Blue Phoenix

Chapter 196: Experts Awaiting

Fighting his way towards the house in which the Laws were located and placing all of them within memory stones was so swift and painless that Hui Yue hoped that the rest of the plan would be as smooth. That his friends and himself could leave the underground world without anyone noticing that they had long since escaped together with the Laws.

Leaving the house, Hui Yue saw that Zhong Fai had vanished. As soon as he realized that the man was gone cold sweat started trickling down his spine, but despite this, he stayed positive. Though now he was more vigilant than before.

Moving through the empty streets, no one came to stop them. Scanning their surroundings with Wu Wei, Lan Feng could see that there was truly no one around them, at least, no one weaker than him. As for whether or not Zhong Fai was watching… Well, that something they could not determine.

Sneaking through the roads, they soon arrived at the main headquarters of the Dragon Corps, the main building in which the exit towards the world above was located.

Entering the front gates was not a hard task. Dragon Corps members constantly returned to headquarters, and with but a flash of his A ranked emblem the guards all showed him the most respect one could muster, something Hui Yue was grateful for.

As soon as he had shown the emblem, he and his friends all entered the main building, however, something was different from last time. Many king ranked experts were moving about not only guards but also other Dragon Corps members. The King ranked experts glanced at Hui Yue and his friends as if their eyes were locking onto their targets.

Seeing this, Hui Yue could not help but curse slightly. He felt that his plan was no longer moving along as smoothly as before. He moved in front with Sha Yun and Wang Ju Long behind him while Xie Lan and Xu Piao were the sides of the two girls. Deng Wu brought up the rear.

The group of six slowly made their way through the mansion. Lan Feng was in control and constantly had his Wu Wei ready to use, should they run into trouble. Little Dragon was also in control, and both divine beasts slowly made their way forward.

They did not see more King ranked experts the further they went, however, there were not fewer either. As Lan Feng used his Wu Wei to sweep across the surrounding area again, he quickly found that more and more King ranked experts were gathering behind them.

At least Little Dragon was an Emperor ranked expert, and it was possible for him to dispose of the King ranked experts as easily as Lan Feng could; however, what bothered Hui Yue was not the many King ranked experts following them, no what truly bothered him was where the Emperor ranked experts of the Dragon Corps were.

Although some of the Emperor ranked experts were likely out on missions there had to be at least some of them back at headquarters, but so far Hui Yue had seen none of them.

A thought appeared in his mind, but he hoped for everything in the world that he was wrong, however, when he came closer to the Stairs of Hope they found that strong auras were awaiting them.

Lan Feng could not control his face as his eyes grew sharp and a smile appeared on his lips. Looking towards the room in which the experts were awaiting them he said,

“Danger up ahead!” After hearing this their formation shrunk together. The two girls were safe in the middle while the experts guarded them as they continued forward.

Reaching the door, Lan Feng did not pause for even a moment as he blasted through the door, and as expected almost twenty experts were awaiting within the room. Zhong Fai and the commander standing in the middle.

Seeing Zhong Fai on the enemies side, Lan Feng narrowed his eyes and Hui Yue felt a shiver in his soul. Worry welled up as he knew that this expert was far, far stronger than the other experts, all of whom were Emperor ranked.

Looking at the many experts, Lan Feng knew that he needed to reduce the amount of enemies as soon as possible. Although Deng Wu, and Little Dragon, were capable of defeating a few enemies at once, he was still only an Emperor ranked expert now. He would not be capable of dealing with twenty equally ranked experts.

Knowing this, Lan Feng and Hui Yue did not wait for a second as he stomped hard on the ground. With explosive power he shot forward towards these experts, their faces contracting in shock when seeing the extreme speed with which Lan Feng had attacked.

Before any of the experts were capable of realizing what happened, a golden light flashed through the room and following it was a sickening scent of metallic blood which slowly spread. This caused shock amongst the Emperor ranked experts who used Wu Wei and protected themselves as they shined with the familiar golden light.

Seeing this Lan Feng snorted as he once more stomped on the ground and with the speed of light shot towards another expert. On his hand, a blade appeared created solely from Wu Wei. This blade cut straight through the protective barrier and with a flick of his hand, another head was sent flying.

Lan Feng had moved twice, but during these two moves ten of the Emperor ranked experts had lost their lives their heads now rolling on the ground. Their bodies slumped down on the floor.

With a cold gleam in his eyes, Lan Feng looked at the other side of experts, and just as he was about to charge towards them, a flash of golden light appeared which Lan Feng had to avoid. Stomping on the ground and retreating back to his friends where he could defend them against the sudden attack directed at him.

Looking at Zhong Fai, Hui Yue saw how golden light played in his hands. Moving about in whips of energy that were lashing out and capable of killing anything they touched. Even Lan Feng would become wounded upon touching that whip.

Looking at the girls and Deng Wu, Hui Yue felt his vigilance increasing. Using Wu Wei, Lan Feng managed to speak into everyone’s mind.

‘Deng Wu, you and Little Dragon, fight for an entrance to the Stairs of Hope. Get the girls out and protect them. I’ll deal with this young Zhong Fai and try to get rid of more emperor experts while doing so.’ Sighing deeply, a cold, callous look appeared in Lan Feng’s eyes as he was filled with anger.

‘Release the Laws as soon as they are ready. Let them venture out on their own paths. Let them experience life aboveground. For the rest of you head towards the capital. I promise that one day I’ll come back and pick you up.”

Hearing his words, everyone within the room went silent. Sha Yun was about to complain, but Deng Wu placed his hand upon her arm while shaking his head.

Instead, Deng Wu allowed for Little Dragon to take control of their body once more, and he did the exact same thing as Hui Yue, charging straight through the middle of the enemy’s Emperors.

Although Little Dragon clearly was unable to dominate the experts the same way as Lan Feng, he was still capable of defeating one after another. Although the Emperors he fought against were not dying, all of them were heavily injured. A smile appeared on his face as he saw the stairs in front of him, that was until a shadow appeared. The commander attacked from above his eyes gleaming coldly in the dim light.

Seeing this, Wu Wei from Little Dragon gathered around his body and a golden dragon appeared out of nowhere. A golden dragon which instantly coiled around the body of Deng Wu.

The commander was astonished to see the coiled golden dragon which was the trademark of the azure dragon. As he was astonished the dragon which was coiled defensively around Deng Wu suddenly shot out at the speed of light. Its mouth opened wide with four sharp fangs which latched onto the commander’s arm, causing him to let out a blood curling scream resounding throughout the entire room. Despite this though he did not give up, and the commander wrested his arm out of the dragon’s mouth. Blood flowed to the floor from the four large puncture wounds which were ripped open by the violent release.

Seeing this, a cold grin appeared on Deng Wu’s face as the beastly instincts of Little Dragon took over. A loud roar emerged from his lips, and Little Dragon once more lifted his arm, creating another golden dragon. Now two dragons were coiling around his body before they attacked the commander swiftly again and again.

The commander used his Wu Wei to create two large sledgehammers, both of which were clearly for offense. They danced around the commander bringing with them golden rays of light. Every time they collided against the dragons the commander would be forced one step back, but at the same time, they managed to crush one or two scales of the beautiful golden dragons which surrounded Deng Wu’s body.

Deng Wu and Hui Yue were not the only ones fighting. Since Zhong Fai made his move the doorway was filled with King ranked experts trying to push their way through, but, fortunately, only one could step through at a time. This allowed both Xu Piao and Xie Lan to work together to somewhat easily manage to win one battle after another. In spite of this, they knew that they could not continuously spend their Wu Wei, as they had been doing up until now, to constantly blockade the door. They knew it would only get harder and harder for them, the two King ranked experts of the group, to hold out for long.

While Little Dragon and Deng Wu were battling against the commander and the two King ranked experts were trying their best to barricade the door, Hui Yue was standing in the middle of the room. Lan Feng in control and Zhong Fai in front of him. A smile was on the lips of the Frozen General as he had a ball of golden light in his hand, replacing the whip he previously used to attack.

The golden light within the hands of Zhong Fai was impossible to tell if it was meant for offense or defense, however, Lan Feng had still not attacked. He was waiting for the opportune moment where he could tip the scales in his favor.

Hui Yue and Lan Feng both understood that if they wanted their friends to escape, fleeing with them would not be an option. Zhong Fai was simply too strong. However, it should be possible for Hui Yue to keep him tangled up while at the same time kill quite a few experts around them from their shockwaves
This was another reason why Hui Yue had not started the fight. The weakest within the room, and the ones most likely to be killed by their wayward attacks, or shockwaves, was his two girls; people whom Hui Yue had long since determined he would protect.

Sighing deeply a determined expression appeared in Lan Feng’s eyes and from inside Hui Yue said in a somber voice: ‘I’m sorry Lan Feng. This might be the end of us, but if it is, let us go out in a blaze of glory!’

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