Blue Phoenix

Chapter 197: Underground Battle

A snort could be heard from Hui Yue’s mouth as the phoenix could not help but laugh slightly due to the words spoken by Hui Yue.

‘I have no intention for us to die just yet,’ The phoenix said with a smirk. ‘I might be weaker than this guy when it comes to raw power, however, I am a divine beast. I have some things this man will never possess.’

Without giving any further explanation, Lan Feng stomped the ground and with unmeasureable speed he once more charged at the many experts in front of him. Some were Kings who managed to push through the door, others were Emperors who managed to survive Little Dragon’s attack earlier and were healed.

Blood splattered on the walls and the ground; heads were severed left and right as though they posed no difficulty for the phoenix. His previous white hair had turned red, dyed by the blood of his enemies. The beautiful white and blue robe was similarly turned red from blood. Even his blue eyes had a mist of red appearing within as the red mist roiled within him. It struggled to burst outwards, wishing to partake in the bloody massacre.

At first, Zhong Fai was taken by surprise. Seeing Hui Yue charge forward, the general had expected that the phoenix would have him as his goal, however, at the last moment the bird changed his destination and rushed right past him. He rushed towards the many experts within the room slaughtering mercilessly which only made the fighting more desperate.

Seeing Hui Yue, even though Zhong Fai knew that he was stronger, a shiver of excitement ran through his entire body as he looked at the blood colored opponent who finally focused his attention towards him.

While Hui Yue and Lan Feng managed to get rid of many of the experts, Xu Piao and Xie Lan had been pushed away from the door. Both of them were now standing in front of Sha Yun and Wang Ju Long, protecting the two girls from the hordes of King ranked experts which had entered through the door. Both of them had sweat dripping from their forehead, their teeth were clenched tight, and their Wu Wei gushed from their bodies. They formed one attack after another as they pushing back any who came forward.

They did not come out of defending the door undamaged. Xu Piao had a superficial sword wound on his chest, however, his arm and leg had been punctured straight through and only by relying on the healing from Wang Ju Long was he still able to stand.

Xie Lan was not in much better condition. Her hair was disheveled and a cut appeared on her beautiful face from her eye all the way across her face. But there was no sadness in her eyes only determination to keep fighting for the cause her master chose to believe in.

While these two were fighting, the battle between Little Dragon and the commander had become desperate; neither side willing to bow down and both sides fighting hard. One of the dragons had vanished only to be replaced by a new one, however, while both dragons were still a beautiful bright golden color, one of the sledgehammers belonging to the commander was turning more and more transparent. A sign that he was about to run out of Wu Wei, something which caused great joy to finally surge within the tired dragon and man.

Seeing that he was an advantage, Xu Piao and Xie Lan moved further into the room, closer and closer to Little Dragon. Everyone’s faces were filled with displeasure, desperation, anger, and sadness as they understood that for them to escape the strongest in their group would have to stay behind to keep the many experts from chasing after them. And that someone was Hui Yue.

Hui Yue saw how the horde of King ranked experts appeared from the doorway he once more charged at Zhong Fai. His intent was on making another smooth pass only to massacre even more Kings, however, as soon as he attempted to the air in front of him was suddenly cut through by a sharp ray of light. This made Hui Yue’s hair stand on end and his entire being stopped in its tracks.

“Do you really think I’ll fall for the same trick twice?” Zhong Fai suddenly asked with a curious expression on his face as another golden ray of light shot towards Hui Yue.

Activating Velocity Flow was something which took a minimum amount of power from Hui Yue, however, the ability was created by a King ranked expert and was considered a High King ranked skill. A skill which was constantly improving with every passing rank. As Lan Feng was a Saint he was capable of using the skill to it’s fullest potential, increasing his speed by an amazing amount. This made him so fast that the only person within the room capable of actually seeing him was Zhong Fai. Everyone else was only able to catch a blur passed them by. A blur which often severed heads or punctured hearts.

“I actually had no intention to participate in this battle,” Zhong Fai said suddenly, his voice able to be heard by anyone within the room and caused the commander’s face to darken considerably. It caused the faces of his friends to lighten up.

Hui Yue and Lan Feng were not satisfied with this, though, they both understood that it was not likely that he would stay away from the battle. As they suspected, after only a few moments the young general continued,

“I did not plan to participate, but looking at how strong you are Hui Yue, I really cannot help but be eager to test my own strength against yours!”

Having heard what he said, Lan Feng instantly screamed at his friends within their minds, “LEAVE! Quick! Leave as soon as possible, leave this to me, just GET AWAY!”

He could no longer afford to not focus fully on the expert in front of him. The two experts stared at each other as ripples of energy spread out from both of them. Before Zhong Fai was able to do anything a horrendous howl rang out from Hui Yue’s throat. The features of the young man were rapidly changing.

His legs turned to the hind legs of a wolf. A long wolf-like tail grew from his tailbone, and fur started to appear on his skin. Oddly, though, his arms turned to talons, and his hair became feathers. The red mist was roiling around his body. This time, it was not Hui Yue who was in control of the body, but Lan Feng. The phoenix abused the small demon core within his dantian cave alongside the red mist-like energy which allowed for himself to transform.

The pain from the transformation was excruciating, and due to it a howl sounded from his throat. The body soon finished its transformation and unlike when Hui Yue used the red mist, Lan Feng was completely capable of keeping the energy under control. His blue eyes were now seen atop of a beak, his hair was ice-blue feathers, and his arms had turned to talons. He looked as though he was a half wolf half phoenix. A beast which no one had ever seen before. The eyes of Zhong Fai grew in astonishment, and his smile rapidly increased involuntarily.

“How marvelous!” He exclaimed before the small orb of golden light in his hand jumped into the air where it instantly exploded into tens of thousands of golden rays. These rays killed anyone they came into contact with.

By now, Sha Yun and Wang Ju Long managed to reach the stairs. Behind them was Deng Wu who managed to grab a King ranked expert whom he used as a shield, but just as Xie Lan saw the golden rays of light she knew that it was impossible for her to find King ranked experts for both her and Xu Piao. As she saw the look of horror which appeared on his face, she instantly threw herself in front of him; the golden ray went straight through her heart, and just as she fell to the ground a satisfying smile appeared on her face before her eyes were devoid of all life. Her lips were still smiling slightly as her soul dissipated into thin air.

Xu Piao’s eyes were round and filled with disbelief as he with shaking hands took her into his arms, however, before he had the time to truly comprehend the loss he had just suffered, Hui Yue yelled at him in his mind once more. As Hui Yue saw yet another golden light orb appear in Zhong Fai’s hand.

‘Run! Get away from here! Go away, and make sure to live life for her too!’

Hearing the voice within his mind, the disbelieving eyes suddenly turned serious. With a nod of his head, he quickly flicked his hand and placed her within a storage stone; after which he followed Sha Yun, Wang Ju Long, and Deng Wu up the Stairs of Hope.

Every King ranked expert within the room no longer tried to advance, instead, they tried to escape from the room where Hui Yue once more allowed for golden light to gather around his body, and the golden rays of light were easily blocked.

Zhong Fai whistled upon seeing how easily the golden light was blocked, and he brought forth a Wu Wei sword. The sword was around a meter and a half long and thirty centimeters wide. It was a huge broadsword, but Lan Feng showed no signs of despair he just met it head on. His talons blocking the hit as an astounding boom sounded out, ripples of energy caused the entire castle to tremble.

Blow after blow was traded, but whereas Lan Feng was using all the power he could muster Zhong Fai was seemingly having fun, and playing around during the battle.

Just as Lan Feng’s patience was about to end and he was going to use all his Wu Wei to attack the entire room suddenly stood still. A cold sphere surrounded them and it was as though they were in a world of their own, in a domain which seemed to center around Zhong Fai.

Small specs of snow started to fall within the domain, and no one was capable of moving even an inch. Even Lan Feng was completely trapped within the domain, his eyes vigilant as he looked at the Frozen General who slowly strode towards him.

A playful smile was still evident on his face, but Zhong Fai lifted his hand and clenched it. As soon as he did, the entire building trembled once more, and the Stairs of Hope started collapsing. Seeing the fear in Hui Yue’s eyes as he wondered whether or not his friends were safe somehow caused an even bigger smile to appear on Zhong Fai’s face.

“Listen up Hui Yue, I know you can hear me inside that mysterious beast shape you’ve taken. Today I’ll let you leave, but I won’t let you go with your friends. Find another way out of here, but do so on your own. Anyone you befriend I’ll kill.”

Having said that, Zhong Fai looked at the many King ranked experts who had overheard their conversation and with a clench of his other hand every single King ranked expert within the room burst open as though someone had smashed them with a giant hand. Blood sprayed everywhere, even more blood than Lan Feng had shed earlier.

Seeing Zhong Fai withdraw the powerful domain, Hui Yue did not wait around to see whether or not he would change his opinion. He rushed towards the location where he knew he could enter the next tunnel-system.

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