Blue Phoenix

Chapter 232: Hatred through the Years

Li Meilin was pale as she walked through the camps full of guards everywhere, sweat was pouring down her back, and her mouth went dry as she feared that she was going to be exposed. Fortunately for her, the clothes she was wearing had been worn by the beast-woman before, something which had helped mask the human scent which wafted from her.

She was looking for clues to figure out what was happening with the lords, and why they brought some many guards along with them. Unfortunately, the majority of the guards kept guessing that they were going to war, something which frightened Li Meilin the most.

“What do you hope will happen?” Li Meilin forced her voice to be calm as she spoke with a guard wearing a dark green uniform. Looking at the uniform, Li Meilin was incapable of telling from where this beast came, but to her it made no difference as long as she could get information.

“War. I want to go to war with those weak humans. They have thought themselves the strongest creatures on this continent for far too long!” The guard grumbled and as he spoke other guards close by nodded their heads in agreement.

“The human who chased us away has hidden himself away for a millennium already. It is time for us to reign. It is time for us to get revenge on those petty humans who chased us away from our homes those many years back!” Another guard said, his killing intent billowed forward and made it impossible for Li Meilin to breathe for a moment. She feared that her heart would stop beating any second.

Li Meilin was an Emperor. She was far stronger than the experts around her; however, she was currently under cover. Although she could handle some of the guards around her, she would eventually be overrun when she ran out of Wu Wei, and it was a situation she really did not want to find herself in.

“Humans and beasts lived just fine together before,” A third guard suddenly broke in, “Who told the humans to suddenly hunt us all down and force us to leave the homes where we had lived for eons? It is their own fault that we will get our revenge!”

Hearing the many different opinions, Li Meilin was stunned and somewhat fearful. Upon reaching the King rank she had been given information from the country about the Dark Age; however it seemed as though this period was far different from what she had heard. She started to wonder if the information she had been told was a lie, or if the information the beasts had was a lie.

Either way, it was obvious that the beasts were very enraged every time they thought about humans. Li Meilin slowly made her way back to the castle where she rushed to her room and stripped off the uniform only to wear her own robes once more. With a flick of her hand, a small flame appeared that burnt away any traces of the maid uniform she had used previously.

“It has to be war,” Li Meilin mumbled to herself as stared at the wall deep in thought about the information she had acquired. “It seems that these beasts blame us that they are stuck in Shenyuan. They dared say that the humans forced them away!” Anger was suddenly flaring in the eyes that were thinking about the situation “But what I heard when I became a King was that the beasts were living everywhere. They were subduing humans and forcing them to be their slaves or food. Why would these beasts claim that we all lived side by side?” A frown appeared on the beautiful woman’s face, and no matter how much she thought about it, she could not reach a conclusion.

Pondering, Li Meilin gently bit her lower lip as she was wondering what was going to happen to her, alongside the world around her. She was currently being treated well by all these beasts, so the likelihood of her suddenly getting in trouble was quite low, but at the same time, she feared for the Siban Empire. Within the capital was the royal castle and her family were nobles who had never had anything to fear. Even know, Li Meilin was certain that her family was enjoying their time, living life as one would in the upper classes of a wealthy kingdom.

Their King had his dream about one day overthrowing Shenyuan and even now, even when the group containing a Saint did not return, he did not think too much about it. The Siban Empire had more than one Saint and should anyone be silly enough to attack his empire, then the Siban Emperor felt ready to deal with it. This was how Li Meilin thought whenever she imagined the Emperor’s train of thoughts and her mood grew somber as she thought about it.

“He might be able to help,” Li Meilin mumbled as she remembered the white-haired young man who was living within Shenyuan. Li Meilin, as an Emperor, was capable of feeling the aura which was emitted from the young man, and although he was capable of transforming into a wolf-man, Li Meilin was certain that he was a human being which had undergone some unfortunate situations.

Nodding her head determinedly, the woman stood up and made her way towards Hui Yue’s room. She had previously been there to get help from this guy, but he had refused to help her in any way. Anyone less thick skinned would have understood that he did not want to have anything to do with her, but Li Meilin was not like everyone else. She was a woman who was willing to do anything to get what she wanted, and right now she wanted a decisive answer about what was going on. Normally she would not have expected this young man to know the truth, but having seen how he had spent a lot of time with Wan Qiao, she suddenly understood that this human boy in front of her was far stronger and influential than what she had expected.

Standing in front of his door, the woman slowly knocked on the door, and as it opened she saw that the young man was seated on the bed, cultivating his internal energies. Seeing that the woman appeared in front of him, a sigh escaped his lips as he stretched his body.

“Lady Li, what can I do for you?” He asked with a calm voice, his eyes showing only a little bit of annoyance, but not so much that Li Meilin could see it.

“Lord Hui,” Li Meilin said respectfully as she nodded towards him as a greeting, “I had a few conversations with some guards earlier today and they all seemed to have the impression that the kingdom of Shenyuan is going to war against the humans.”You are a human, you must feel that this is not acceptable right? Do you not have family or friends whom might be hurt by these beasts? Even if they say to leave your entire family out of this, how can you possibly keep everyone under control and ensure it is so?”

Hui Yue’s eyes grew cold as he looked at Li Meilin, his head c*cking to the side as he wondered what the woman wanted and finally a sigh escaped his lips.

“The guards guess that this is a war, but do you truly think so?” Hui Yue asked with a raised eyebrow. “These guys are not soldiers. Look at them. They are guards. Do you see them suddenly becoming infantry, ready to march through Shenyuan and enter the outside world? I think not.”

The voice which Hui Yue was using contained a slight mockery as he looked out the window in his room, seeing their camps in the far distance.

“You are an observer, tell me, does brute strength win against tactics? Even if we had many more experts on our side, it does not necessarily mean that we will win. The only way to truly win is to teach the guards how to become soldiers.”

Hearing this Li Meilin could not help but agree with what he stated, but deep within her mind was a thought that she could not kill. A thought that said that even if tactics were important, some things could not be dealt with by solely relying on tactics. The many beasts should be capable of overrunning the few supreme experts of the human kingdoms, something which truly frightened her.

Hui Yue paid no attention to the woman any longer as he saw a servant rushing towards him, his eyes glued to Hui Yue seemingly busy to bring some information to the young man.

“Lord Yue!” The servant yelled from some distance away, “Lord Yue!” Panting the beast-woman in front of him made her way towards Hui Yue while completely ignoring Li Meilin the servant bowed deeply to Hui Yue, a show of deep respect.

“Lord Yue, Lady Wan Qiao has asked for you to attend the library where you were last time. There is a guest whom you need to meet.”

Saying this, the woman bowed deeply once more before Hui Yue started moving towards the library straight away, not even bothering to say goodbye to Li Meilin. Hui Yue did not like this woman.

Grumbling about how he could get rid of her, Hui Yue rushed to the library where he politely knocked on the door and waited for someone to call for him to enter. He did not have to wait long before a woman’s voice could be heard through the door, “Please enter,”

Opening the door, Hui Yue was curious as to who was inside as the woman’s voice was clearly not Wan Qiao’s. His eyes peeked into the room only to land on the lady who was seated in a chair next to Wan Qiao. A small table was between the two and on this table was a small vial with what seemed to be coagulated blood.

“Good day,” Hui Yue said with a frown on his brows as he looked at the two women in front of him. Wan Qiao looked as she always had, yet the woman by her side was as stunning a beauty as Wan Qiao herself, however, she was completely different.

Her black hair was long and smooth falling from the shoulders and framing her beautiful back. It fell so far that it was pooled on the floor around the beautiful woman. Her skin was as pale as newly fallen snow and so white that she seemed to be created by white jade. She was like a doll, a doll so fine and fragile a wrong wind would crush the beauty in front of him.

Standing there, staring at the beautiful woman Hui Yue was taken aback, but he quickly overcame his shock and nodded to the two women.

“You called for me ladies,” He said with a calm voice as though he had not been mesmerized by the beautiful woman before. The ability to return to his senses this swiftly was something which caused the beauty to raise an eyebrow in both surprise and praise.

With an elegant gesture of her hand, she pointed to a chair in front of both Wan Qiao and herself, a small chair where Hui Yue quickly sat down with a grateful nod of his head.

“So to what do I owe the pleasure?” He asked curiously as his eyes roamed from one stunning woman to the other. When his eyes landed on the vial of blood between them, he could not help but wonder exactly what was going on.

“Good day,” The woman spoke with a voice that was as light as a summer breeze and as warm as the rays of the sun which shone upon one. Hearing her mesmerizing words, it felt as if one was transferred to a world of eternal summer.

“I am here because my lord, the Frozen General, wished for me to bring a message to you.” She continued, her voice as light as before, but as the words were said a heavy atmosphere appeared in the room, and Hui Yue suddenly felt as though he had a massive boulder placed on his shoulders.

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