Blue Phoenix

Chapter 194: A Storm Brewing

“What do you take us for?” Deng Wu asked with an indignant voice as Hui Yue explained what happened, “Do you think that we plan to run away and leave you with all the danger? You already did everything you could to save us when we were captured. You helped us when our families had problems, and you have always been there to assist us; to help us improve our cultivation,” He said, his voice turning more and more sour. “You seriously think, that after all we have been through we would just run away because it’s getting dangerous?”

Hearing what Deng Wu said, albeit quite indignant, it was still warmed Hui Yue’s heart making him happy to hear that his friends were ready to battle by his side.

Although the two girls were too weak to battle against King ranked experts, Xu Piao, Xie Lan, and Deng Wu were all capable of assisting Hui Yue and Lan Feng. While Wang Ju Long and Sha Yun were incapable of partaking directly in the battle, both of them would be capable of assisting with support, or perhaps carrying out other parts of the plan which did not require them to directly engage into combat. The fact that they had decided to stay behind, and that their faces were filled with determination was something which warmed Hui Yue’s heart.

Now that he knew exactly who would be present for his plan, Hui Yue sat down and considered what he should do next. He had many fragments of plans within his mind, however, none of them were coherent yet. He did not have a plan for the entire rescue and escape.

Ideally, Hui Yue and his friends would manage to escape the cave system with all the Laws before the commander of the Dragon Corps came to know about what happened; however, should they not escape in time then he needed to plan how to deal with a situation where they, six men only, had to escape from the clutches of thousands of men. Although Hui Yue undertook the job of rescuing the Laws, he also decided long ago that it was important for him to ensure his friends survival, alongside his own. He still had goals to reach in this world.

While Hui Yue was busy coming up with various plans for how and when to make their move, Zhong Fai had not returned to the house next door, instead, he went to the Dragon Corps commander’s main office.

As soon as the commander saw the smiling young man who entered his office, the commander instantly stood up. His face was devoid of all color as he bowed as deeply as he possibly could.

“My lord, Frozen General!” The commander said with shock as he slowly straightened up. “I never knew that you would come here by yourself, what can I do for you my lord?”

Glancing at the commander, Zhong Fai’s smile quickly vanished, instead, replaced by a serious expression on his face.

“I am here because a human who has caught my attention is here. For now gift me the residence next to his and treat me as a young noble of the Dragon Core.”

Without waiting for a response, Zhong Fai turned around and started to walk away. He did not wait for the commander who was scrambling to get to his feet and find the key for the residence which the Frozen General wanted.

“Milord,” The commander said with a quiet voice, “The young man whom you’ve shown interest in is showing interest in our energy supply. You know to whom the energy we harvest goes to. I hope you understand that should he, by any chance, become a liability for us in continuing to supplying him with energy then we will have to erase him from the world. Perhaps, it would be better if you made your move soon and enlisted him in the Frozen Brigade.”

He spoken his hopes in a subtle voice. He knew that above the Frozen General there was only one, and no one dared to offend him not even the Frozen General himself.

The commander clearly disliked Hui Yue. The young man behaved in a way which was not paying respect to the commander as he wished, especially the situation about Scarface which resurfaced in his mind a few times. This coupled with the fact that he killed a few of his King ranked experts was enough to make him feel tremendously uncomfortable about the young man. The commander was unaware of what rank the young man truly was, nor was he aware of what his plans were. So to ensure that he did not become a liability making him a living corpse was much better. It would also please the commander personally to know that the c*cky young man was unable to ever make a decision on his own again.

Hearing the words the commander spoke a cold smile gleamed on Zhong Fai’s lips, and low laughter rang out in the silence.

“You want me to make him a part of my Frozen Brigade?” He asked, his voice dangerously low as a smile which did not seem too friendly adorned his handsome face.

“As a matter of fact, I won’t be able to make this man a part of my Frozen Brigade,” He continued not waiting for an answer, nor giving the man any time to respond. “My Frozen Brigade is for the talented individuals who have still not bloomed yet, however, this young man is far different.”

The commander was stunned to hear what the Frozen General just said, and he waited to hear in which way he was different, but Zhong Fai did not seem to wish to say any more. He just quietly walked towards the house that was his.

Seeing that the general said nothing, the commander was incapable of asking. This left him filled with questions. The main question was what rank was this young man who seemingly appeared to be a Grandmaster, no matter which way the commander looked at him.

The commander was quite curious and the further they walked the more curious he became. Sadly, he was incapable of asking any longer as he watched the Frozen General arrive in front of the house right next door to Hui Yue’s residence. With a satisfied nod the Frozen General accept the key and enter into his new home. His face was smiling once more as he looked towards the room in which he knew the many friends were gathered.

It did not seem as though Zhong Fai had even the least amount of worry when it came to the warning he was given by the commander earlier. Nor did he seem to have any thoughts about speeding up his plans.

Hui Yue’s eyes were closed and he was in deep cultivation as he and Lan Feng were discussing various plans and options they had. Now that they were going to rescue the many Laws.

As night descended upon the house, Lan Feng once more took control of Hui Yue’s body and together the two traversed the short distance towards the house where the Laws were being kept. On the way they noticed that far more guards were now present. Not only were there double the amount of guards present at the house itself, but patrols were now walking everywhere within the Dragon Core. Had Hui Yue not given the control to Lan Feng, then it was obvious that they would have been noticed long ago.

Traveling through the Dragon Core, and headquarters, Hui Yue spent more than triple the amount of time than he had needed before. This time though he decided not to kill any of the guards he saw on his way, nor did he plan on entering the house. Seeing all the extra guards, it was clear that none of the Laws had been moved to another location.

Although there were many Kings around them, Hui Yue knew that there was only King ranked experts nearby. Even with the amount that appeared now, Lan Feng would be able to remove all of them very easily.

Having looked around for some time, the man and phoenix went back to their current home where they both once more entered meditation, adjusting their plans and their expectations.

‘Do you think Little Dragon will be capable of dealing with the commander, if he had to?’ Hui Yue suddenly asked Lan Feng, musing about a few things.

Looking surprised at the young man, Lan Feng shrugged. ‘According to our plans I am going to make him regret that he got the job as commander,’ He said carelessly, ‘Why would it matter if Little Dragon can battle him? It would likely be much more bloody and troublesome than having me dealing with it.’

‘I know,’ Hui Yue said with a sigh, ‘I just have a feeling that we have overlooked something. I have a feeling that someone strong is near. Let’s say that a Saint ranked expert appeared that we needed to battle, would Little Dragon be able to fight the commander?’

Lan Feng was quiet for some time before he nodded his head, ‘Little Dragon should have the upper hand. He still has more or less all of his Wu Wei, and he used to be a Saint ranked expert. Although he has fallen, his strength is still far superior to a normal Emperor.’

Musing a little further, Hui Yue nodded his head. He felt a bit more satisfied knowing that he had Little Dragon on his side, alongside the two King ranked experts. Although the two girls were unable to fully assist in the battles, Hui Yue still found the perfect job for Wang Ju Long and Sha Yun, something which was of utmost importance, but at the same time something which did not need the two of them to participate in the battle itself.

Sitting still, Hui Yue awoke from his cultivation. His eyes gleaming in the silvery moonlight which cascaded down from above. The young man smiled grimly because he knew soon the final day for him to prepare would arrive.

While thinking this, the heart of the young man was beating rapidly and he closed his eyes to steady his breath.

After having sat like this for some time, Hui Yue opened his eyes and a cold gleam was visible within. As he looked at his many friends around him the coldness in his eyes slowly melted and he moved towards the window where he looked out.

Looking out caused a shiver to run down his spine as right on the other side of the road was the figure of the young Zhong Fai who had just been inside to chat.

Although he seemed gentle and friendly, there was something about him which caused Hui Yue to feel alert. Currently the man was standing right outside, his face smiling as he saw that Hui Yue noticed him. His hand rose into the air as he waved towards the white-haired young man.

Seeing this a shiver ran down his spine once again. The young man outside did not even seem to care that he was staring at their room in the early dawn. No matter what, the young man made Hui Yue feel even more uncomfortable and he quickly nodded towards the man before he turned around and moved back into the room itself, hiding from the staring stranger.

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