Blue Phoenix

Chapter 216: Bullying

Watching the bird who was coming for him like an arrow, Hui Yue felt no dread nor fear. He did not wield Black Blood, nor did he call forth a blue or red flame. What he did do was narrow his eyes and keep watch on the bird. He was calculating when it would be just in front of him. As it arrived a few centimeters above his head, the red wolf Hui Yue threw himself to the side forcing the bird to break off his attack, however, as his enemy tried to change directions a huge paw swept outwards. The strength behind the swipe so strong that a swoosh could be heard, and ripples of energy landed on the body of the bird thrashing him causing the bird to tumble far, far away.

Defeating the first beast was no problem for Hui Yue, but his action caused the other guards to notice him. The opponent he had just been up against was one who severely underestimated Hui Yue. He expected that his strength as a King could have helped him deal with a simple Duke, however, this Duke was not as simple as he looked. That one swipe was enough to deal with a King ranked expert.

Having defeated this man, the other guards took notice of the large red wolf. Although there were thousands upon thousand of different species of demon beasts, the red wolf whom Hui Yue transformed into was a beast which did not exist on this continent. He was one of a kind and this caused him to stand out like a sore thumb in the middle of the battlefield, multiple humans and beasts all looked towards him with hostility.

Cursing at his situation, Hui Yue steeled himself; however, only one beast ended up rushing towards him. The other beasts, although they hated him, were smart enough to realize that he held an important position in Wan Qiao’s life. He was not someone they as guards had the right to assault.

Although the majority of the guards thought this, there were still some who did not agree, and they, after looking into the sky, looked at Hui Yue with sinister smiles on their faces, hate and jealousy visible in their eyes.

“You dare defile our Queen with your disgusting hands,” The man who rushed towards him yelled out, his eyes were as red as Hui Yue’s, his arms turned to wings, and his legs into talons. These talons were as sharp as the claws on Hui Yue’s paw and his speed was far superior, however, Hui Yue found the perfect place to battle these guards.

The place he took Li Meilin to was filled with vegetation, not only tall grass. Backing up lead them inside the dense forest behind them, a place Wan Qiao had not cleared yet. Having trees in the way caused the bird to be at a disadvantage. His wingspan was so large that he could not spread his wings freely, nor could he use the speed for which the One-Horned Eagles were renowned for.

Li Meilin, who was staying in the grassy areas, had eyes as round as could be as she watched the young man who was fighting the beasts head on. Although he had transformed and had a domineering aura, Li Meilin had never heard of a Duke capable of defeating Kings, yet here, right in front of her very eyes, was such a person.

The first victory had been so crushing that there was no question about this red wolf’s ability. The current battle had yet to reach the first exchange, but even so, the red wolf dragged the eagle into the trees cutting off all advantages he could have had, something which showed that he used his intellect while fighting.

“If you like her that much why don’t you just go confess instead of attacking me?” Hui Yue called back with an irritated voice as he moved from one side to another, constantly avoiding the feathers which were sent his way. They were like arrows, and he shot out multiple feathers at once all of them fortified with mist energy making them as hard as black iron.

Hiding behind trees did no good as they shattered upon impact with the feathered arrows causing Hui Yue to curse at the bird. Knowing that they could shattered trees, who knew how Li Meilin would react if she was touched by one of these arrows. Although she was strong, Hui Yue had not noticed how strong and he focused on the job of protecting her.

Luring away this eagle, Hui Yue understood that he was very different from the other guards he had fought before. Although they had been severe and had beaten him, none of them caused any serious injuries. This man clearly had some other plans than to just beat him slightly and then let him off. This man clearly intended to kill him, something which caused Hui Yue to frown as cold killing intent rose from within.

Although he was currently residing within Wan Qiao’s palace and living under the same rules as these guards, Hui Yue shared no emotional ties with them. The only thing he did share was their dislike of one another.

Although he did not wish to kill the guards, he would definitely not allow them to live when they were being this ruthless towards him. If he allowed him to live it was obvious that the guard would cause trouble for him later on, and this was something which Hui Yue could not allow. He already had enough people who hated him, and he did not wish to use his time on anything other than training. The more he trained the sooner he could compete against the likes of Wan Qiao and Zhong Fai.

Thinking about the handsome man he had met underground, Hui Yue’s eyes turned as frosty as the winter morning, a mix of complicated feelings overwhelmed him. He knew that he could not trust this expert, but he also knew that he was incredibly strong.

He allowed for Hui Yue to flee the Dragon Core, but he clearly did not want him to find a group of people whom he could become attached to. Threatening to kill them was a terrifying warning, something which had made Hui Yue do everything he could to stay away from others.

During the long trip, and even now, what Hui Yue wished for the most was to be reunited with his friends. He was worried whether or not they had arrived safely in the capital and met up with the Rong twins, assisting them within settling down within the Taiyang Kingdom’s capital.

Hui Yue missed all of them for a few seconds but as he thought back the beautiful face of Wang Ju Long appeared in front of him. His heart squeezed slightly as he knew that it would take years before he would be capable of returning to them. He would have grown and so would they, but he hoped that these friends would wait for him, no matter how long he needed.

Thinking about his friends, Hui Yue was caught up in nostalgia, which caused him to lose focus of the fight, The result was a sudden sharp pain in his leg, and as he looked down, a feather as hard as black iron was embedded deep within his leg causing blood to cascade down. This sudden pain instantly made Hui Yue forget all about his nostalgia and instead put his entire focus on the battle he was fighting.

Fighting a flying beast was a pain as Hui Yue was incapable of flying himself. All he could do was stand on the ground and avoid the attacks which rained down upon him. A flame suddenly burst to life within his hand. A flame which was red, but soon changed color to blue.

Seeing the blue flame, both Li Meilin and the eagle up in the sky were taken aback. Blue flames were not a common thing. As a matter of fact the only beasts able to produce blue flames were divine beasts, however, looking at this red wolf he was in no way a divine beast, yet he still produced a flame as blue as the azure scales of the Azure Dragon.

Juggling the flame between the two paws, Hui Yue constantly moved the flame around allowing for smaller and smaller fire orbs to appear in the air around him. These orbs of fire moved differently. Some of them flew about and destroyed one feather arrow after another while others shot towards the flying bird trying to hit him and burn him to ashes. In spite of the amazing speed of the fire orbs, the eagle constantly managed to dodge them just slightly ensuring that he would not be hit by the flame.

The battle had gotten to a desperate point. Hui Yue was wasting time in his transformed shape, but he could not return to his human body as long as the eagle above was aiming feathers at him. The eagle in the sky dared not enter close combat as he could see just how strong and terrifying the wolf on the ground truly was.

Cursing at the bird, Hui Yue could feel that his transformation was running out, but he refused to give up. Instead, he summoned forth all the red mist energy that was roaming within his body. It instantly billowed out from the cave within his lower dantian and rushed through his body.

Pouring the energy into his legs, Hui Yue felt how the strength surged outwards. When he could no longer pour more energy into the legs, he bent his knees as the muscles tensed. Finally, he released it, causing him to shoot into the air like a massive arrow heading for its target.

Although the eagle saw him coming, he was incapable of dodging, instead, he decided to attack the wolf which was delivering himself to his doorstep. A smirk appeared on the face of the eagle, however, this quickly froze as he saw a long arm with a dangerous claw reach out towards him. The strong hand reached the eagle and with a squeeze of his paw, his neck snapped. A disbelieving look was in the eyes as they grew dim. The fight ended so suddenly. The fight which had been so desperate had a simple ending, but for Hui Yue, this was truly troublesome.

Dealing with this eagle, Hui Yue used up all the energy he had saved up. He would need at least a couple of hours to restore his energy. Falling to the ground, Hui Yue made his way directly to the tall grass where Li Meilin was awaiting him. As he entered he sat down with crossed legs before he started to cultivate, sparing only one glance to Li Meilin.

Li Meilin knew that Hui Yue could see that she was far stronger than him, which was why he let himself cultivate.

Sitting down, his entire focus turned to refining the essence of the heavens and the earth; however, the woman by his side was staring agape at the battle which was occurring in the skies above.

Li Meilin had always learned that the Saints of the Siban Empire were at the pinnacle of cultivation, and one of these geniuses was Captain Song; however, looking at the battle in the sky, Wan Qiao was fighting the captain, but there was not much fight going on. If anything, Wan Qiao was bullying the other Saint in front of her, something which said a lot about what true strength was.

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