers. He breathed slowly in and out. Everything seemed to slow down as he slowly took a step forwards instead of backwards. The step was followed by another step, a twist of his body, and a turn of his waist. Slowly he managed to avoid the blow as he slowly slipped past the first hammer, his eyes then focusing on the second one.

His body was already twisted to its limits, and it was impossible for him to fully avoid the hammer that was coming down upon him. Realizing that he would be hit no matter caused Hui Yue to turn his body as much as he could, ensuring that the hammer only hit his one arm.

A thudding sound was heard before the sound of bones breaking reached Hui Yue’s ears followed by the most painful thing he had ever experienced as his entire arm went numb. Although Hui Yue wished to look at his arm, he knew that this was his only chance to attack and the dagger in his hand punctured the chest of the Saint in front of him. Unfortunately, it did not go deep enough to kill the Saint, but blood flooded out from the wound, and the Saint instantly backed backwards. His eyes filled with astonishment as the two warriors stared at one another.

Now that they had finally retreated, both beast and human, Hui Yue finally had the chance to look at his arm, and he felt himself grow dizzy as he saw what was there, or more accurately, what wasn’t there. The only thing left was a bloody stump, bone sticking out. Looking around, he quickly found that on the ground was a battered arm lying; his arm, or what was left of it.

‘You idiot, what are we going to do without that arm?!’ Lan Feng was in shock; his eyes filled with disbelief, and his voice high pitched. He was filled with both fear, worry, and regret. Hui Yue had managed to stab the Saint, yet the stab, although painful, had not been enough to kill the Saint in front of them; instead, they had left behind their entire arm. Blood was gushing out from the wound, and Hui Yue had to use his Wu Wei to stop the bleeding, or he would die within an hour from bloodloss.

Looking at the arm on the ground, Hui Yue clenched his teeth so hard that his cheeks started to hurt. Unfortunately, he knew nothing of healing himself, and the pearl within his dantian cave was the moodiest person that he had ever known. As for why the green pearl refused to assist him unlike the blue cloud and red mist, Hui Yue truly did not know, but right now what he needed was some way to reattach his arm.

‘I will help you for now,’ A gentle female voice sounded from his lower dantian. ‘I will heal you, and I will keep healing you for the next hour, but after an hour do not expect any help from me for the rest of the war. I will not assist you.’

Hearing the voice, Hui Yue was completely astonished. He had never heard this voice before, but he quickly understood that the green pearl, which he had been swearing at moments before, had decided to assist him. Although it was only once, it was indeed a great help, and Hui Yue nodded his head, his eyes determined.

The expert who was standing on the other side had spent the time healing himself while he kept an eye on Hui Yue. He was surprised when this young man did not attack him, even more so when he noticed that the young man had closed his eyes for a moment.

Hui Yue opened his eyes, and his eyes which had previously been blue were now filled with green light. A light which slowly started to shine from his entire body. Using Velocity Flow, Hui Yue instantly appeared next to his shattered arm and picked it up with his good arm. After which he placed it next to the gaping wound on his shoulder. Looking, fully astonished, the tall expert saw how the tissue connected itself with a speed he had never seen before.

He was considered a decent healer, yet he had never seen anyone whose body could heal itself so easily, but he now understood one thing. This man in front of him was, without a doubt, more dangerous than what he had expected. The Grand Marshall of the beasts was dangerous. He possessed strength that the Saint had never seen, nor heard about. It was his task to no longer play with this person. It was now time for him to fully attack the man in front of him; it was time to be serious.

Hui Yue seemed to agree to this. His eyes focused, his body once more covered in blue flames. His eyes still shining green as he launched himself towards the Saint in front of him. He no longer bothered to avoid the hammer, and a sudden intense pain appeared as one of his legs shattered only to have green energy instantly heal it once more.

Continuing forward, Hui Yue managed to touch the Saint before he withdrew. He delivered some of his blue flame to the Saint while feeding it Lan Feng’s elemental affinity causing it to soar to the sky. It took root on the Saint and start to burn him ruthlessly causing a burnt scent to waft through the air. A smile appeared on Hui Yue as he saw that the Saint was using his own Wu Wei to douse the flames. Rushing forward once more, Hui Yue, this time, aimed his dagger at the Saint’s throat. His eyes were locked onto the target while his hand was feeling stable as he closed in on the Saint, who seemed like a living torch.

Slashing through the flame, Hui Yue only scraped his neck drawing a little blood, but although the Saint had been focused solely on dousing the flames, his instincts were incredible. His body automatically moved away from the danger that was coming at him. Retreating a good bit, Hui Yue looked at the Saint who stared right back at him. A hand slowly traced the thin cut on his neck, his eyes filled with disbelief.

Although he had retreated, he was still sliced a little by the knife. It seemed as though he finally understood that this young man in front of him was truly a threat. A man who managed to heal every time he was wounded, and someone who had class defying strength. Someone who could forcefully increase his rank from a King to a Saint, use Wu Wei and mist energy, and, at the same time, had heaven defying skills with a dagger. He was indeed a great threat to the human race. Even without his knowledge about warfare, his strength alone was enough to be considered a great threat which meant he had to die at any cost.

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