Blue Phoenix

Chapter 220: You are Me

“You said that you have nine caves within your lower dantian, right?” Wan Qiao asked, and Hui Yue nodded his head. The conversation was finally about to get serious, and he was curious as to what was going to happen.

“How many of these caves are open, and what do they do?” She asked again. She knew that she had asked about it before, but this time she wanted to fully focus on the phenomena. They were such a great benefit to Hui Yue. One could tell just looking at how much the first cave had done for him already. It was a great shame that he dared not mess with the others.

Hesitating slightly, Hui Yue started to describe what was living within him. “The first cave is the beast core and red mist which belongs to my red wolf self. You know it allows me to transform into a wolf-man.”

“The second is a blue cloud. It allows for much swifter cultivation, and previously I have also managed to use it to absorb other people’s energies. It is in many ways very beneficial. I used it a lot previously, but knowing that I might end up with yet another soul within me, I have not used it recently.”

“Next, I have a green pearl within my dantian. This green pearl grows the more I become wounded, and it heals me. Unfortunately, it is not very cooperative. Most of the time it won’t assist me, and when it does, it determines how much it wants to help. If I consume pills, it’ll steal the healing powers within them and use them to grow. Recently, though, it has stopped doing this. It seems as though it does not want to grow any further.”

“The last open cave contains wings. These wings absorb Wi Wei and let me fly with them. I haven’t been able to use them more than once, but I imagine that they too have something hidden within.”

Hearing all these descriptions, Wan Qiao nodded. Her eyes seemingly vacant as though she was thinking about something. Her finger gently tapped her armrest, and her lips were pursed. Hui Yue knew better than to interrupt her pondering and instead sat still in the chair while wondering about the phenomena within him.

He knew now that these phenomena had something to do with his previous lives, that they were him from a previous life, but something seemed wrong with the way the red wolf was shown within the dantian cave. Why did he have a soul of its own?

Suddenly, as if struck by lightning, it all made sense to Hui Yue. The soul within his dantian cave was not a soul; it was memories. The soul was now Hui Yue, and there was no way his soul could have split into two. He would have noticed it. Instead, he was astonishing to feel that the red wolf was a memory from a previous life.

Without wasting even a moment, Hui Yue started to meditate, and his consciousness appeared within the dantain cave, rushing right in front of the red wolf. So far Hui Yue had not paid any real attention towards the soul before, but now that he looked closely he could see that the red body was connected to the dantian cave. Reaching out his hand he touched the red wolf, and as he touched it, images started flashing in front of him.

There were images from when he was a pup, born in a litter inside a rocky surrounding. His mother was looking after them and teaching him and his brothers how to hunt.

Years went by, and the pups grew up, their bodies absorbed more and more essence of the heavens and the earth. They became stronger and more dangerous. The littler became fewer and fewer as other beasts hunted them down. Even the wolf, Hui Yue, had previously experienced human attacks. Some he survived based on luck, but as time went by he became stronger and stronger, and he became capable of protecting himself.

Time flashed by in front of Hui Yue’s eyes, and he saw how the red wolf found a mate and got babies of its own. He fought to protect his bloodline as the wolf was steadily becoming stronger and stronger. Eventually, he had reached the pinnacle of strength become a God!

This beast who had fought every day of his life suddenly was at a standstill. He was no longer able to find anyone who could match him. As time went by it took its toll on his children and mate. All of whom died of old age while he just sat there missing the days where he experienced life-threatening battles. The days when he would return home to the cave where his mate and children waited for him to bring back food.

Experiencing these memories, Hui Yue was unaware of how many years flew by. It felt like eons, but although it felt uncountable, it passed by in moments. Finally, another God appeared. A God who challenged the red wolf, and the two battled. They fought day in and day out, allowing for the wolf to once more feeling alive.

As the memories flooded into Hui Yue, the red wolf in the dantian cave became more and more transparent. A smile appeared on the wolfy face, and mixed emotions could be seen in its eyes. Emotions brought forth by the memories flashing through Hui Yue’s two eyes.

Suddenly the red wolf vanished. The only thing left was the red mist and the beast core within the dantian cave, yet unlike before it no longer felt filled with life. It no longer had its own opinions and life. No, now it felt as though Hui Yue had an extra dantian; a dantian which belonged entirely to him. He had full control over this energy now. He had become the red wolf. He had always been the red wolf; however, he had never noticed the memories which were what made it possible for the two to merge.

His eyes had been closed for many hours as went through the memories and later experiencing the changes to his body, but finally, he opened his eyes only to see that Wan Qiao was looking at him with curious eyes.

“You smell like a beast now,” She pointed out. ”You don’t have Lan Feng’s aura any longer; you have your own. Something happened right?”

Hearing the question, Hui Yue smiled slyly as he activated his beast transformation. Things had changed. He was now the red wolf as well as the white-haired boy. It also meant that he was strong enough to stay in his beast form for as long as he wished to. It no longer required him to use mist energy to keep shape, but he was still limited when it came to attacks.

Hui Yue did not form a dual personality, but he had still changed after having merged with the wolf’s memories. His personality was now far more sure of himself and his ability to become a God. He had already traveled down this path, and for him to do so again would not be as hard as it had been before; however, it did require him to work increasingly harder.

He and the wolf had always been the same person, however, Hui Yue had never been able to guess this, as he had not understood that the memories were what made up the wolf inside him.

Understanding that these phenomena were truly memories of old lives, Hui Yue no longer feared using the other phenomena. He felt that having all the memories was something which would make him feel complete, and he looked at Wan Qiao with begging eyes.

“I’ll tell you about it tomorrow. I need to go home and cultivate right now,” He said, and before waiting for an answer he stood up and rushed back home to his room. He proceeded to sit down on the bed and released the blue cloud from within his dantian cave. The white mist once more enveloped the entire room before it turned into a night sky with thousands of stars that once more went into his forehead where they vanished, one star after another.

Hui Yue could feel that something unusual was happening. His head hurt, and it felt as though someone was splitting it with an axe. Despite the pain he held strong as he knew this was a strength, he would need later. Although he was in pain, he continued to focus on refining Qi, which he could then further refine into spiritual energy. He could not wait to open his upper dantian. Only then would he become a King and finally rank as part of the high ranked cultivators.

The reason that cultivating finally started to hurt was due to the dense amount of energy which had entered his body throughout the last few weeks. Every time he cultivated the blue cloud acted on its own and forced the sky to appear. From the cloud came the stars and these stars were constantly pouring into Hui Yue’s head. They filled up Hui Yue with an energy was he was incapable of locating.

Gritting his teeth, Hui Yue focus solely on his lower dantian as he continued to force his body to ignore the pain and cultivate. He wanted the blue cloud to solidify into memories as soon as possible, however, the only thing he gained was an immense headache. Forcing the cloud into solidification seemed to be far harder than what he expected.

Although this took all his attention and the pain of someone knocking his head with a hammer did not go away, he soon found that he had spent the whole night cultivating. With a groan of pain, he slowly stopped only to feel something enveloping him. A warm blanket as black as the moonless midnight sky wrapped around him, and his tiredness and pain slowly vanished as this blanket seemed to seep into his skin.

Following the blanket, Hui Yue was shocked to see how it slowly changed from being a massive black blanket into a blue cloud which then found its place within its cave in his lover dantian.

Hui Yue had intentionally used the blue cloud to assist himself as he wished for it to change into memories, but nothing like that had happened. Instead, the young man understood that it was doing something to his body. Something which he had no idea about.

Sighing deeply, Hui Yue decided not to think more about it right now. Instead, he stood up and went to Wan Qiao’s chambers. Although he should have followed his training schedule he wished to inform Wan Qiao first about what had happened. He had a feeling that his training schedule would be changed either way as he now had full control over his wolf form. Hui Yue was no longer just a human relying on Lan Feng for strength. He was now as strong as King ranked experts whenever he took the shape of the wolf. Although he could still not match Emperors, he was capable of fighting any King ranked experts and expect victory.

With a smile on his face, the young man moved towards Wan Qiao’s chambers. As he entered the woman was taken aback by the large smile on his face.

“Tell me what happened,” She said curiously as she remembered how the young man had left the night before after suddenly having the scent of a magical beast. Having the scent of a magical beast with a mysterious level of strength.

“He was me,” Hui Yue said with a smile. His words did not make much sense to the woman, who was he?

“The wolf was me,” He explained. “The wolf was my memories of a past life. Now we are one, he and I, are the same person. I am the red wolf!”

This was something which both Hui Yue and Wan Qiao had both known for a long time, however although they knew it, what Hui Yue said now came as a shock to Wan Qiao. She suddenly felt that she had been dumb. Of course, they were the same. How could there be two souls?

A smile appeared on Wan Qiao’s lips as she understood what it was Hui Yue was saying. “You need a new schedule for training!” She said with her excited smile on her face.

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