Blue Phoenix

Chapter 193: The Strange Visitor

The man within the room was as young as Deng Wu, about twenty years of age. His face was incredibly handsome. His long black hair was tied up with elaborate white jade jewelry, his skin was as white newly fallen snow, and his eyes reminded on of a beautiful phoenix, black as the moonless midnight sky.

This handsome man was smiling as he was conversing with Deng Wu and Xu Piao, but his smile grew as Hui Yue walked through the door.

“Hello!” He called out, “My name is Zhong Fai. I am so sorry for interrupting you and your friends who are here together, but I am on my own and when I saw that there was someone living next door, how could I not come by to visit?”

This whole time he was friendly as ever, and although he seemed genuine, Hui Yue had an increasingly eerie feeling the more the young man spoke.

Looking at this young man Hui Yue kept moving forward into the room with a smile, however, each step he took was light and everything within his mind was screaming at him that something was wrong.

This man seemed as though he was a young master from some prominent family. His clothes and jewelry were all of the finest quality, his face looked innocent, but at the same time determined as though the man was used to things going his way.

Hui Yue had no idea why this man entered their house, but he knew that he was not here just because he was curious about his neighbours.

What Hui Yue feared was that the young man was here to keep an eye on him. It was obvious that he was under suspicion for possibly killing two king ranked experts. This was the only obvious assumption as nothing had happened since he killed them, apart from this young man appearing out of nowhere.

Everything made him think that this guy was no ordinary person. The white-haired young man went next to Deng Wu where he sat down. Smiling at and nodding towards the newcomer he decided that the best reaction he could have was to cultivate. If he convinced the Dragon Corps that he was a Grandmaster then obviously the theory of him being the assailant would be dropped.

This was Hui Yue’s plan as he sat down and started to cultivate. He absorbed the essence of the heavens and the earth while making it obvious that the aura he released was that of a Grandmaster. No matter which way you looked at Hui Yue, he was without question a Grandmaster ranked expert.

Seeing this, Zhong Fai’s smile increased even further as he looked at Hui Yue with a curious expression on his face. He had previously heard about how Hui Yue who seemed to be weak could in the moment of battle be capable of producing powers which far outshone his actual ability.

Zhong Fai was completely certain that this was because the young man was sharing his body with the spirit of a genuine expert. Although it was rare, it happened from time to time, and it was more or less the only reason Zhong Fai could think of. Who was Zhong Fai? He was the Frozen General. An esteemed expert who could cause even the commander of the Dragon Corps to shiver in fear; a commander who controlled an entire tunnel system.

The Frozen General’s name was known far and wide by all supreme experts of the world. He was known to be a cold and callous expert which liked to collect beautiful humans or astonishing individuals. Many geniuses throughout the years ended up within his Frozen Brigade, a brigade which only listened to the orders of the Frozen General. As soon as one joined the Frozen Brigade, one’s normal life ended; none could ever leave.

No one, apart from the Frozen General, himself, knew for sure whether or not the members of the Frozen Brigade were truly dead or alive. However everyone knew for sure that one’s life was forfeit the moment one entered into the White Jade Palace.

All this was common knowledge of the supreme experts of the world. Sadly, Hui Yue was only a young man who had reached the age of seventeen. His real rank was nothing more than that of a Grandmaster and his knowledge about the world around him was severely lacking. Something which the young man was not even aware of himself.

Lan Feng was also oblivious of this fact. The phoenix was under the impression that anyone they came across was someone who the phoenix would be capable of dealing with because he was a Saint ranked divine beast. He had a great deal of self-confidence. Back when he lived in the world, Saint ranked experts were incredibly rare. But the phoenix forgot to take into account how much had changed during the thousands of years he was locked within the hairpin in the other world.

Unaware of who Zhong Fai truly was, Hui Yue was seated on the side of Deng Wu his entire being already focused fully on cultivating. The essence of the heavens and the earth started to revolve around him. His speed in refining was seemingly neither slow nor quick for anyone who was observing him from the outside, and because it was impossible for the Frozen General to see just how pure the quality of his Qi was, nobody truly understood how monstrous his refining speed had become.

Although Hui Yue no longer needed to use the Qi for battling, and as a result one, might think that it was easier to settle with cultivating less refined Qi, however, Qi is further refined into spiritual energy. The finer the Qi then the better quality the spiritual energy will become. This was one of the reasons that Hui Yue was currently unmatched by any and all cultivators below the King rank.

While Hui Yue was focused on cultivating, Zhong Fai once more started conversing with Deng Wu and Xu Piao about everything and nothing. Their conversation varied from talk about expectations of the Dragon Corps’ headquarters to the weather within the cave, alongside their daily schedule to their plans for dinner.

Zhong Fai seemed interested in anything which had to do with this group of friends, and he managed to enter and learn an astonishing amount of information without having anyone apart from Hui Yue suspicious. As for how he managed to do this, no one seemed to notice. From the moment he arrived until the moment he was seated next to Deng Wu, not much time went by. But in that brief period of time, no one seemed to truly remember what exactly transpired.

Time went by, one hour took another and eventually Zhong Fai stood up, preparing to head back to his own residence according to what he said. Neither one of the girls were awake during the time Hui Yue had been back. Hui Yue, himself, was also fully immersed in his cultivation not noticing Zhong Fai leaving. Zhong Fai nodded his head in goodbye as he stood in the doorway, and sent one final glance towards the white-haired boy. He smiled to Deng Wu and Xu Piao and then headed out.

Neither Xu Piao nor Deng Wu were slow and both noticed the change in Zhong Fai’s behavior after Hui Yue arrived within the room, however, neither knew why this was and both assumed that Zhong Fai was either interested in his alternative appearance, or that he was curious about whether or not he had magical beast blood within his veins.

Having arrived at the Dragon Core, Xu Piao and the friends had all been locked up within the house. They spent time training and preparing to leave the underground world as soon as Hui Yue finished what he needed to do for Lan Feng.

All the friends were perfectly well aware that Hui Yue was planning something which would put them at odds with the Dragon Corps, but even so they all decided to stand by the white-haired young man helping him if he needed their help.

Right now, Hui Yue had finally found the Laws which he had been seeking for quite some time. What he saw shocked him. The way they were mistreated was far above anything he had conceived of before.

Having seen the way they were being used as a source of energy, Hui Yue understood that they could not die. That their bodies were filled with an astonishing energy. However, to harvest this energy was something completely different than to be capable of using this energy.

This energy was native to the Laws. It was the energy which they were created from. The same kind of energy which was used to created the tunnel systems. The energy used to create the entire world. It was called Ancestral Worldpower.

Ancestral Worldpower was incredibly powerful and indestructible. It was the power which ensured that the sun and the moon kept shining, cascading light onto the world. It was the power which made the seasons change and the tides rise and fall.

Within this world, everything, birth, life, and death were all controlled by the Ancestral Worldpower. Even the essence of the heavens and the earth came from the Ancestral Worldpower.

One could only cultivate it by refining the essence into Qi and further refine the Qi, to spiritual energy, and even further into Wu Wei. To harvest it the way the Dragon Corps were from these Laws was simply unheard of. To be able to harness such dense energy was both dangerous and astonishing.

Hui Yue thought deeply while spending time cultivating. Currently, he had no idea where the energy was being used, or what it was being used for. Neither he nor Lan Feng had any idea what such energy was even able to be used for because its strength far outstretched that of the essence of the heavens and the earth. It was very close to the Wu Wei of the upper dantian experts.

Thinking about this, Hui Yue decided to first figure out what the Wu Wei was being used for, and only after would he plan how to save all the Laws who were being kept as livestock. Who were being butchered as soon as their bodies recovered and milked dry of all their Ancestral Worldpower which they had gathered.

Having come to this conclusion, Hui Yue opened his eyes. He was shocked to see that the handsome young man had vanished, however, although he was taken aback he was also relieved. His instincts told him to stay away from the young man, that he was dangerous. Most likely because he was connected to the Dragon Corps, but no matter the reason Hui Yue did not feel as though he needed to befriend him for now. It was obvious that the more friends he had, the more likely he was to be betrayed again. His instincts told him to keep the few friends he had and battle through the many challenges which came their way.

Sighing deeply, Hui Yue looked towards each of his friends, and clearing his throat he began, with a serious voice, to describe what he found. If any of them wished to leave the tunnels rather than assist him and help the Laws, then Hui Yue would never blame them. It was important they truly understood how dangerous task they were undertaking truly was.

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