Blue Phoenix

Chapter 192: The House of Silence

Looking at the two decapitated guards, Lan Feng sighed heavily. He did not intend to kill anyone, however, this was the only way he could think of to enter the house without making any noise and alarming other guards nearby.

Having killed the two guards and knocked everyone else unconscious, the phoenix slowly opened the door to the house only to find that it was locked. Snorting at this attempt to keep him out, a ray of golden light flashed once more and the door opened as the lock completely vanished without sound.

Entering into the building everything was black. There was absolutely no light inside, nor did any shine in through windows. The only entrance into the house was the door which he entered through, and from a storage stone Lan Feng withdraw a light stone which shone over the eerily silent darkness which dominated the inside of this house.

Looking around, Hui Yue saw that the entire building was just one large room with one person after another lying on the floor on small mats, completely unconscious.

There were about three hundred men, women, elders, and children within the room. All of them unconscious, but none of them were dead. Though none of them seemed alive either. Their bodies were warm, but none were breathing.

Hui Yue could feel anger welling up within Lan Feng, an anger which he had never felt before. Considering that the Laws were created by his father, and the other divine beasts, it was obvious that he felt protective towards them. He felt some kind of connection with them.

Looking around, there was nothing in the room to suggest that these people were being mistreated. All of them had their own mattress, however, some mattresses were empty. Looking closer one could see that there were marks of someone lying down. The ones who belonged to the mattresses had been removed. As to where they were, neither Lan Feng nor Hui Yue had the smallest idea. However, they both quickly understood that this house was just a storage room.

With a final glance at the Laws, although Lan Feng wished to take all of the laws with him, the phoenix buried his urged and turned around and left. Rushing back to the room with his friends.

As they returned home, Hui Yue was given control of the body once more, and Lan Feng asked to be left alone so he could think. Hearing this, Hui Yue nodded his head as he leaned back against the wall for a moment. His eyes closed as he relived what he had seen within the house. A cold, callous expression appeared on his face and an urge to fight for their freedom was born within.


“But, Commander!” Seven guards were standing within the main office of the Dragon Corp’s headquarters. “Xiao Li and Wang Yan both died last night! It was obviously done by that young white-haired man. He was the only one paying attention to the house yesterday; it has to be him!”

“Shut up!” The commander yelled once more, his eyes dark from anger. “Even if it was him he did nothing but take a look around the house. Had he asked me to let him in, I would have let him look. So what if he killed two King ranked experts? Think about it, he is a Grandmaster how on earth is it possible for him to kill two King ranked experts just like that? If he could, and he happen to be hiding his true aura then he has to be a Saint. Do you truly think that such a young man could fool me with his aura?”

“But Commander! We need to get revenge for our comrades! They died a dog’s death; they deserved better!”

“I do not want to hear another word about this. Just go back and keep watch. If the white-haired young man appears again, allow him to enter. Although he only has an A ranked clearance treat him as if he was S ranked. We need him to have a positive experience here.”

Although the commander disliked Hui Yue, he had to admit that the young man had a connection with the Frozen General. If anything were to happen to the young man then it was him who would answer to the general. Something which he did not want to do. Although, he was the commander of the Dragon Corps, he was after all only a commander. If He stepped in on behalf of the general then it was easy to even remove the entire Dragon Corps.

No matter what the white-haired man wished to do, he was allowed to according to the commander. Although these actions annoyed the commander and he disliked the white-haired young man greatly, he could not help but feel that as long as he acted properly, he would get through this without any problems.


Hui Yue stayed back at the house the following day for two reasons. Firstly, he expected that the Dragon Corps would arrive and start questioning him because he had shown interest in the house the day before. But, oddly, no one appeared, and Hui Yue could not help but feel quite confused.

Although he was surprised he was also relieved about the fact that no one had come to visit him, but it gave him time to wonder where the Laws could have been taken to. He had already gone through all rooms and various places within headquarters. Now the only option left was that they had to be in another house, much like the house in which the Laws were being held.

Spending the majority of the day cultivating, Hui Yue waited for night to descend before he once more allowed his body to be controlled by Lan Feng. He then left the house, ready to go searching for yet another building. A building which should be close by the house which contained the unconscious Laws. Moving them back and forth would attract a lot of attention, had it been done in the middle of headquarters. Therefore, Hui Yue assumed that another house would be visible on the outskirts of the city.

Today was purely scouting. Hui Yue’s plan was that when he finally started moving, started acting for real then his friends would either have already been sent up the Stairs of Hope, or be by his side, battling their way through the entire Dragon Corps if needed.

Hui Yue heaved a heavy sigh deep within the dantian cave. He knew that this was something which mattered a lot to Lan Feng and he decided that he would do anything he could to support the phoenix in his attempt to rescue the Laws.

One thing which worried Hui Yue was why were the Laws seemingly neither dead nor alive, and how had they managed to keep them in such a state. It was odd, even more so when some of them had been removed.

Moving through the night, Lan Feng found yet another building not far behind the house where the Laws were; however, whereas the first house was surrounded by guards, this house was deserted with no guards standing watch outside.

Entering inside, they saw that this house had many smaller rooms. Each room’s door was locked, but there were windows in every room so that anyone in the corridor could observe the occupants inside.

In the first few rooms nothing was happening, but Lan Feng and Hui Yue slowly made their way through the building. Each room had a single bed with a belt attached to it. These were the only things visible inside of the rooms. Staying in the building, Lan Feng waited for the sunshine to break through the sky in the cave. He waited for the many cultivators in the city to wake up and wanted to see if he could find out what they were up to within this house.

Lan Feng was in control of the body, and on top of him withdrawing his aura he also wore the black cloak. This made it virtually impossible for people to notice him. Lan Feng managed to hide himself well in the building because it was kept rather dark.

Just as Lan Feng was growing impatient the front door opened and in came three King ranked cultivators. Each of them holding one law. Two were children while the other was a teen.

Each of the laws were placed into a room, and a King followed them inside. Seeing that they left the corridor empty Lan Feng positioned himself so that he could view the windows, but what he saw shocked even him. His eyes went wide with shock as he saw them put belts around the necks of the Laws.

They were not tied yet, however, that was because the Laws were not currently breathing. He saw that as soon as one of them started to breathe again, as soon as their eyes were about to open, then the belts around their necks were tightened while the Laws struggled. The King ranked experts ensured that they could never once regain consciousness.

As soon as they were about to die a golden ray of light came out from within the Law; a light filled with energy which sent ripples throughout the entire house. The King ranked expert opened a small jade case and used this case to absorb the golden light. Then he lifted up the once more not dead but not alive corpse and left the house. Carrying the small child back to the house filled with silence and Laws.

Lan Feng finally understood what was going on. A law was unable to die as long as the world was standing. Their bodies were filled with energy, an energy they were granted from the four divine beasts. As soon as one of the Laws was close to dying, this energy would be released and their body went into a state that was neither living nor dead; a state where the body was repairing itself.

Some of this energy would leave the body and this was the energy the Dragon Corps was harvesting. This caused the blood to boil in both Lan Feng and Hui Yue’s veins, both phoenix and man were filled with cold killing intent and both were doing their very best to hold it back.

It was obvious that these laws were being used for their energy, but as to what the energy was used for, Hui Yue had no idea. Even Lan Feng did not know what it was used for he only knew that he would do anything in his power to stop it from happening.

Silently slipping out through the door, Hui Yue and Lan Feng quickly rushed back to the house where their friends were located. Rushing back to control their emotions. Both knew that although these Laws were not dead, but they were not alive either. The young man wished to give them their freedom back. His eyes turned dark as he remembered how Sun had been caught earlier, and how the Dragon Corps referred to their cargo back when Deng Wu and the friends had been captured.

Filled with fury, Lan Feng gave control of the body back to Hui Yue, and the two were both completely quiet as they moved towards the room where their friends were located.

As soon as he opened the door, the anger within Hui Yue vanished to be replaced by alertness. In the middle of the floor, a man whom he had never seen before was seated, chatting with Xu Piao and Deng Wu while Sha Yun and Wang Ju Long were both cultivating at the side.

Seeing Hui Yue enter the room, the man who was seated looked up, and a big smile appeared on his face as his eyes landed upon the alert young man.

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