Blue Phoenix

Chapter 206: The Time for Talking has Long Since Passed

Moving around within the city, Hui Yue quickly found a marketplace where he heard multiple merchants yell out the prices of their items. To Hui Yue’s satisfaction, the prices they used were copper, silver, gold, and spirit coins; something that he still had plenty of.

Grasping his money storing memory stone he looked inside and a pleasant amount of coins could be seen within. Although Hui Yue had coins he had no intention of spending any of them soon. His only plan was to find the castle and find Wan Qiao to ask her to assist them in leaving Shenyuan.

Having come this close, both Hui Yue and Lan Feng were filled with worry and hesitation. Both knew that the relationship between Lan Feng and Wan Qiao was not the best but here they were. It had been more than four thousand years since their last encounter, and now they were going to request help from an old acquaintance.

Moving through the city, many One-Horned Eagles were patrolling the sky and the ground. The ones on the ground had all taken human form. Their skin was filled with golden-brown feathers and they had beaks for their mouths.

Looking at all the human-shaped beasts around him, Hui Yue was completely taken aback. Everyone looked different from each other, and all of them were part human part beast. The more he walked around the more various human-shaped beasts he saw, but even though every beast was half beast half human, Hui Yue’s appearance did not bring anyone to stare at him, instead, he was shown great respect. Everyone he came past nodded or bowed to him, and the road in front of him was cleared of people, no one daring to step into his path.

‘They must think that you are a high ranked magical beast,’ Lan Feng said with a smile on his face as he gave control of the body back to Hui Yue. Telling him that the phoenix dared not be the one to encounter his old nurse. Hui Yue had no other choice than to go announce their arrival.

The town in which they were was as large as Riluo City and walking through it took some time. This gave Hui Yue the time to straighten up, and understand how dangerous it truly was for them to ask for help from this woman. If he had any other choice then he would have taken it, but it truly seemed as though the entire Shenyuan was a fortress only to be breached by those of a high rank.

Thinking like this Hui Yue and Lan Feng soon arrived at the main castle in the center of the city. Their breaths were shallow and their entire body alert, ready to retreat should they not be treated with friendliness.

As Hui Yue arrived at the castle, he wished that the walk was even longer, but no matter how much he wished for this, it would not happen. Resigning himself he went towards the gate leading to the castle.

Just as Hui Yue was about to walk through he was stopped by two snake-men, both looking far stronger than Sha Yun. Their race made him think of her and he swore that one day he would bring both her and her sisters to Shenyuan; a place where they would truly feel at home rather than feeling like outcasts.

He quickly shook his head and put his nostalgic memories of when he was with Sha Yun and the others to the back of his mind, his eyes turning hard as he looked at the two beasts in front of him.

Both looked nervous but determined. They looked as if they had stopped someone far superior to their strength, but their loyalty was strong and neither of them seemed to regret their decision to block this young white-haired man.

“No entrance for strangers,” One of the guards said after having swallowed some saliva, his voice trembling slightly. Seeing how frightened they were to block him, Hui Yue understood that Lan Feng was right when he said that other beasts assumed that he was a Saint.

Almost laughing, Hui Yue stopped in his tracks as he felt no reason to mistreat any of Wan Qiao’s men, injuring even one of them, especially for no reason, could easily make the woman turn against him.

Looking at the guards, Hui Yue contemplated for a moment before he opened his mouth. “I’ll wait here, but one of you go and inform Wan Qiao that Lan Feng has arrived. Lan Feng and Hui Yue.”

Having said the words, Hui Yue just stood there waiting for one of them to start moving. While he did this, his heart was pounding hard as he feared what was going to happen to him, but having already told the guards to go he could no longer turn around. Whether his beating heart was due to Lan Feng’s fear or Hui Yue’s expectation, neither man nor beast were capable of guessing.

Seeing that the young man just stood there, showing no signs of making problems for the two guards they both heaved a heavy sigh of relief. They then exchanged gazes and one of the two instantly rushed inside the castle, rushing towards the room where the mistress of Shenyuan was reading various reports.

The guard rushed into the castle and as he saw a massive iron door he slowed down before he came to a halt right in front of the door. Standing still for some time he caught his breath and knocked gently before a voice called for him to enter.

Entering through the door, the guard looked at the woman in front of him. She was a stunning beauty, her hair was a cascade of gold; so golden that it seemed to have been created from sunshine itself. The beautiful curls framed her face which enhanced her golden-hazel brown eyes.

Looking at the stunning beauty in front of him, the guard felt his heart beating rapidly, and his eyes were unable to look away from the woman. It was as though she drew everyone’s glances towards her.

“Milady, there is an expert outside the gates who wishes to speak with you,” He said breathlessly, she was indeed a breathtaking beauty. “He introduced himself as Lan Feng and Hui Yue.”

The woman who was focused completely on the paperwork in front of her suddenly paused what she was doing and a chill filled the room. The temperature dropped drastically.

“What did you just say?” The woman asked, her voice low and each word was said incredibly slowly. Every word caused a shiver to run down the spine of the guard who was still within the room. Clearing his throat and with a low voice he repeated what he said earlier, “An expert is waiting for you outside, he introduced himself as Lan Feng and Hui Yue.”

Hearing the repeated words, Wan Qiao went quiet for some time. Her eyes were closed and her head rested in her hands. It seemed as though she had an internal struggle, but after some time she lifted her head and sighed deeply.

“Invite him inside. Lead him towards my private rooms this is our first reunion in many years,” She said and stood up after which she went towards her private rooms. The only place within the castle she knew that there were no spies or memory stones watching her every move.

The guard was astonished to hear that they were acquaintances and he rushed back to the gate where the young man was still waiting to be allowed entrance. Seeing him, the guard who had shown respect before, showed even more respect now. He bowed to the young man and gestured for him to follow, which Hui Yue did with a shrug of his shoulders.

Although he seemed carefree on the outside, both Lan Feng and Hui Yue were observing everything with vigilance. They were constantly on guard for traps or ambushes. Both were aware that this only had at most a fifty percent chance of working.

Unfortunately, when it had that high a chance of succeeding it had an equally high chance of failing. Something which neither man nor bird wished to think about currently. Following behind the guard they entered the beautiful stone castle. Hui Yue, who had studied history in his old life, could not help but admire the structure of the castle comparing it to the medieval castles from his old world.

Thinking about his old world it was impossible not to feel slight nostalgia, he could not help but wonder how his parents were doing, alongside Li Fen. Thinking about this he knew that many years had passed. His parents would be old by now and Li Fen too would have grown up to become an adult. Hopefully an adult with a family of her own.

Thinking about Li Fen, Hui Yue found that he did not feel anything else but a desire to wish her the best in life. Many years had passed and Hui Yue was no longer the one who had lived in the old world. Here he had learned cultivation. He found new friends and he had changed. Through his many experiences he had changed. He had been at death’s door a few times, but because he shared his body with Lan Feng they got through it. Lan Feng, a bird who although haughty and perverted was now truly his best friend. Their relationship was what had changed him the most.

Reminiscing about his old world and how he had changed, he arrived in front of a wooden door. This door had elaborate carvings of the Vermillion Bird. A masterpiece definitely created by a master artisan.

“I will take my leave,” The guard said and bowed towards Hui Yue who felt sweat cover his palms. His heart started beating even more rapidly than before. Thinking to himself that it was now or never, the young man lifted his hand and the sounds of knocking could be heard throughout the corridor.

“Enter!” A fairly deep but entrancing voice sounded out. Hui Yue opened the door, curious to see who this Wan Qiao was. Entering the room, Hui Yue looked at the woman and just as he looked at her his jaw dropped and his eyes widened.

Looking at the woman in front of him, this was not the first time he had seen her. Back when he was ten years old he had sold a medicinal pill to a woman who paid him a handsome price. This woman had been the most beautiful woman Hui Yue had ever seen. She had etched herself into his memory, so much so that now when she was standing in front of him he could recognise her instantly.

Seeing the shocked expression on Hui Yue’s face, a smile appeared on the face of the beautiful woman. She walked towards him a gentle smile evident on her face.

Striking like a hawk, so swift that Hui Yue had no ability to stop her, a flat hand landed on his cheek. The slap sent him flying into the wall, and his head was knocked silly. Everything was blurry for his eyes and blood was trickling down his head from the impact. Blood was also welling up within his mouth. Had she intended to be truly vicious then the slap would have killed him.

Standing up, and waiting for his sight to return to normal, Hui Yue looked at the woman in front of him with a questioning look. Last time he had seen her she had been incredibly friendly towards him, however, now she was definitely not friendly. Could it be that she did not notice him last time? Hui Yue simply did not know.

Just as Hui Yue’s eyes returned to normal he saw that another slap was coming his way, and he instantly jumped backwards lifting his arms in defense.

“Wait! Wait!” He yelled, “Let’s talk about this!”

“The time for talking has long since passed,” The woman growled and once more a slap knocked him flying through the room and colliding against another wall.


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