Blue Phoenix

Chapter 233: The Messenger

Hearing the words the woman said, Hui Yue froze. He said nothing but his eyes turned hard and every muscle in his body tensed. Both women saw the change in the young man. Wan Qiao knew why the young man had complex emotions towards the Frozen General. He felt some fear since he knew that he was completely incapable of standing firm in front of this man with immense strength. He clearly had enough strength to eradicate even Lan Feng without too much trouble.

Still, so far, Zhong Fai had been incredibly friendly towards Hui Yue. He had helped him before, and although he set some rules that Hui Yue had to follow, neither of them were too hard to follow. Thanks to this man his plans managed to bear fruit in the end.

He owed this strong entity quite a bit, but at the same time, something told him that he should not get too close to the Frozen General. There was something about him which caused Hui Yue to feel uncomfortable. Especially how he had found him here in Shenyuan. Was he just good at guessing or did he truly have people who kept an eye on him all the time?

A shiver ran down his spine, but he said nothing; instead, he looked at the beautiful black woman, waiting to hear what she had to say.

“You have managed to spark life into some dreams of these old beasts,” She started, her voice never hurried, it was like running water in a fresh spring refreshing, clean, and as beautiful as nature itself. “The Frozen Lord said that he will not participate in this war as long as you promise to visit his frozen castle within five years. The Frozen Lord has something he wishes to show you.” The lady finished her speech and with an elegance so marvelous she lifted a small cup of tea and took a very small sip. Her eyes closed slightly in delight as she was relaxed now that she had given the message from her superior.

Hui Yue could not help but frown as he heard what the woman said. It was obvious that he knew what was happening deep within the forests of Shenyuan, yet how could he know? Did he have spies everywhere, even within Wan Qiao’s most secret chambers? Or had he guessed what would happen when the conclave of the lords become a reality? Hui Yue had no answer, and he was not certain he would enjoy the answer he was going to get if he asked the beautiful woman for one.

Wan Qiao’s face was sour to behold, clearly unhappy with the messenger’s news, yet for once she held her tongue and said nothing. Zhong Fai was not someone she wished to cross unless she had no other option. It was unknown which one of the two was the strongest.

Looking at the beautiful woman, Hui Yue sighed. “Can the Frozen General guarantee my safety if I were to visit?” Hui Yue asked the beautiful woman who gently put down the beautiful and adorned tea cup.

“His lordship will ensure that you come to no harm. He seems to have taken a liking to you so be at ease; he will not harm you unless you go against him.” She said with a casual voice, in her world she would not understand why anyone would go against the handsome and strong man that was her superior. What made her feel slightly nauseous was that the only person who seemed to matter to Zhong Fai was Hui Yue. This weak creature who was not even a King had somehow caught the Frozen General’s attention and he also managed to keep it.

The black haired woman sat still and pondered for some time before she sighed. “You can leave us now,” She said with a detached voice. “I will tell his lordship that you will comply with his request.” Tossing a memory stone to Hui Yue, the white-haired young man grabbed it on pure reflex, but he was astonished to feel just how cold it was. It was as cold as though it had been touched by death. This shocked Hui Yue as the woman just grabbed this memory stone from within her pocket showing that the woman literally as cold as ice.

Bowing to the two women, Hui Yue slowly backed out of the room before he placed the memory stone on his forehead where he noticed that it was a map showing the way to Zhong Fai’s frozen castle.

Walking away, Hui Yue glanced back at the door. Although the beautiful woman decided on her own that Hui Yue accepted the deal from Zhong Fai, Hui Yue was aware that he had no other option. If the Frozen General were to participate in the war, then their victory was no longer as certain as it would be otherwise.

Still, what truly worried Hui Yue was not the Frozen General. Although it was unknown whether he or Wan Qiao was strongest, those two could keep each other tangled up for years on end; however, if An He were to arrive then it would turn into a massacre. A massacre of beasts.


The two women were seated within the library, and between them was a heavy air. None of them spoke, but both had something to say. Eventually, the black haired woman could no longer hold back, and her face turned unsightly as she turned towards Wan Qiao.

“What is so special about that youngster?” She asked. Her previous crisp and enjoyable voice had turned hostile and slightly rushed. Had Hui Yue seen her now, he would have been unable to recognize her.

Wan Qiao looked at the pretty girl, but her expression showed no surprise just an unexplainable pity which made her face seem much gentler than it had previously.

“This youngster, as you call him, has a brilliant mind. He has knowledge no one else has, and on top of that, his body holds quite a few secrets. Secrets which cannot be shared with others. I assume that your lord has noticed these things, and that is why he wishes to pursue this young man.”

“The lord is a collector,” the woman said, her eyes still displaying a bit of indignation, confusion, and dislike. “Every youngster my lord has ever taken an interest in has been captured instantly, and enrolled in the Frozen Brigade even those who did not wish to do so.” She continued.

“Certain individuals who were too talented to join the Frozen Brigade became Frozen Commanders.” A certain degree of pride was visible in the woman’s voice as she spoke. “Becoming a part of the Frozen Brigade and even better becoming a Frozen Commander is something which any talent on this plane should be honored by. To think that this youngster is showing disrespect to my master! I cannot believe it.” The more the woman spoke, the more annoyed she seemed to become.

Sighing deeply the furrowed brow and the indignation slowly vanished from her face, and she stood up and straightened out her robe as she regained her cool.

“I apologize Lady Wan Qiao.” She said, her voice once more as alluring as it had been when Hui Yue was within the room. Nodding her head towards Wan Qiao the woman too left the library, not waiting for anyone to show her the way out; instead, she left the castle with familiar steps. As she exited the castle, a cloud suddenly appeared below her feet. At first, it was transparent but after some time, it grew denser. So dense that it could carry the beautiful woman. It did not take long before she was flying in the air, heading back to the Frozen Castle and her master.

Still seated within the office, Wan Qiao held her head in her hands. A worried expression was obvious on her face as she looked at the closed door from which both the young man and the beautiful woman had left. Standing up and leaving the room, Wan Qiao went to Hui Yue’s room where she instantly opened the door not knocking and waiting to be allowed inside.

“Follow me,” She said with a solemn voice. As she turned around, leaving Hui Yue confused but also curious, he quickly got to his feet and followed behind Wan Qiao to her personal rooms.

Seated within one of her chambers, Wan Qiao sighed heavily before she wondered how to start explaining what she had to say.

“Hui Yue, you drawing the attention of the Frozen General, I don’t know if this is a good or a bad thing,” She started with a sigh, “The Frozen General is a collector. Anyone whom he takes a fancy to will be invited to his Frozen Castle where he will give them an offer they can’t refuse. He forces them to drink a concoction he has created; a drink which includes his blood and his Wu Wei.”

“Together with this drink, Zhong Fai also uses an inscription which he draws on the bodies of these talented individuals.”

“What happens is that these humans die. You most likely noticed that even today, this woman who was here, she had no heartbeat. Her skin was white as the purest snow, no blood flows through her veins, but although their bodies have died their soul stays within the body and the body cannot decay.”

“I do not know how he managed to create this inscription, but he did, and it forces the many men under the Frozen General to follow his orders blindly. They died for Zhong Fai, and their afterlife will be used for their master. Their bodies and minds have become one. All of them will do anything they have been told to do by their master, no questions asked.”

Hearing this, Hui Yue could not help but gulp as he feared that this was the future for him; however, before he had voiced his concerns Wan Qiao removed that worry, “Although he is interested in you, he has still not made you into a Frozen Soldier. You seem to be safe from that fate, but as for what he wants with you. I seriously cannot tell.”

Nodding his head, Hui Yue knew that no matter what it would be impossible for him to escape the claws of the Frozen General unless he improved his strength immensely. His eyes hardened as he once more said goodbye to Wan Qiao and rushed back to his room to enter meditation. He needed to break into the King rank as soon as possible.

Within the room, Wan Qiao could only sigh heavily as she felt that she had put Hui Yue in a bad position. Forcing him to meet up with the Frozen General when she knew what had happened to all the other talented youths which had met him. She could tell that this was not a good thing. But even so, for the sake of the war going according to plan, they could not allow for the Frozen General to join. If he did, the result would be much more difficult to predict, and Hui Yue’s tactics would be much more important to learn.

Wan Qiao, looking at the door, swore that the day when Hui Yue had to visit the Frozen General she would follow. She would help look after the young man and ensure that he would not die. If it meant that she had to battle the Frozen General, then so be it. This young man was doing anything he could for the sake of Shenyuan and her, the least she could do was ensure his safety when he encountered Zhong Fai once more.

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