Blue Phoenix

Chapter 188: Behind the Door

The following morning, Sha Yun and Wang Ju Long both made a big deal out of Deng Wu’s changes, but even so the young man refused to tell them what happened to him. The only thing he said was that he was fine and was also strengthened immensely, which looking at it from Hui Yue’s perspective was not a lie.

“Deng Wu,” Hui Yue called out, the first time this morning that Hui Yue spoke at all. “Now that you have improved your strength, I will rely on you to protect the others,” He said with a solemn voice. “I’m going out to see if I can find the Laws or perhaps the way out.” He said. Without waiting for Deng Wu’s reply he turned around and quickly left the house.

It was not that Hui Yue was rude or did not value their friendship, however, he was in a hurry. He, as well as all the others, wished to exit the underground world as soon as possible.

Leaving the house behind, Hui Yue did not notice that a man was standing in the corner waiting for this to happen.. Seeing the white-haired young man leaving, the cloaked man moved from the corner and vanished towards the back of the mansion once more.

As soon as the man went behind the mansion the kitten in his arms grew to an incredible size. After few moments tiger and man flew above the mansion walls. The mansion’s security was quite slack because the it was filled with cultivators.

The cloaked man quickly snuck into the mansion, and he was fully aware that no one else apart from the friends of the young white-haired man would be present.

Having spent as much time and effort on this mission as he had, he knew exactly what the different cultivators ranks were. He need to be on the lookout for those two King ranked experts, however, the other three, the actual friends, were all middle dantian users. They were nothing more than masters and grandmasters.

Sneaking through the corridors, Scarface completely concealed his aura hiding himself in the shadows and making himself seem as though he was one with his surroundings. The reason he did this was because he constantly feared that the Kings would search their surroundings with Wu Wei. This was a method used by King ranked experts to quickly determining who and what was near them.

While Scarface was moving through the rooms, Deng Wu finally started telling everyone what happened to him and the reason why his body changed like it did.

While he did not say anything about whom he had connected his soul with, Sha Yun and Wang Ju Long already knew who it was. Xu Piao and Xie Lan, although they were curious, neither of them tried pressuring him into speaking. If anything they were relieved that there was one more expert with them.

Deng Wu was much different from earlier. His sense of smell was much stronger, so strong in fact that it could rival Sha Yun who was a magical beast. His physical strength grew tremendously as well. It now rivaled Hui Yue whose body had undergone multiple purifications and reconstructions making it as tough as a magical beast’s.

Deng Wu’s eyesight also grew better, along with the many other changes to his body. He grew a good ten centimeters taller than previously, measuring now a good two meters.

All these changes happened back down in the pathway where Lan Feng allowed Deng Wu to absorb the blood essence, however, it was not until recently that he truly started to understand the changes to himself.

There was a major difference between his Soul Contract than the one Hui Yue and Lan Feng had.

When Lan Feng and Hui Yue merged with each other, Lan Feng was forced to use his entire reserve of Wu Wei to allow for the two of them to be reborn within this world, however, Little Dragon did not need to use his energy on anything. By the time he was moved into Deng Wu’s body, he still had the cultivation base of an Emperor beast, and within his soul was all the Wu Wei which he had stored up throughout those thousands upon thousands of years.

Knowing that they had an Emperor with Wu Wei to spare was something which caused Hui Yue great pleasure, and Deng Wu was thrilled when he found out that he and Little Dragon would be able to protecting the group. Now he could protect everyone much like Hui Yue and Lan Feng had done in the past.

Although Little Dragon was not a Saint any longer, he was after all still an Emperor; a rank which only one in hundred thousand could achieve. Even within the Dragon Core, the place for all the experts within the dragon caves, Emperors were scarce with only one or two belonging to each major family.

Talking about Little Dragon, Deng Wu allowed for the small dragon to take over the body for a moment. Letting him feel what it was like to be in control of a body once more. While doing so, Deng Wu went into the dantian cave where his consciousness experienced everything which Little Dragon was doing.

Suddenly, the dragon stopped and his nostrils flickered as he caught the scent of someone who did not belong, a scent which was close by.

Not wanting to interrupt the others, Little Dragon smiled and excused himself. He said that he was going to the restroom and left the room where they were all gathered. Closing the door behind him, a flash of coldness shone in his eyes as he remembered the promise he made Hui Yue earlier that day.

Although spending Wu Wei would result in the two of them losing some of their power, it was important to use it to protect their group of friends and doing so would not be considered a waste of energy.

Had Deng Wu been in control of the body and forced to use the Wu Wei, much like Hui Yue at the tournament, then it was certain that a good amount of the stored energy would be wasted, however, Little Dragon was completely capable of determining how much Wu Wei to use without wasting a single drop.

Walking through the house Little Dragon did not use his Wu Wei to scan the area. Had he done so then the intruder would notice and most likely flee instantly. Instead, he focused solely on his sense of smell to locate where this intruder was.

On the hands of the dragon rays of golden light enveloped his skin ready to attack should he need it.

Seeing this, Deng Wu deep within the dantain cave was shocked beyond belief. The feeling of having his body move without him doing anything was very odd, but more importantly was how using Wu Wei felt. A gentle feeling filled his entire body from the moment that the Wu Wei was activated, and Deng Wu focused his eyes on the black shadows where he expected the intruder to be.

Although Deng Wu was both excited and nervous, Little Dragon was just excited. He had not been able to fight for the last four thousand years. The only thing he was able to do was watch the world change around him. Everything which was familiar vanished and was replaced by a new world he felt like he did not belong to.

Although Little Dragon had Wu Wei now, he was in the same position as Lan Feng. It was impossible for him to automatically replenish his Wu Wei because of his lack of a dantain, but it was possible for him to refine more Wu Wei and store it within his soul.

Knowing this Little Dragon did not wish for Deng Wu to fight as he knew that the younger man would waste quite a bit of Wu Wei. Little Dragon finally learned what it meant to be cautious around strangers, and even around his friends. He would not take chances again.

‘He is in this room!’ Little Dragon’s voice suddenly rang out in the dantian cave, and Deng Wu’s focus sharpened as he looked for the intruder who was somewhere in the room.

Looking around he realized he was within a corridor on the second floor. The floor below the room where friends were gathered. What this person was doing here, Deng Wu and Little Dragon did not know; however, the shadows were as dark as a moonless night and no matter how careful Deng Wu looked he was incapable of locating the intruder.

When one sense failed, Deng Wu, or rather Little Dragon, focused another sense and just as he was about to fully locate the intruder a man appeared swiftly from behind him.

In his hand was a dagger, and an ice cold and calm expression was visible on his face. It was obvious that this man was certain that he would be able to remove Deng Wu with his simple ambush.

Scarface was incapable of determining who this man in front of him was. He had not been able to remember any azure haired youngster on this team, yet here he was, someone who should not be here.

Watching him earlier the aura he gave off was the aura of a Grandmaster, someone who Scarface decided was an easy target. Having determined that the opponent was weaker than him the assassin jumped at him, his knife in hand and eyes cold as ice.

Seeing this a smirk appeared on Deng Wu’s face as Little Dragon lifted his hand. The golden light which was enveloping one hand so far suddenly exploded forward. A net appeared which caught the ambushing man without allowing for him to struggle even slightly.

Snorting, Little Dragon looked at the man who was now fully entangled within the net unable to move as much as a muscle.

“Do you think I’m this easy to assassinate?” He said with a mocking voice after which he hoisted the entangled man up and placed him on his shoulder then moved back towards the others.

Scarface was scared witless as he felt how he was surrounded by Wu Wei. Wu Wei which was far denser than anything he had felt before.

What he did not know was that although he was bound by Wu Wei, Little Dragon was using the absolute minimum amount of Wu Wei that he could; not daring to waste the important energy.

“Look I caught a rat!” Little Dragon’s voice sounded throughout the room and everyone’s eyes turned towards the door where Deng Wu was standing. He looked like a proud dog who had run down its prey.

“Find something to bind him with,” Little Dragon said through Deng Wu’s lips. “I can’t keep wasting Wu Wei holding him!.”

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