Blue Phoenix

Chapter 195: I am from Riluo City!

The night drew to a close as Hui Yue was cultivating. A ray of sunshine landed upon the handsome face of the white-haired young man who opened his blue eyes and a smile could be seen on his face.

Today was the final day before the giant rescue was to start, and Hui Yue decided to spend today shopping within the gigantic Dragon Core. He asked his friends to join him, however, neither Sha Yun nor Wang Ju Long wished to go because both of them were training as hard as absolutely possible. Both of them feeling that they were far, far behind when it came to their cultivation.

Truthfully they weren’t that far behind compared to Hui Yue and Deng Wu because both of them were in possession of a divine beast soul.

Shrugging, Hui Yue did nothing to try and convince them to go with him. He truly admired that they were training hard. With a smile, he took Deng Wu, Xu Piao, and Xie Lan with him out the door only to notice that their strange neighbour was awaiting them.

Seeing this man, Hui Yue’s eyes narrowed as he stared at the young man and remembered the previous night. He wondered whether or not the young man stood there this whole time, waiting for the group to leave the house together.

While Hui Yue went quiet thinking about the previous evening’s encounter, Xu Piao and Zhong Fai had already started chatting while Hui Yue was thinking. Before he could say no, the two King ranked experts already invited Zhong Fai to join them on their shopping spree for the day.

Looking at Zhong Fai, Hui Yue did not know why he made him so uncomfortable. From the very start, he noticed that not only was he just a simple Master ranked cultivator, he also seemed to be a spoiled young master who would do nothing on his own.

Even when asking Lan Feng, the phoenix said nothing about him. If one asked him, the young stranger was nothing to be concerned about.

Zhong Fai chatted for a moment with Xu Piao, however, afterwards he moved next to Hui Yue and started talking about how it was interesting that the two of them saw each other the previous evening.

Hui Yue said nothing as the man by his side blabbered on and on about the weather, about the Dragon Core, and about his family, but no matter what he said Hui Yue had no reaction. His eyes were constantly looking around him after they had left the headquarters behind and moved through the city, moving towards one of the closest marketplaces.

Sighing deeply, Zhong Fai’s eyes suddenly gleamed with annoyance which was quickly replaced by amusement.

“Did you know,” He suddenly whispered, and despite Hui Yue not wanting to listen to the young man, he somehow had no way of truly ignoring his words, “Did you know that I am actually not from this cave?” He asked, his eyes growing lighter and lighter, the smile on his face growing larger and larger.

“The truth is that I am actually from the world above!” He said, and as he said it Hui Yue’s eyes narrowed as he looked at the young man by his side. Hui Yue completely ignored him before, however, now Zhong Fai was completely ignoring Hui Yue.

Hui Yue felt a shiver run down his spine and in his heart dread started to emerge. Dread because this young man who was seemingly completely carefree about which words he chose, yet Hui Yue felt that it was meant to taunt him. If he was correct then the young man knew that they were from the world above something which he had done much to keep hidden.

“I’m from the world above and I used to live in a city called Riluo City,” He continued, the more he talked, the more he said, the harder Hui Yue’s heart was pounding.

Hui Yue previously felt like he was just taunting him, but it could no longer become anymore obvious that the man in front of him was trying to get Hui Yue’s attention. For him to have such knowledge it was obvious that he was no ordinary young master from some famous family, not even a family from above ground; his knowledge about Hui Yue was simply too accurate.

Deng Wu by his side was standing still as though he was struck by lightning when he heard the words, and even Xu Piao and Xie Lan were shocked upon hearing him saying that he was from the world above so casually.

“Who are you?” Hui Yue asked with a low voice, his eyes narrowing. His breathing once more under control as was his heart beat. He was currently waiting for Lan Feng to react, both human and phoenix feeling greatly shocked by the words said by the young man.

Had he just said he was from the world above one could easily dismiss it, however, claiming to be from Riluo City, Hui Yue instantly understood that this person knew who Hui Yue was very well, something which worried him greatly.

“Me? I already told you that I’m Zhong Fai.” He answered, “It is not my fault that you are unaware of what an astonishing person Zhong Fai is.” He joked, but beneath the joking words a seriousness was floating about, crashing into Hui Yue’s consciousness.

Hui Yue finally understood that he made a major mistake by not reading up on the experts within the world. To think that the young looking man by his side was a supreme expert made him uncomfortable.

Knowing that the man by his side was capable of masking his cultivation base meant that he was superior to even Lan Feng, something which made Hui Yue very uncomfortable. Not just Hui Yue but also Lan Feng was overwhelmed by a sense of crisis and danger, both of them turning extremely vigilant as they looked at the young man in front of them.

Seeing their discomfort, Zhong Fai finally felt a little satisfied after having been ignored for such a long time, and a smile appeared on his face, “As long as you don’t go and make too big a mess with those Law energies, then I can keep you safe.” He said with a smile, “I can even lead you up from this damnable place.”

Looking at the young man, Hui Yue currently wished that he would just vanish into thin air, his eyes filled with vigilance as he listened to his words.

“I appreciate your help,” Hui Yue said with a gentle voice. “But although it would be of great help, I am afraid that I won’t be able to take you up on it. I have a few things I need to finish within this cave first. Only after finishing them can I leave the underground world.” Hearing this Zhong Fai frowned slightly as he remembered the words spoken by the commander the previous day.

Sighing deeply, Zhong Fai looked around him. “Well, I will not pressure you to come with me,” He said with a friendly voice, “I will help you if I can, but if you go too far even I will have to go against you,” He said sighing.

“By the way, the expert you are sharing your body with seem to be weaker than me. You really ought to improve your strength somehow. Being c*cky can get you killed and that would not be good.” Zhong Fai warned as he took a turn. He dragged the whole group into the marketplace where he no longer spoke about anything apart from the marketplace itself and the items he wished to purchase. In many ways the man seemed exactly like Deng Wu, treating Hui Yue the way he would treat Rong Xing.

Hui Yue felt quite uncomfortable with the care and consideration he was being shown from the young man, and he did not understand why the man showed him so much consideration. The only thing he knew was that he could not afford to insult him so he started engaging in idle conversation about various things.

At the marketplace, Hui Yue purchased many random items which according to Zhong Fai made no sense. Some things were useful for tomorrow while others were obviously gifts for women. Zhong Fai was wondering what everything was meant for, and no matter how he thought about it, he became confused.

Hui Yue did this intentionally. He purchased some medicinal pills which turned into smoke upon crushing them, to be used as a smoke screen.

He had purchased pills which would create a bright light upon destruction and even purchased some light stones. He also purchased some sleeping medicine.

No matter how Zhong Fai looked at the many medicines, all of them had nothing to do with one another, and using some would render the others unusable. Looking at the complex expression on Zhong Fai’s face, Hui Yue felt like laughing as he went to purchase more and more items.

After a couple of hours, Hui Yue finally stopped buying items and the group made their way back to the house currently belonging to Hui Yue. Without waiting for an invitation, Zhong Fai entered into the house and headed straight for the room where Sha Yun and Wang Ju Long both were training.
Bringing out various jewellery, Hui Yue placed them both in front of the girls while they were still cultivating, something he did every time he had the chance. Giving them jewelery caused Sha Yun and Wang Ju Long to be happy. One would show happiness while the other would blush adorably which made Hui Yue feel more than satisfied.

At first, Zhong Fai looked confused at his actions, however, he quickly smiled instead as he understood that Hui Yue had just shown his first weakness to the Frozen General.

Seated within the house, Hui Yue felt less alert around Zhong Fai now than he did before. Although he was constantly vigilant because he knew that this man was likely stronger than Lan Feng, but he also knew that such an expert was unlikely to lie about his intention to help Hui Yue. The white-haired young man proceeded to sit down crossing his legs as he waited for night to descend.

As soon as night descended, Wang Ju Long and Sha Yun both opened their eyes at the same time as Hui Yue. Xu Piao and Xie Lan were also both awake and together all of them stood up.

Zhong Fai observed them standing up, his face slightly uncertain as to what he should do, but after waiting some time he stayed within the room not following behind Hui Yue. What he did not know he could not be blamed for.

Hui Yue and his friends slowly made their way towards the building in which the Laws were being kept. Lan Feng was in control of the body and every guard they came across on the way found themselves decapitated.

One guard after another fell to Lan Feng. The phoenix was cold and cynical as he made his way towards the building. Sha Yun and Wang Ju Long both went to drag the corpses into alleyways where they robbed them of their storage stones before they went to the next guards which Lan Feng killed.

Killing one after another the group slowly made their way towards the house. The body of the white-haired young man flickered in the wind as he appeared behind one King ranked expert after another, killing them without allowing them to even scream or alert others.

One expert after another fell, and eventually twenty guards were laying on the ground. Lan Feng emerged from the shadows his hands bloody and his eyes cold, showing no emotions.

Entering the building, Lan Feng and Hui Yue saw that many of the Laws were still trapped inside; however, after picking up a memory stone, one law after another vanished inside. As they filled up Hui Yue handed the stones towards Sha Yun and Wang Ju Long.

Handing one stone after another to Sha Yun and Wang Ju Long the young women accepted them without saying anything. The plan they thought of earlier that day finally commenced and Hui Yue would follow the plan although he was a bit nervous for Zhong Fai’s interference.

As he was taking one Law after another he looked out of the door, his eyes narrowing as he saw that Zhong Fai was standing by the road a hundred meters away. His eyes playfully gazing upon the actions Hui Yue was taking, however, the young man quickly looked away. He did not have time to focus on this expert, instead he had to get his friends away to safety; only when they had escaped could he breathe a heavy sigh of relief.

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