Blue Phoenix

Chapter 259: Crossing the Mountain

The army quickly settled down and the soldiers alongside the commanders enjoyed the final rays of the setting sun. This time, no one setting up tents, or made a fireplace to cook. Everyone was seated in small groups chatting with quiet voices and watching their surroundings. Their entire being was filled with vigilance as they were wondering if they would run directly into the enemy as soon as they exited Shenyuan.

The route they took was one which Li Meilin should not know. Although it was a large road, no one should have mentioned it to her. Also, when she was flown back to her country, the eagle did not come this way. However, although there was a very low chance for the enemy to know the road they took, no one could say for sure if the army was waiting for them. This was another reason they were going to travel through the night.

Seated with the Saints, Hui Yue looked at Wan Qiao and gestured for her to come closer. “I need you to act as a scout,” He said as he looked up into the sky above. “Fly past the mountain and see if you spot their army. Let me know, where they are waiting, how many they are, and what kind of experts they have in their midst.” Hui Yue asked, and although some Saints would find it undignifying to be used as a scout, Wan Qiao instantly nodded her head. The beautiful woman transformed into a bird and swung into the sky as she started to follow the request of the white-haired young man.

“I need you all to take the lead when we travel through the mountain. Don’t use all your speed as I don’t want you to be too far ahead of the rest of the army, but I will need you to be ready to cover us when we descend. Should we have picked an unfortunate location where the opposing army is waiting for us.”

Hearing this all the Saints nodded their heads. Having the strongest experts first was not that common in warfare; however, hearing what Hui Yue said his tactic made sense. Although some might think he was worrying uselessly, Hui Yue would rather be too careful than brazen and cost some of his soldiers their lives just because the possibility of running into the enemy was small.

Soon the moon replaced the sun in the sky, and as it did, Hui Yue broke up the camp and lifted an arm. After pointing his arm toward the mountain one beast after another transformed, and as they did, they set off into the night. Traveling past the mountain was something they could not do as an army, but had to be done as beasts. Seeing all the beasts transforming, Hui Yue closed his eyes for a moment and summoned the energy from the beast core within himself. Fully focusing on his beast core, Hui Yue felt himself transform. His arms turned into front legs of a wolf with strong paws and sharp claws; his legs turned into strong hind legs which were ready to jump past any obstacle they came across. Everything in front of him turned gray, but even so, the details of the world surrounding him became far more detailed. Everything was so vivid that Hui Yue almost got a headache from the massive amount of information he was getting.

The change in vision was not the only thing Hui Yue experienced. His sense of smell was heightened dramatically, and the scent of everything around him was assaulted his nose. The scents of the many beasts that were traveling through the mountains, not to mention the scents of the wild animals living on the mountainside. Every small scent appeared, and painted an image within Hui Yue’s mind, Only with strong determination did he manage to filter out the many scents and focus on the task in front of him.. This was the first time that Hui Yue had fully taken over the wolf’s body, not being a mixture of a human and a beast but complete beast.

Before moving, he found that all his clothes and his storage stone belt were laying on the ground. With a tooth, he removed one storage stone necklace from within the other storage stones and stored everything within before he hung it around his neck. Then he started to travel up the mountain.

Although Hui Yue took some time to orientate himself, alongside getting used to the beastly senses he had never experienced before, he was far from the last beast to start moving towards the mountainside and start climbing. Every beast which came his way shied away from his path, none of them wishing to be close by. Although all of them could feel and sense the aura coming from him was the same aura they knew as their Grand Marshal, he was a beast they had never seen before; a race of wolf which was far more sinister than they imagined any beast could be.

His red eyes glowed in the dark, and his sharp fangs glistened in the moonlight. Seeing Hui Yue running at a steady pace across the mountain, even the Saints felt a slight chill when they looked at him.

Hui Yue was unaware of the dangerous aura which billowed from him; however, the danger came from a beast who was a God ranked expert. Although Hui Yue currently nothing more than a King, the wolf used to be a God in his old life, and some of his intimidating aura remained. Anyone he passed felt strong, impending feelings of danger emanating from him.

The mountain was very tall, and this was a place no one would expect would be the point of invasion into the Siban Empire. This night over four hundred thousand beasts made their way through the mountain. Some flew, others climbed. Some ran, others jumped. If one were to look at the mountain, they would see what resembled an ant nest. There was movement everywhere as the four hundred thousand beasts crossed the mountain. None of them said a word as all of them traveled as silent as possible.

Before long, Hui Yue ended up at the front of the beast horde. Right behind him were the Saints and following them were the commanders. Behind the commanders were the other emperors and finally behind them were the Kings. The rays of moonlight were constantly interrupted by the shadows of flying beasts, who quietly glided through the night winds and landed on the ground before them.

It took Hui Yue four hours to cross the mountain at a fast pace, and as he arrived at the ground on the other side, he heaved a heavy sigh of relief. He saw large fields stretched out before him. Fields on which rice had been planted. Seeing this, Hui Yue once more entered his inner self and found the beast core within him. Unlike when he become a beast, what Hui Yue needed to do now was to think back to his previous body. Think calmly about his body’s usual shape; the feel of being a human and how it looked. Slowly his pelt and fur vanished and left behind pale white human skin. His hind legs turned into human legs. The front legs turned to arms. His sharp claws turned to nails, and the muzzle returned to a normal nose. The only change was that Hui Yue found that he was completely naked, wearing not even the slightest bit of clothing on his body. The only thing he felt was the storage stone around his neck.

Many of the beasts were in the same position as Hui Yue, and as they all transformed back into their human form, their naked bodies were exposed under the soft moonlight. Some showed signs of embarrassment as they rushed to find clothes within their storage stones while others, like Hui Yue, were very calm and did not rush as they brought out a fresh set of garments.

This was the first time Hui Yue had ever become a complete beast, and he was astonished to find that the shape was much more comfortable than he had ever expected. It was almost more comfortable than his human form. Going from having such incredible senses to the ones he was used to, it was indeed a downgrade and something Hui Yue found hard to do.

Sighing deeply, he looked behind him, and he saw that around half of the army had made their way through the mountainside. All of them were agape as they looked around them. For Hui Yue, a rice field was nothing of great interest; however, these beasts had not seen open land apart from the small fields they had created within the forest. Seeing that there was no forest as far as the eye could see, all of them were completely taken aback.

No one spoke. Although no army was waiting for them, they were all vigilant and on guard because they were in another world now. One very different from what they were used to. It was as though they finally understood what was really happening, that this was no joke, but a serious war. Hui Yue knew that their current location was a place where many farmers would appear the following day, and without paying any attention to the many people coming his way, he ordered the humans to once more get into their positions and start travel. Leaving behind the ground which was used for harvesting to find a location where no humans were likely to run into them.

The entire army of beasts started moving, and once more they moved at the speed with which they had traveled through Shenyuan. Within a few hours, they arrived at a small forest; a forest in which they could take shelter and not be easily noticed by scouts from the enemy.

It took the entire night to travel past the mountain and to reach this forest and even now, beasts were still arriving. No tents were erected, but many beasts took this chance to take a small nap and preparing for the fighting to come. Although experts above the King rank rarely slept, now they all took their chance to sleep. They did not know when they would be able to relax again. They were now in enemy territory, something they could not easily forget, and all of them were ready to fight at any moment. Therefore, they should relax whenever they had the chance because no one knew how long this war would last.

Hui Yue decided to stay within the forest until Wan Qiao returned with the information she had gathered from the enemy’s current location. While they were within the forest, the young man decided to sit down and cultivate. He was about to lead his army against the Royal Army of the Siban Empire. His army was new and, although strong, very inexperienced. Sighing deeply, Hui Yue summoned all the calm he had inherited from the monk. The future was what they made it, and the following day would be the most important. It was the day when they would set out against the humans, and It was the day when they would fight for their freedom. It was the day when they might be obliterated by An He. No matter what, many things could happen the following day, but no matter what happened, no one would be able to say beforehand. The only thing they could do was wait and see.

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