Blue Phoenix

Chapter 190: Is he not one of you?

Saying no more, Hui Yue fell into the state of deep cultivation. His whole body needed to unwind after the battle against the tiger, and he needed to increase his personal strength.

It may have seemed as though Hui Yue managed to get rid of the tiger fairly easily, however, it was never easy to fight a life or death battle. Hui Yue had a lot of experience battling opponents stronger than him, and when he did he went into the battle wholeheartedly. His entire focus was aimed at finding the smallest flaw of his opponent, and then he would use his physical strength to its limits to exploit the flaw.

He knew that he was extremely lucky to have wounded the tiger during the fraction of a second where it was preoccupied. From the very start, Hui Yue used the strongest abilities he had at his disposal, both Black Blood and the blue flame.

That brief moment decided the winner. Had he been more unlucky then it would have been him who was dead. Knowing these facts caused Hui Yue’s blood to roil, making him excited and energetic.

As soon as Hui Yue decided to cultivate the other youngsters followed suit and sat down, starting to cultivate alongside him. The only two who did not cultivate were Xu Piao and Xie Lan, both of them watching the still twisting and turning man on the floor.

After reflecting on the battle for awhile, he finally allowed for his body to calm down enough so he could refine more spiritual energy and allow for his body to soak in the strength he was absorbing.

Sighing deeply, Xu Piao finally went towards the man and knocked him unconscious before he returned back to Xie Lan’s side. He lifted the bottle of wine in his hand at Xie Lan, smiling gently towards the woman who was by his side year after year without complaint, just doing anything she was told.

The night went by quickly. Hui Yue and the young cultivators were cultivating and deeply and absorbed in the refining process, so focused that they paid no attention to what was happening around them.

Xie Lan and Xu Piao were awake all night, chatting with quiet voices and keeping an eye on the man they knocked unconscious.

As the sun rose once more in the sky, the youngsters slowly woke up one after another. Their eyes shone with profound energies and smiles covered their faces.

Hui Yue was the third to wake up and as soon as he did he looked at the man who was still unconscious. His lips turned into a cheeky grin as he went and picked up the body.

“I’ll be back soon,” He said with a smile as he hoisted the body up on his shoulders and strode out of the room.

Hui Yue walked around the Dragon Corps’ headquarters for quite a while before he found what he was looking for; the commander’s office.

Hui Yue went towards the office, a smile on his face and a man on his shoulders. Walking inside, everyone was staring at him wondering what he was doing here; however, as they saw him walking towards the main office many speculators came to the conclusion that this was an important mission. A mission whose target was the one fully bound.

Walking towards the office, Hui Yue’s smile was growing bigger as he knocked on the door waiting for a response.

He did not have to wait for long as a few moments after the knocking, “Come in.” Could be heard from the inside of the room and with his free hand, Hui Yue pushed open the door.

In front of him was a middle-aged man who was clearly an Emperor ranked expert. The aura which emanated out from within was filled with profound strength. A strength where the aura alone was enough to push Hui Yue back, should it suddenly solidify.

Although the man in front of him was strong, Hui Yue did not mind it too much. He proceeded to toss the bound man on the ground. Seeing this, the middle-aged man furrowed his brows as he looked at the white-haired man in confusion.

He was perfectly well aware of who the white-haired man was, and upon examining the bound man he was shocked to find that the aura was that of Scarface.

Looking at the white-haired man, the Dragon Corps’ Lord looked at Hui Yue with a curious face. “What can I do for you?” He asked curiously, pretending that he was unaware who the bound man was. Hearing his words Hui Yue snorted in contempt.

“This man,” He started, “Broke into my house and attacked my traveling companions. As if this was not enough, he also brought a wild tiger with him which ambushed me when I returned home from a stroll!”

Hearing his words, the face of the Dragon Corps’ Lord turned increasingly sour, but he could see that Hui Yue was not done speaking yet so he said nothing. He was aware that this young man was important to the Frozen General. Had he not had these connections then the young man would have been dead long ago.

“How can someone attack us when we are in the middle of the headquarters of the Dragon Corps?” Hui Yue asked indignant, and not before then did the Dragon Lord answer the questions.

“I am sorry to hear that you had such an experience,” He said and looked genuinely sorry, “But it is not our fault if someone attacks you. We would never have imagined that one of our men would do something that troublesome.”

“You did not know? What a bad excuse. What should I have done had my companions died? Is this man not one of you? Do you not have responsibility for him and his actions as long as he is a member of the Dragon Corps?”

As Hui Yue spoke, the man’s face grew increasingly sour, but he could do nothing as he knew the status of the person in front of him. He could only sigh deeply while cursing Scarface in his mind.

“Of course,” He said with a vague smile on his lips, “What you say is correct, how can we allow for our men to cause injury to our esteemed guests. Do not worry, I will make sure that this man understands his actions were wrong.” Thinking about this the Lord was already thinking about ways to torment the bound man. His eyes devoid of any emotion.

“Well, you see, there is one thing I would like to know,” Hui Yue said as he leaned back. “I was told by someone that there is an exit from these tunnels towards the upper world here in the dragon corps’ headquarters. Can you tell me where it is?” He asked with a curious expression.

Hearing his words, at first, the Dragon Lord was started, however, after thinking it through he came to the conclusion that Hui Yue heard about the Stairs of Hope from the Frozen General. If that was the case, informing him where they were was of no concern.

“Moving towards the highest level of our headquarters, in the easternmost room, there you will find a set of stairs known as the Stairs of Hope,” He explained. “These Stairs of Hope moves you towards the Center Palace.”

Hearing this Hui Yue felt elevated and wanted to go check whether or not the information was accurate, so he rushed to his feet and bowed deeply before he left the room.

As the door closed behind him, the smile on his face froze, and anger sprung from his eyes. His aura solidified due to his anger and released a ripple of energy which shattered a glass in front of him on the table and removed the ropes used by Hui Yue to bind Scarface.

Looking at the pitiable man, the Dragon Corps’ Lord had no emotions in his eyes. He stood up and a golden ray of light flew out severing the head clean off the man; giving him no time to react.

Frowning, the Dragon Corps’ Lord opened his door and called for a servant to come and clean his office. While doing so he went for a stroll around the main building, his thoughts all jumbled together. He was filled with the urge to kill the white-haired youngster for showing him no respect, but at the same time, fear of the Frozen General held him back. Walking around he finally got his emotions under control.

While the Lord was filled with pent up rage, Hui Yue rushed towards the location he had been informed of by the lord himself. His entire body was filled with expectation and excitement as he wished to return to the house. To return and tell his friends about the information he had found.

Locating the upper levels of the headquarters was not something which took a lot of time, and soon afterwards the young man finally reached the room in which a massive staircase wound upwards towards the unknown above.

Although Hui Yue did not head up the stairs, standing close by them he could easily tell that this was the Stairs of Hope; the way out of these dreaded tunnels.

Seeing these stairs, all the worry and stress which had been trapped within his heart was finally released and the young white-haired man was now filled with relief and excitement. It was impossible for him to conceal the smile on his face as he turned around and strode with steady steps towards the house where his friends were waiting for him. Good news was something he would quickly share with them all.


Zhong Fai, the Frozen General, was seated on his throne within the ice castle he had built. His face was filled with boredom as a beautiful woman was standing by his side.

“How long has it been?” The general finally asked with a deep sigh as he looked at the many white-haired men in front of him. Looking at the frozen men he would feel some pleasure, however, there was one thing missing.

“How long has it been since what, milord?” The woman asked curiously as she was looking at the man by her side.

“The kid within the Dungeons of the Divine,” He answered straightforwardly. “Do you think that the kid has arrived at the Dragon Core yet?”

Seeing the eagerness within the eyes of the general, the woman could not help but wonder why on earth he was this curious; however, she shook her head displaying that she did not know.

Looking at her reaction, Zhong Fai sighed deeply before he stood up, “You are all dismissed!” He yelled loudly before he transformed into a streak of light which vanished into the distance.

On the face of the Frozen General an expectant smile was present, and his eyes gleamed with excitement. “Let’s see how you will escape from me this time,” He mumbled as he rushed towards the Stairs of Hope.


Moving away from the Stairs of Hope, Hui Yue felt a shiver run down his spine. But as he looked around, he noticed that there was no one around, and he shook his head starting to wonder whether or not he was overreacting. With one last glance towards the stairs, a smile bloomed on his face. He could not help but hymn a small melody as he strode back towards the house with steady steps and finally some good news to share with everyone.

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