Blue Phoenix

Chapter 210: Previous Lives

Hui Yue had multiple questions he wanted to ask, but at that moment, he noticed that another soul was currently residing within his body. His mind went blank as he heard the words spoken by the phoenix.

Shaking his head confused he could not help but ask “a monk?” Why on earth was it important what the blue cloud was? To Hui Yue what confused him was the extra soul who appeared within his dantian cave. It was one thing was to have the mist energy swirling around, but now they had condensed into a living creature, a soul of a beast.

The soul had a long line which was connected to the black beast core which was placed in the cave, but apart from that, it looked exactly like Lan Feng. Another spirit to share his body and emotions with.

“The guy over there,” The red wolf-man pointed towards the cave containing the blue mist, “He keeps on saying incantations to stop me from killing people. I can’t wait for him to become a soul like me. Then I’ll personally deal with him.”

“No!” Hui Yue instantly screamed out, “It’s already crowded, I do not have the space to have more souls hiding within me! And I will definitely not have a sane mind if it happens.”

Having guessed that the more he used the energies, the more the phenomena condensed where it eventually became a soul, much like what happened with the wolf-man.

Guessing this, Hui Yue came to the conclusion that he would no longer rely on the phenomena within his body. He simply did not have the mind to accept having that many creatures within him. Also, he knew that although it was uncomfortable, it was still able to protect him. Since he had the wolf-man Hui Yue within his body, he could now fully control the red mist.

Suddenly a thought appeared in his mind, “I am not going to make a soul contract with you,” He said with a firm decision. He remembered how Lan Feng said that if they had no soul contract then it was a master servant relationship. Although this red wolf was Hui Yue from a previous life, he was filled with cold-blooded killing intent, something which Hui Yue could not trust. Thus, he came to the conclusion that a master servant relationship would benefit him more.

Hearing his words, the wolf was slightly taken aback, but he quickly nodded his head. The wolf never expected to have a soul contract with the younger man, but he still felt somewhat disappointed. Although he was disappointed he completely understood why.

Sighing deeply, Hui Yue leaned back against the wall. He closed his eyes for a moment before he forced them open and stood up. Within him, Lan Feng and the red wolf were conversing about the other eight lives. Although Hui Yue was curious and listened in, he remembered the letter that had been left by Wan Qiao. Wan Qiao was not someone who enjoyed waiting, and Hui Yue did not enjoy the slaps he would be given should he anger her. With determined steps, he stood up and slowly made his way towards the chambers belonging to Wan Qiao.

Walking through the hallways, Hui Yue was entertained to see that the sun was setting in the sky, and the palace was bustling with guards and cultivators. Some were making their way towards their rooms while others made their way towards the mess hall to get food.

“Halt!” Suddenly as Hui Yue turned and was making his way towards Wan Qiao’s chambers a voice from behind yelled out causing the young man to stop in his tracks and turn around. He looked at the guard who had called out. Hui Yue was quite taken aback as to what he should do.

“You have no right to pass through here! This is the heavenly location of our lady Wan Qiao.” He said his eyes filled with rage, “You have no right to enter here move back this instance!”

“Ehm, I’m sorry, but I was told to come here,” Hui Yue said while scratching the back of his head looking at the guard thoroughly confused as to how to deal with this situation.

Fighting with the guard was one option but if he were to break anything in Wan Qiao’s castle it was likely that he would get beaten up.

To follow the orders of the guard and leave meant that he left her hanging, and he would definitely be beaten up.

Thinking like this, Hui Yue was at a loss for what to do. He wished just to enter the rooms, but he knew that it would not be as easy as that.

Thinking it through, he ended up letting Lan Feng’s aura billow outwards. The sudden arrival of a Saint aura caused the guard to step back which allowed for Hui Yue, who had activated Velocity Flow, to rush past him and enter into Wan Qiao’s rooms.

The moment he entered he heaved a heavy sigh of relief. He started looking around, yet before he found Wan Qiao he felt a slim arm locked around his neck. The arm hooked around him constantly tightening causing the young man to feel suffocated.

Right as Hui Yue was about to give up the door opened and the guard rushed in only to see what looked like Wan Qiao hugging Hui Yue in an intimate, close manner. Something which caught him completely off guard.

“I… I beg your pardon for disturbing you oh heavenly eagle,” The guard stuttered as he bowed and backed out of the room.

Hearing his words, Wan Qiao laughed out loud and released Hui Yue, who fell to the ground gasping for air with tears in his eyes. It was as though Wan Qiao fully enjoyed torturing the young man in front of her.

“Why did you not visit me instantly?” Wan Qiao asked. Her brows furrowed as she asked the question. “You needed to hurry up so that I can help you control the beast inside of you,” She said with excitement in her eyes. She had an almost manic smile on her face as she looked at the young man in front of her. She inched closer and closer as she lifted his arm and stared at his hands. She stared at the back and in general went through his entire body with her hands before she finally stood behind him. She scratched her chin in admiration.

“To see such a full transformation and how you returned to a human this quickly again, it is amazing.” She said with admiration in her voice, “The transformation ability is at least that of a Saint ranked beast. Tell me, what do you know about this beast? Can you control the red mist? Maybe just a little?”

Looking at the woman in front of him who was asking multiple questions, Hui Yue felt a headache coming especially since both Lan Feng and the wolf-man were talking about how attractive Wan Qiao had become. Their voices which caused Hui Yue to become annoyed towards the two souls who had become the best of friends while he was dealing with the sadistic woman that turned into their teacher.

“I already managed to get him under control,” Hui Yue said with a sigh as he massaged his temples. “The reason I came late was due to this. Lan Feng is no longer alone within my lower dantian. He is together with wolf-man, the two of them seem to have become great friends.”

Hui Yue was filled with indignation as he did not wish for his body to suddenly turn into a host for multiple souls. Sharing with two souls was already troublesome, but having to share it with another eight would turn into a catastrophe. Hui Yue quickly told Wan Qiao everything which happened after he woke up. The woman was completely taken aback when she heard that there was a total of nine caves within his lower dantian; nine caves filled with various phenomena which happened to be souls of his previous life.

“Did you say there is a monk?” Wan Qiao was completely surprised when she heard about the souls, and she had to admit that she understood why Hui Yue was feeling uncomfortable about sharing his body with this many souls. She decided to look for a way to get rid of the many souls within him.

“Well, it’s unfortunate that it is like this,” Wan Qiao said with a sigh, but deep inside she felt that she had indeed found the next pillar of support for Shenyuan. Having control over the wolf-man he already had a huge power boost. A boost which caused him to be unrivaled amongst the middle dantian cultivators and even capable of defeating Kings.

“Well, your physique is still weak. Until the day where you can wrestle me fairly, you will have to follow my training program.” Wan Qiao said with a sinister smile on her mouth as she found a piece of paper which she handed the unknowing young man.

As he accepted the letter, hopelessness swept across Hui Yue’s mind as he saw the training schedule for the day. He had multiple exercises he needed to go through. Exercises which trained every single muscle in his body, sadly, Hui Yue had no other option than to go through with it. With a downcast nod, he left the room and went towards the training grounds to start the schedule as he was filled with mixed emotions. Although he did not wish to go through with the harsh training, he was excited about increasing his strength. About increasing his own personal strength; about becoming able to rely on his own strength, and not needing to constantly rely on Lan Feng or any phenomena within.


“Deng Wu! Sha Yun! Wang Ju Long! Go, quickly! Go and fetch Ma Kong and Gao Yan. We got a letter from Hui Yue!” Rong Xing’s voice boomed throughout the private rooms of Rong Ming, everyone within the rooms suddenly roused to action. All of them amazed as they ran towards Rong Xing excited smiles everywhere.

Since Deng Wu, Sha Yun, and Wang Ju Long released the Laws and gave them their freedom back, all of them went to the capital where they were freeloading of Rong Xing and Rong Ming. Staying in their rooms at the Royal Academy’s Main Branch.

The students at the Royal Academy all had multiple rooms within a hostel; a suite with five personal rooms and their friends were staying in these rooms.

Xu Piao did not join them; instead, he now worked together with Gao Yan. Ma Kong worked for his family firm and Rong Xing and Rong Ming were both busy looking after their studies.

Although they all saw their three friends return, they had long since been terrified about what happened to Hui Yue, but today, a year and a few months after he vanished, a letter finally arrived.

Waiting for everyone to gather up, Rong Xing was as excited as them. Finally, she opened the letter and read it all out loud to the many friends who were gathered in the sitting room.

The words within left them all excited and relieved. Knowing that Hui Yue was still alive was something which mattered to these friends, but soon after their large smiles dimmed as they remembered their current situation.

“Don’t worry, when Hui Yue comes back we’ll be able to get revenge,” Rong Xing said with a gentle voice as she patted Deng Wu on the shoulder. The young man looked at her with sad eyes, but a small smile appeared on his face. His blue hair was hanging in disarray, and his blue eyes were filled with gratitude towards the young woman.

Seeing those azure blue eyes looking at her and the sadness within, Rong Xing had no other urge than to give him a large hug and tell him that everything would be okay.

“We must endure,” Wang Ju Long said. Her eyes black with hate and anger, her voice trembling. “We must endure until Hui Yue returns, and while we wait we must increase our strength so that we are no longer are a hindrance to Hui Yue.”

Hearing these words, everyone nodded and with a last glance towards the letter they all started cultivating within the room.

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