Blue Phoenix

Chapter 207: Wan Qiao

Tumbling into the wall, Hui Yue groaned in pain as his head once more made contact with the stonewall. There was no blood this time, however, the pain was still severe and everything spun around him making it impossible to see anything.

Right as Hui Yue was about to swear over his bad luck, he suddenly felt a gentle and warm energy move from his dantian cave. The green pearl was rotating around itself and the energy which was stored within slowly made its way outside. It entered his meridians and then flowed into the body itself where it reached his head. Right in front of Wan Qiao, the blood which fell from the wound on his head, alongside his internal injuries from being tossed into a stonewall quickly healed themselves only leaving behind blood on his snow-white hair.

The blurriness and dizziness slowly vanished as the green pearl healed his body, and he finally stood up, wondering whether or not to try and escape or just let the woman vent her pent up anger, and see what happened afterwards. It was obvious that she had no intention of killing him because he was still alive, however, the treatment he had experienced so far was anything but comfortable.

“Humph,” The woman looked at the wounds which healed themselves and she was actually truly astonished. To heal a wound one needed to use spiritual energy and imbue it with their elemental affinity, however, this healing used no spiritual energy at all. Any display of energy would create energy ripples but none appeared when the healing occurred, showing that this man had some secrets hidden within his body.

“You boy, what was your name again?” She asked as she allowed her body to fall down into a comfortable chair which was within the room, her eyes fixated on Hui Yue.

“I’m Hui Yue,” He answered honestly as he looked at the woman. Although he had been mistreated he dared not, in any way, show disrespect. This woman was truly strong, so strong that she could kill him with but a thought. She was most likely even stronger than that Zhong Fai he had met within the Dragon Core.

“Hui Yue. Tell me about how you ended up sharing your body with this disgusting bird inside of you.” Wan Qiao said as she waved towards the chairs in front of her, and Hui Yue quickly took a seat.

“I am from another plane,” He began. “A plane unlike this one where there is no cultivation of martial arts nor is there inner energies. The plane I came from, we called it Earth.” Hui Yue started telling about where he was from and Wan Qiao listened to the words with great interest.

“In this world what mattered was knowledge. The more knowledgeable you were the better you would do in society. Killing was strongly frowned upon and physical strength got you nowhere.”

“I lived in this world for twenty four years,” Hui Yue’s tale was bringing great interest to Wang Qiao and her eyes were round, filled with amazement. Although she was strong she had never been to another world before. She was, after all, no God.

“When I was twenty four years old I saw a shop selling ancient chinese antiques, and one of these items was a beautiful hairpin with a blue phoenix on top.”

“This hairpin turned out to contain the soul of Lan Feng, and after he managed to kill me and impale my heart then two of us were forcefully reincarnated into this world which appeared to be his home plane.”

Having heard the brief explanation of his background story Wan Qiao had raised an eyebrow as she heard neither hate nor regret in the young man’s voice. It was as though he was completely content with his past, and living in the now that was created by the phoenix within.

“Tell me how you ended up here then,” She continued, “Your strength is far from enough to enter Shenyuan the natural way.”

Hearing her say that Hui Yue nodded, and he somewhat regretted having entered Shenyuan at all. If he had more time, he would definitely have entered either the Siban Empire or the Yueliang Province. These were both easily traveled through compared to Shenyuan, the country which was known for being impossible to leave upon entry.

“Some things happened back in Riluo City and some of my friends were banished while I on the other hand needed to go into hiding for some time. Considering that we needed training we all entered into the Dungeons of the Divine. Various things happened, someone called Zhong Fai happened, to be more precise and we had to split up. My friends went back above ground while I went through the Vermillion Bird Tunnels and ended up within Shenyuan,”

The woman was stunned when she heard that the young man and Lan Feng had met Zhong Fai. She was not like Lan Feng, she knew everything which happened in the entire plane; she was, after all, one of the top powers in this plane.

“I see, so the mess with the Dragon Corps was done by you and Lan Feng? I see that the annoying little bird is still filled with mischief.” Wan Qiao’s smile grew larger as though she found it entertaining though after a bit her face filled with a frown.

“You say that Zhong Fai appeared, but you are still alive and definitely not a part of his Frozen Brigade. That’s peculiar.”

“The Frozen Brigade?” Hui Yue asked curiously. He remembered the domain which Zhong Fai unleashed; an ability which made the world freeze over and made the humans within freeze alongside the world. It was the most terrifying ability he ever experienced, and he felt a great deal of dread whenever he thought about the young man Zhong Fai.

“I don’t know what he wanted from me,” Hui Yue said honestly with a sigh. “He helped me escape from the Dragon Core, but refused to let me travel with my friends and said he’d kill anyone I befriended within the Dungeons of the Divine.”

Hearing this she could not help but raise an eyebrow. The Frozen General was not known for helping other people out, especially not if it required him to do something serious, and destroying the Dragon Corps was quite a serious act.

Hui Yue was barely strong enough to be considered a genius of the younger generation. His cultivation speed was astonishing and his actual combat experience were far more impressive than other youngsters his age, however, considering the many people who assisted him, and the fact that he uses the purest of Qi, he was, rank-wise, not considered to be at the top of the younger generation. For the Frozen General to be this interested it proved that he knew of some secrets the younger man possessed.

Knowing that the Frozen General was interested in this young man, Wan Qiao suddenly felt her own interest pique. Before, the young man had been nothing more than a container for Lan Feng, however, now she started paying attention to the man himself.

“Stay here for a while,” She said with a decisive voice. It was clear that arguments were not welcome. “I’ll help train you. Your physical strength is definitely weak. Any of my guards, even those ranked lower than you, would be able to hand your a** back to you in a physical combat. That is something we need to get sorted. Secondly, you need to speed up your cultivation. Being an expert is no dance on rose petals; you need to work hard!”

Hearing her words Hui Yue was at a loss for why she so suddenly changed her opinion. However, hearing her say that she would assist him in training was something so good that he was incapable of declining it.

“I first arrived here wanting to request that you would help me leave Shenyuan,” Hui Yue started, but before she had the chance to decline he continued. “Your offer is far better than what I could have wished for before, but right now my friends are worried about whether or not I am even alive. Help me send out a letter to my friends and I would be glad to stay here and train under your guidance.”

“Humph,” The woman snorted at him but after thinking for a moment she nodded her head. If she truly wished to teach him it was better that he was not preoccupied and worried for his friends back in another country.

“Write them a letter tonight. I’ll get it sent out tomorrow, and you better be ready to take on my training starting tomorrow. If you ask Lan Feng, I am sure he will tell you what it is like.” A cruel smile appeared on her face and a shiver ran through Hui Yue’s body. It was obvious that this training was going to be training from hell, but in spite of that, Hui Yue was still excited. He was eager to get stronger and this was something he could only do if he trained hard.

Just as he thought he was free, Wan Qiao suddenly stood up. Her brows furrowed as she leaned against the young man.

“Boy, why do you smell like a magical beast?” She asked, her voice dangerously low and so sharp that it felt like it could cut through anything. “This is definitely not the smell of Lan Feng. Boy, are you trying to trick me? Are you really not a magical beast?”

Hearing her words, Hui Yue was torn for some time. Lan Feng had long since said that he should never lie to Wan Qiao; that he should value his life even more than he valued his secrets.

“I am not sure how to explain it,” Hui Yue finally said with a deep sigh, “No matter how I explain it, it will sound silly.”

“Try me,” She said, somewhat puzzled as to what the young man meant.

“Inside of me are various energy sources. One of them is a beast core of some unknown beast. I have relied on this energy for a long time and it has grown stronger and stronger the more I’ve used it. Unfortunately, I am unable to control it so recently I’ve refused to use this power.”

“You have various energy sources within you?” She asked completely dumbstruck. Her face was filled with disbelief. The confusion on her face was enough to cause Lan Feng to feel a strange sort of satisfaction that the woman could be surprised.

“It is hard to explain. It is like each energy has its own cave within my body.” Hui Yue was not sure how to explain the energies within him. This only led to him starting to get confused himself.

Seeing his confusion Wan Qiao placed a hand on each of his shoulders and closed her eyes. Golden light belonging to her entered through his veins and entered his meridians, forced their way forward into his lower dantian where it shone brightly. This allowed for the woman to thoroughly examine his body.

Being filled with foreign energy like this was in no way a comfortable feeling for Hui Yue. It felt as though it was attacking his body by forcing its way through the narrow meridians and entering his dantian.

Although it was uncomfortable, Hui Yue held strong and braced himself allowing the woman to examine to her heart’s content. Having examined for the better of ten minutes, she finally withdrew her energy and Hui Yue fell to his knees as his body felt light. His head started to spin from his own internal energy rushing about his body checking whether or not every part was undamaged.

“How peculiar,” Wan Qiao said with glistening eyes. Her mouth smiling. She finally understood why Zhong Fai was interested in this young man.

“Tomorrow I will need you to display the prowess of your beast core. We will have some extra lessons; you and me alone, where we tame your beast within. The core that I saw when examining you belongs to a beast I have never seen before. This really is peculiar.”

Hui Yue nodded his head excitement growing within. To be able to learn how to control the energies within him was something which he very much wished to learn. Having come to Shenyuan was now something which he did not regret, and moments after a servant called who took Hui Yue to a room which would be his in the future.

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