Blue Phoenix

Chapter 251: Astonishment

As Hui Yue walked through the door, Wan Qiao noticed that it seemed as though the young man was floating through the air. His movements had become far more graceful than they had ever been before. It was as though he merged with the air. Hui Yue felt no resistance as he soundlessly moved to the outside of the castle. Wan Qiao followed him the whole time, even as he was about to move through the city itself. Her shadows had long since vanished, but she knew that they were close, and knowing her own strength, there truly was nothing for her to worry about in the forest of Shenyuan.

Hui Yue paid no attention to Wan Qiao, although he was fully aware that she was right behind him the young man kept moving through the city until he finally reached the city gates. Exiting the city, Hui Yue was once more within the military camp, but unlike last time, some soldiers were visible within the tents. The guards had various schedules for when they trained because space was limited; however, Hui Yue paid no attention to the many experts and went straight to the arena.

As soon as Hui Yue entered the military camp, a large group of experts noticed him, but all of them became slack-jawed as they noticed who this man was. It was the young man they had all seen before. As experts, they had great memories and eyesight, and all of them remembered the Grand Marshall of the army.

Because of their great memory, they all knew that this expert was a one star King ranked expert, yet here he was standing in front of them, eight stars above what was just a few days ago. The young man had risen eight ranks in two days, something which was completely impossible. Even if he were to sit still and absorb medicinal herbs for two days with no breaks, it would still not be possible for Hui Yue to obtain so much strength. Looking at the young man, these guards could not even fathom how it was possible, and they keep doubting their eyes. All of them curious about this matter started following behind him; They were following him towards the arena.

Next to the arena was a massive bell. This bell was used to summon the entire army in formation in front of the arena. Hui Yue debated whether he should assemble the whole army, but after a few moments, he decided against it. Instead, he headed towards the army commanders who were currently training the guards. He wanted to see how the training he left for them was going.

Walking towards the commanders, more and more experts noticed his graceful movements and recognized the handsome Grand Marshall; however, as soon as the they recognized him they all felt as though something was off. Observing him for a while most noticed that he was the wrong rank. Their eyes widened immensely, and their mouths went dry as every expert who realized that the man in front of them had gone from someone they could look down upon to a high ranked King. Someone whom even the army would value highly.

For him to improve by such a serious amount, the gods themselves would have had to personally deliver energy to the young man. However, everyone knew there were no longer any gods on this plane; the four divine gods had gone into eternal sleep, so for Hui Yue to suddenly appear with far more strength than before everyone was completely shocked. A few of them wondered if he had intentionally hidden his power, but thinking through this they realized that Hui Yue was not capable of hiding his strength from Emperors, and this could only mean that he truly had gained a lot of strength in two days. He had risen eight stars in two days. Not eight Disciple stars, nor eight Student stars, what they were seeing was a young man who had risen eight King ranked stars in two days. This was unprecedented. This had never been heard of before. As for how he had managed to do so? No one knew, but everyone wished they did.

By the time Hui Yue reached the arena everyone within the eyesight had stopped training, King and Emperor alike, all of them lured towards Hui Yue as they were utterly astonished when they saw the high leap his cultivation had taken.

“Lord!” One of the Emperors finally wrested himself from the shock of seeing the strength of the young man, and he rushed forward. “lord do you wish for all of us to gather? We can gather the army in a few moments and hear what orders you have.”

Hearing this a small smile was on Hui Yue’s lips. His eyes were still shining with a strange calm light something which made the Emperor feel as though he was a little boy. Standing in front of Hui Yue made him feel like he was looking at his father or an elder of his family, someone whom the Emperor revered greatly.

“I wish to speak with all commanders,” He said with a calm voice as he moved to the to the arena and gently sat down on the stairs. He looked at the many staring experts with a facial expression that showed amusement.

The Emperor, who had returned to his senses, was completely serious. His eyes firm and his lips tightly closed as he nodded and rushed towards the many commanders. He gathered them all up rushing them to Hui Yue, who was waiting for them. For this Emperor, although he respected Hui Yue before this, it was from how knowledgeable he was. His respect now increased to also count this young man’s cultivation level; he was clearly capable of training at a speed that no one else had seen before.

It did not take long before the Emperors appeared one by another. These experts were all taken by surprise as soon as they saw Hui Yue and his rank. Every single one of them had to come to acknowledge his new rank as they could not think of any other explanation for it. Even these Emperors were greatly curious as to what happened to the young man.

The Emperors all jumped into the arena. As the first expert appeared, Hui Yue leisurely stood up before he moved towards the expert exchanging pleasantries with him.

“Lord, if you do not mind me asking are you truly an expert of the eight star now?” One of the commanders asked hesitatingly. Although he could feel his strength, his mind did not completely believe it, but the only answer he got was a smile from Hui Yue before the young man changed the subject. “I hear that the armies have gathered into groups of five. Are they ready for hard training tomorrow?” He asked curiously. The Emperor, being proud of his performance, instantly forgot the earlier subject and smiled and nodded his head eagerly.

“Although it was hard to convince them about the benefits of working in groups, it is true that we managed to convince the many soldiers to work together. Can I ask what the plan is for everyone when it comes to training?”

“I will tell you when everyone has arrived,” Hui Yue said dismissively before he moved to another Emperor close by to greet him. Soon they had all arrived, and everyone present was quiet as they looked at Hui Yue with expectation. Everyone now looked at Hui Yue differently than they had before. If he truly managed to reach the eighth star as quickly as he had, who was to say that he could not enter the rank of Emperor just as swiftly. Looking at him, many of the Emperors already felt a sense of danger. There was something about this young man, something about his calm which was unnerving.

“Welcome and thank you very much for coming here all of you,” Hui Yue said with a gentle smile on his face. The greeting causing the many commanders to nodding towards him, a sign of great respect towards a cultivator who was weaker than them.

“Tomorrow I wish for everyone from the army to stand in line when the sun breaks through the sky. We are going to start turning these guards into true soldiers.” Hui Yue continued. His speech boomed through the arena and the surrounding areas. Many guards were standing on the ground watching the emperors and Hui Yue, and as soon as they heard his words, their blood started roiling in their bodies. Their faces sprouted uncontrollable smiles, and their eyes shone with excitement. Although they enjoyed being cultivators, they understood that for a war they needed to be more than just guards. For this young man with an insane cultivation speed to personally train them, it was likely that they too were capable of improving significantly.

Hui Yue, knowing exactly what they were thinking did nothing but have a small knowing smile on his face. For him, it did not matter what incentives these experts had, as long as they would follow his orders to the letter. “That is all I have today,” Hui Yue said with a gentle smile after which he nodded to the experts. After getting their orders, all the Emperors left the arena.

As they left the arena, all of them were surprised to see that Hui Yue had not moved. His face still had a small tranquil smile as he observed the many Emperors leaving. Staying in the arena was obviously a sign of wanting to spar with others, however, who would dare to step up on the stage and spar against their Grand Marshall? If they won, would they be punished? And losing on purpose was not something that they wished to do. Their dignity was incapable of accepting such a severe blow.

Hui Yue stayed there while he waited for all the commanders to step off the stage. When the last did so Hui Yue cleared his throat and with a gentle voice he said just a few words, “Anyone of the eight or the ninth star who feels that they can defeat me, please give it a go,” Hui Yue said. His voice was low, but it seemed as though the wind carried it to every corner of the ground ensuring that everyone heard it. At the same time, he had not needed to raise his voice. As for how he accomplished this no one seemed to know. They all knew how to make one’s voice fortified with Qi so that it could reach a vast area, but to use the wind as a means to spread one’s voice was unprecedented.

Everyone went silent not even one dared to move towards the stage; all were worried about fighting against him. Knowing what the experts were thinking, Hui Yue once more sighed deeply as he shook his head..

“Do not fear,” He said with a friendly voice that bubbled with life and power, “I will not punish anyone who defeats me. Let every cultivator present bear witness to this oath,” Hui Yue said solemnly, and everyone felt respect for him in their heart. To swear that he would not abuse his power was something which the guards had never expected, and they all felt their respect towards this man growing even more.

Hearing the oath although no one rushed to the stage, the previous look in their eyes had changed from completely opposing the idea to now somewhat more reluctant to fight. After the many experts looked at one another one man finally stepped forward.

This man was quite small, but his body was incredibly lean, and his eyes had cat pupils of a golden color. His black tail was wagging back and forth, and black cat ears could be seen on him. Looking at this expert, Hui Yue understood that he was a very rare beast, a Black Lightning Cat.

“Lord, although I am only an eight star King, I have been at this rank for twenty years now, and I would love to compare myself to you who just reached the rank.” He said very politely as he bowed towards Hui Yue.

The white-haired young man smiled as he returned the bow and took his stance. It was time to try out the abilities that he learned from the monk.

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