Blue Phoenix

Chapter 218: Human amongst Beasts

Seeing the determination within Li Meilin’s eyes, Wan Qiao could not help but burst out laughing. She understood which emotions currently went through the other woman’s mind as she, herself, multiple times had decided to live as a human in the human world. However, living hidden as a human was much easier than for Li Meilin to pretend to be a beast. Every beast within the capital would know that she was a human and due to this, things would become very complicated.

Although Wan Qiao knew about this, she said nothing and instead once more intensively observed Hui Yue. He had been seated in the same trance-like position for over three hours now, but it did not seem as though he would wake up soon.

Seeing that he was still deep in a trance, Wan Qiao was quiet as she watched the golden specks of light vanish into the forehead of the young man. In all the lives she had lived, this was the first time she had ever experienced something like this.

This golden energy was without a doubt Wu Wei; however, she knew that the only way to gain Wu Wei was to refine the essence of the heavens and the earth to Qi then refine the Qi to spiritual energy, and finally, further refine the spiritual energy into Wu Wei. As for how Hui Yue could absorb it directly from the air, Wan Qiao was at a loss.

Outside of the grassy area the land was filled with blood, limbs, and dismembered corpses. Some of these were from humans while others were from magical beasts.

It did not take long before magical beasts from within the forest appeared, and these beasts did not seem to care about which side the corpses belonged to; all they saw was meat begging to be eaten before it rotted away.

While these beasts moved everywhere on the battleground, none of them wished to enter the grassy area where the three cultivators were seated. One in a complete trance, the two others just patiently waited for the man to wake up.

It took another eight hours for Hui Yue to awaken and as he did, the usually blue eyes turned golden and radiated light as though they were two small suns.

He was dizzy and feeling slightly nauseous with a terrible headache, but apart from that, his body was bursting with energy. His rank raised to the ninth star of the Duke rank; this was the most astonishing leap in cultivation he had ever heard about.

It was not just him, Wan Qiao, Li Meilin, the Wolf Hui Yue, and Lan Feng were all profoundly shocked when they saw how much his strength rose. It was now at least double what it had been before, something which people could only dream about.

Although his rank had risen by a lot, that was not the biggest benefit Hui Yue gained from his trance-like experience. His mind was filled with insight into various things. Insight into some attacks he had spent time on perfecting, insight when it came to his elemental affinities, but most of all, insight about the world in which he lived.

He understood what it meant to become a part of the world; he now understood why one could not merge one hundred percent with one’s element without it being dangerous. He now knew what it meant to become one with the world, to let go of one’s self and turn into something else. He also now knew what was needed for him to breakthrough into the King ranks; however, he did not have sufficient spiritual energy to break into the higher rank, something which caused him to feel slightly annoyed, but also thrilled.

Spiritual energy was something one could always refine. If he focused completely on refining and doing nothing else, then he would be able to break through into the King rank after a month or two. Something which caused a large grin to appear on his face.

Just as he smiled and laughed, Wan Qiao’s hand suddenly turned to a sharp claw which made a clean cut on his cheek from where she absorbed three drops of blood and placed then them within small jade boxes.

Being cut on the cheek caused Hui Yue to return to the reality, something he sorely needed. After nodding politely to the two women, Hui Yue slowly stood up and stretched his body. He felt as though he had been asleep for days.

“I did not expect that you would wait for me,” He said casually as he threw a glance towards both Wan Qiao and Li Meilin. Standing up, he looked around and saw the bloody battleground, and Hui Yue could not help but frown. It was a complete mess of corpses here and there, the ground was flooded with blood and littered with limbs.

Neither of the girls answered they both just stood there smiling at him, waiting for him to say something about what happened to him. Both of them assumed that he had the answers they truly wanted to hear, and they were right. The two women were right, Lan Feng and the wolf-man had long since figured out what happened to him, but it was something which Hui Yue wished to keep to himself. Although they both looked at him expectedly, he kept his mouth shut.

Within his dantian cave, the wolf and bird both approved of this decision that he had made. Both of them had been increasingly quiet and only told him a very brief explanation as to what happened, truthfully, even Hui Yue was waiting for the entire story. He knew he would not be told before they were alone within one of the rooms where no one else was disturbing him.

Wan Qiao, who noticed he didn’t answer, nodded her head in agreement. Had it been her then she would not have said anything either. Transforming into a large bird a talon gripped Li Meilin and placed her upon her back, and with a loathsome expression on her face did she turn towards Hui Yue.

“Find the way home on your own. Don’t even think about being late. I will give you a week. If you are not back within a week, then I will personally make sure you never return to the outside world again.”

Hearing the words Li Meilin was, once again, stunned. To hear that this strange beast boy in front of her wished to leave Shenyuan, she could not understand why.

But before Li Meilin truly had the time to think about anything else, the large eagle took to the sky, and the two of them rapidly vanished into the distance, leaving behind a young man with furrowed brows.

Sighing deeply, Hui Yue once more sat down on the grass and crossed his legs before his consciousness entered his dantian cave, the three souls finally connected within.

‘What is all this about?’ Hui Yue asked curiously while he looked from the bird to the wolf. ‘I understand that it has something to do with wolfie here, but I don’t get why or how.’

‘I’m not called Wolfie,’ The wolf said indignantly. ‘If you want information from me then make sure to be polite you little piece of sh*t.’

Hearing the growling words, Hui Yue shrugged his shoulders not paying him too much attention. He and the wolf were the same person just different reincarnations. Although they were the same, Hui Yue had an uncomfortable feeling as though he missed something important when it came to their relationship.

Thinking about this, Hui Yue grumbled for a bit before he focused on the bird and waited for Lan Feng to explain so that they could start rushing back to the capital.

‘The wolf you was a deity by the time he died,’ Lan Feng started the explanation. ‘As you might have felt, the strength of your body goes up by a full rank when you use the strength of the wolf, and this is due to his high rank when he died.’

‘This is also the reason for what happened today. As a deity, the energy he uses is Ancestral Worldpower and when you are taking on the beastly shape a small part of the God level will remain within. The battle where you used up all your energy triggered a reaction within your beast core dragging in the energy it needed. The beast core within your dantian cave is unquestionably a deity core. The rarest core in the world. A core which cannot be bought for money for it is simply far too valuable.’

‘You have one of these cores within yourself, and this means that in certain situations you can control Ancestral Worldpower and Wu Wei. This really is quite a blessing!’

‘I can control Ancestral Worldpower and Wu Wei?’ Hui Yue asked shocked. His entire body was suddenly tense as this sounded to be the most beneficial thing he had ever heard. If he was in possession of Wu Wei, then he would be able to easily defeat the other Kings he fought all the time. But before he truly enjoyed the information he frowned. ‘How can he control Ancestral Worldpower and Wu Wei?’ Hui Yue suddenly asked.

‘I was certain that only divine beasts were capable of producing Wu Wei.’ Hui Yue remembered the conversation he had previously with the phoenix something which he remembered perfectly.

‘That is normal beasts,’ Lan Feng snorted, ‘Any beast which reaches the ranks of a deity will automatically turn into divine beasts.’

‘Oh,’ Was the only answer Hui Yue came up with as he looked at the wolf within his dantian cave. This wolf was definitely strong, but still Hui Yue felt as though something was missing, both from him but also from the wolf. It felt somewhat wrong for the two of them to be facing each other.

Shaking his head, Hui Yue determined not to do anything more about it; instead, he focused on the feeling within his body. His spiritual energy had surged to the final star of the Duke rank, something which caused his body to be slightly imbalanced when it came to cultivation base. Walking back to the capital was not a bad idea as it allowed for him to fight beasts and steady his cultivation base.

Before heading out, Hui Yue searched his body, however, the Wu Wei he had absorbed, and the Ancestral Worldpower was nowhere to be found. Both types of energies hid themselves within his body. They hid so well that Hui Yue would not have believed that they were truly there had he not felt them pouring into his body earlier.

Sighing deeply, the young man stood up and with a final glance at the bloody battlefield, Hui Yue turned around and started running through the dense forest filled with branches, leaves, with magical and ordinary beasts all around. Few clearings were visible, but Hui Yue stayed away from them as he did not wish to enter a strong beast’s territory; instead, he ran into the dense part of the forest. After fighting one beast after another, his strength finally started to become balanced once again. A balanced cultivation base allowed for him to truly feel much stronger than he had before. He assumed that currently he was capable of defeating an early stage King ranked expert without even transforming into a wolf.

The time went by swiftly, and as Hui Yue rushed back to the capital, Li Meilin felt like she was in prison whenever she looked out of the window in the room she was given. While seated there she could not help but think about Hui Yue, the young man who had protected her earlier. She hoped for him to be able to reach the capital in time so that he would be permitted to leave Shenyuan. She hoped that perhaps the two of them could leave together.

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