Blue Phoenix

Chapter 189: Present

As soon as Deng Wu’s voice sounded out, everyone within the room instantly looked through their storage stones. Multiple ropes appeared on the ground which then were wrapped around the already bound man.

While the Wu Wei was entangling him it was completely impossible for him to speak and move. But now that he was only bound by ordinary rope it was possible for him to twist, turn, and talk.

Seated on the ground, all the people present were staring at the man who was tightly bound, wondering exactly what they should do with him. Looking at him, all of them instantly recognized him as Scarface, however, what confused them was that the tiger-like beast he normally had with him in the tunnels was nowhere to be seen.

Deciding not to worry about it right now, Little Dragon and Deng Wu once more switched. The young man finally returned to his own body, a little shaken from the experience.

The moment when Little Dragon activated and used Wu Wei, Deng Wu felt an immense feeling of power well up within himself. He knew that the reason he felt these emotions were because he was locked in a Soul Contract with the azure dragon with whom he now shared a body.

“So, what will we do with him?” Wang Ju Long asked as she tilted her head, looking at the bound up man who was still struggling to the best of his ability. Her expression was rather casual, however, deep within a cold glaze shrouded her eyes. She clearly disliked the man in question.

“Let’s kill him!” Sha Yun voiced her excitement. “He has been after us for a long time,” She continued, trying to give a good reason for her barbaric suggestion. “If he caught us we would be dead; now that we have caught him it is only fair that he dies.” The more she spoke the colder her eyes grew. It was obvious that Sha Yun truly wished to kill the man in front of her.

“No,” Deng Wu finally spoke. “At least we will keep him here until Yue returns. I am sure he will know what we should do with this guy.”

Deng Wu had spoken and no one questioned his decision. It was, after all, Deng Wu who captured the man to begin with. Him having the final say made sense. Not to mention that his decision seemed logical.

Having made a decision the group once more sat down on the ground. Some starting to cultivate while others guarded their prisoner; one made scrolls and the rest relaxed while eating food and drinking wine.

Outside the house, Hui Yue was moving around and looking through one building after another, going down one flight of stairs after another, and even ascended through different levels of the Dragon Corp’s headquarters, but no matter how many rooms he searched there were always more. The area was simply too vast to search in a few days. Hui Yue could not help but feel apprehensive as the day drew to a close. The moon rose in the sky and the young man had nothing left to do than go back home before resuming his search the following day.

Entering the house, Hui Yue paid no real attention to his surroundings as he made his way towards where his friends were located. On the way a sudden growl caught his attention as a massive tiger-like beast pounced towards the unprepared white-haired young man.

Hearing the growl caused Hui Yue to turn around, and by this time the tiger was already in the air closing in on the young boy. Its paws were each the size of Hui Yue’s head with long claws protruding from within. Its cold, callous eyes showed intellect and immense anger as the tiger looked at Hui Yue, clearly imagining how it would rip him to pieces.

As to why the big tiger was within their house, Hui Yue gave it no thought, instead, his body instantly reacted. Unlike what the beast expected the young man dove forward and rolled on the ground underneath the tiger.

The tiger in the air could do nothing to change its direction all it could do was watch its prey dive below, managing to roll his way to safety.

The ambush failed and the tiger was growling where it landed standing still and determining whether to continue attacking or escape.

It was not till now that Hui Yue realized this tiger was the one which was normally with Scarface, and instantly Hui Yue’s ice blue eyes turned dangerously dark. He wondered where Scarface was as well as whether or not his friends were safe.

Looking at the tiger, Hui Yue had no intention to allowing it to escape, but right now he would rather focus on ensuring his friends safety. With a quick glance at the tiger, Hui Yue dashed as quickly as he could towards the upper floors. He entered the room only to see that there was a guy coiled up in ropes his face hidden beneath the many layers of rope

Seeing this a smile appeared on Hui Yue’s face. He instantly turned around and was about to leave when a curious voice asked, “Where are you going?”

Looking back into the room, a smile appeared on Hui Yue’s face and he gave a short answer, “Pest control!” Before he once more took to the corridor to hunt down the oversized kitten. His face sprouted a smile and his body teemed with energy ready to be released.

Hui Yue had been feeling quite unhappy about not finding both the exit of the dungeons or the Laws, however, now he was capable of venting some of his frustration on this angry tiger; how could he not take the chance?

Releasing his spiritual energy, Hui Yue was capable of searching the entire perimeter, but if the beast was a higher rank than Hui Yue himself, then it would be useless. It would be impossible to discover a stronger opponent who was hiding themselves.

The result was as Hui Yue expected. It was impossible for him to locate the tiger, but considering the ferocity it showed earlier when it ambushed Hui Yue, the white-haired young man was certain that it was still around. Certain that it intended to kill them one after another to free its master.

Seeing the depths of its loyalty made Hui Yue somewhat astonished, but the beast was in his way. Even if the friendship between Scarface and this beast was deep, neither of them had given Hui Yue a reason to be lenient on them. Scarface had some value for Hui Yue, but the beast had none. Quite the opposite, in fact, it was a hazard. Removing it was the only proper action.

Moving through room after room, Hui Yue was certain that the tiger would once more ambush him, and he was on high alert. He had a blue flame in his hand ready to attack anything that moved.

The downside was that although he was looking for the tiger he had no way of knowing if it had truly left, or was still here. Something which could make this task a possible waste of time.

At first, Hui Yue was excited about the fight, but as he walked on and on into the massive house, looking in room after room, he quickly quieted down. His entire consciousness was focused on everything going on around him. Then finally he noticed some subtle movement.

Reacting as though he had not felt anything, Hui Yue kept walking forward looking around like normal. Although it looked like his attention was elsewhere, secretly it was fully concentrated on the movements concealed within the shadows of the room. Entering the room the blue flame in his hand very slowly grew in size.

Just like before, suddenly the massive body of the tiger pounced from the shadows. This time a black shadow appeared in front of Hui Yue as the tiger swiped the air with its paw. The tiger clearly not wanting the human to once more escape by dodging below.

Rushing through the air dark energy erupted from inside the tiger and was released at the same time as the paw came closer to Hui Yue. A black blade shadow as sharp as the sharpest blade, and quicker than the peak speed of most humans flew towards Hui Yue.

Being a magical beast, the tiger had elemental attacks which he was born with, and this black blades was one of them.

Seeing this, Hui Yue tossed the blue Fire Orb from his hand towards the black shadow. They collided in the air and a loud boom resounded shaking the entire mansion

The tiger’s eyes were filled with disbelief as it saw how the blue flame had not only managed to slow down the black swipe but also completely disintegrate it.

Not waiting for the tiger to respond, Hui Yue drew Black Blood and rushed towards the tiger while summoning a blue flame in his other hand. Rushing in he knew he had to watch out for its two large paws, however, he also knew that if he wished to win then he needed to inch in on his opponent.

Moving forward, the tiger took the challenge and rushed towards Hui Yue as well. Using the black swipe attack once more, only to be deflected again by the blue Fire Orb. As neither of their attacks connected both now relied on their body’s strength and in this Hui Yue was far inferior to the tiger.

Although Hui Yue body strength was less he was far more nimble than the large tiger. Had it used its smaller size then this would not be the case; however, now the seven meter long tiger was anything but swift.

Using his nimbleness, Hui Yue attacked with Black Blood and successfully inflicted a deep cut on the side of the tiger’s head. As soon as he successfully attacked Hui Yue retreated backwards. The tiger who was whimpering slightly was distracted by the wound for a moment, and this gave Hui Yue time to throw the largest blue Fire Orb he created at the tiger.

The tiger noticed the flame far too late, and as he noticed it he tried his best to shroud himself in black energy, however this was not enough. Within moments the scent of burnt flesh could be smelt within the corridor. The smell accompanied the terrifying, blood-curdling screams of the tiger who was being burnedto a crisp alive.

Hui Yue looked at the tiger his eyes devoid of any pity. He knew that this world was only a place where the strong survived. Had the tiger gotten the chance then Hui Yue would be the one dying at this moment.

Waiting for its screams to die out, Hui Yue finally removed the flames and looked at the cooked beast in front of him. He frowned slightly as he took out Black Blood and cut a beautiful gemstone out of its head, its beast core.

Having taken the core, Hui Yue did not want anything else, and he flicked his hand summoning yet another flame. This blue flame instantly engulfed the corpse and turned it to dust.

With a final glance towards the area where the fight occurred, Hui Yue turned around and moved towards the room once more. Arriving at the room, he noticed an alert expression in his friend’s’ eyes as he entered. A vigilance which was quickly replaced by relief.

“We felt the building tremble from the fight,” Deng Wu explained. “It was quite worrisome who would survive.”

Hearing that, Hui Yue just smiled as he sat down, and put a bottle of wine to his lips.

“What do you plan on doing with this guy?” Sha Yun asked as she pointed towards the bound guy and looked at Hui Yue expectantly.

“I’m going to trade him for some information,” Hui Yue said while laughing. “But for now let’s keep training hard!”

Saying that, Hui Yue took one more gulp of wine before he closed his eyes and started cultivating.

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