Blue Phoenix

Chapter 182: Personal Insight

It seems that her breakthrough did not raise her rank. However  her body was shining with a green light which showed she gained some insights into her elemental affinity for Wood.

Seeing this, a surge of happiness appeared in Hui Yue’s heart. The more insights and breakthroughs they had, the stronger their group became. Despite all his cultivating recently, he still felt he was far from strong enough to be able to look after his friends. Due to this he wished for them to improve so that even when they reached the Dragon Core, none of them would be easy targets to pick on.

Sha Yun was constantly improving even if she did nothing at all because, as a magical beast, as she grew older. This was something which made Hui Yue less worried about her.

After Deng Wu spent time looking through the immense amount of new inscriptions he obtained he quickly found that they contained high ranked abilities, some of which even contained Wu Wei rather than spiritual energy.

The way an inscription worked was that abilities were etched onto the parchment and with the help of spiritual energy merged with Metal, one would be capable of unleashing the attack from the parchments.

Every inscriptions had various runes and looking at these runes was the way to determine what kind of attack they contained. The color of the runes determined which kind of elemental attack it was. A white rune would be a martial attack made from Qi, a silvery rune would mean it was a spiritual art attack with no elemental affinity, and a golden rune meant that it was an attack using Wu Wei.

Attacks using Wu Wei were definitely the rarest as they required a King ranked expert, or someone of a higher status, to write down the attack and seal it within the parchment.

Extreme happiness was evident on Deng Wu’s face as he looked at exactly fourteen such inscriptions. The only thing he was uncertain of was which kind of attacks these Wu Wei scrolls contained, but he had no way of knowing before he used them. So they were a gamble, while on the other hand they did provide some safety.

Alongside the fourteen Wu Wei inscription scrolls, one hundred and thirty four random elemental affinity attack scrolls were also obtained and also about fifty scrolls containing martial arts. All in all, Deng Wu’s strength increased by a lot, something which he had not expected.

Deng Wu was not the only one who had gained something from the many items they found within the storage stones. Everyone within the group now possessed a great many light stones, along with food and drinks. A few close combat weapons were gifted to Sha Yun who so far had only used a halberd. A beautiful inscribed armor was gifted to Xie Lan as her defenses were lacking, and Wang Ju Long got flower seeds. It turned out that one of the men Hui Yue killed specialized in using plants when it came to fighting, much like she did. Unfortunately, he never had the chance to display his skills before his head was caved in by the white-haired young man’s beastly transformation.

They  were now no longer in any hurry to make it to the Dragon Core, and so they stayed within the cave for a few days as Wang Ju Long was fully absorbed in the breakthrough she was experiencing.

Seeing her gaining insights caused the others to be even more focused on their own training. It did not take long before all the young members of the group were seated in deep meditation, refining the essence of the heavens and the earth into Qi and further refining that Qi into spiritual energy.

While they were fully focused on meditating, the green hue around Wang Ju Long was growing increasingly stronger and eventually it was so strong that it could be felt by everyone within the cave. The energy it gave off was filled with life and vitality. It was obvious that insight she gained was related to healing.

After the seventh day meditating, Wang Ju Long finally opened her eyes. A profound expression was on her face and a slim smile on her lips. Seeing that everyone around her, except the two Kings, were fully submerged in cultivating made her chuckle slightly.

“Ju Long,” Xie Lan called out and Wang Ju Long instantly moved towards the woman she still considered her teacher. Unlike Hui Yue, neither of the other three friends had at any moment doubted these two’s loyalty. After all, Hui Yue never told them that they were working on behalf of Zhou Long.

“What did you learn?” Xie Lan asked curiously. As a King ranked expert who had managed to cultivate past the Duke rank, it was obvious that she already understood the majority of the profound secrets of the Wood element.

“Healing is not about just repairing an injury,” Wang Ju Long started, her voice slightly hesitant as she kept thinking about her enlightenment. “Healing is about the flow of time. To heal a wound we do not just repairing that specific location, we take control of the time with which it would take to heal and then force it to compress. That is why some wounds we cannot simply repair, some wounds are unhealable.”

Hearing that, Xie Lan nodded her head. She had long since understood the truths about time. Time was indeed the most important aspect of healing,  was one of the harder truths to gain insights into.

“You understood this from the spar you had with Hui Yue?” She asked curiously. The spar had nothing to do with healing, nor time, but somehow it managed to spark such an enlightenment.

Wang Ju Long nodded her head, “The way he moved was as though he was blending into the air. Moving as though air and he were the same.” She started explaining, her eyes shining with excitement, “Blending with air, forcing it to move the way he wanted it to. Tt was exactly like how we force the flesh, the bones, and the veins to move to our orders.” She continued.

“Watching him move in such a way, I understood that seeing him was impossible; there was simply no time. He uses his speed to avoid time, to flow and blend with the air. I use time to compress, to force and create. We both use time, but we use it differently.”

Hearing this, Xie Lan was completely at a loss. She did not think that Hui Yue was using time at all. She thought that what he was using was just sheer speed. However, in the end it did not matter if she understood or not, the main thing was that Wang Ju Long had a breakthrough. That was the important matter.

Shortly after, Deng Wu woke up from his meditation. He was thrilled to see Wang Ju Long no longer in a deep trance focusing solely upon her insights. Moving slightly closer to each other, the four awake cultivators made guesses as to when and what their new plans would be.

While doing so, Hui Yue opened his eyes and a satisfied smile appeared on his lips when he saw Wang Ju Long merrily chatting along with Xie Lan and Deng Wu.

Standing up, he stretched his tired body before he too went to join the others. Moving towards them, Hui Yue went straight for Xu Piao.

“How far are we from the Dragon Core?” He asked. Genuinely tired of traveling through this underground world. Although the civilization was very much familiar to his own, the constant roof above his head and the dark and dim tunnels made him feel as though he was a prisoner.

“Not that far,” Xu Piao answered. “We have three caves between us and the Dragon Core. The closer we gets the more dense the population will be. Within the last two caves, the entire area is two big cities expanding over thousands of kilometers.”

Hearing this, Hui Yue could not help but raise an eyebrow. He felt relief whenever he thought about the fact that they were getting closer and closer to the Dragon Core, he could not help but feel elated.

While chatting with Xu Piao, it did not take long before Sha Yun awoke from her meditation and the group settled together. They looked at Hui Yue awaiting his decision for what they were going to do.

“We are fairly close to the Dragon Core,” Hui Yue said, sharing what Xu Piao said earlier. “Our goal is to travel through the Dragon Core and find a way to leave these tunnels.”

“We need to keep an eye out for the Laws,” He continued, “Although it has nothing to do with us, it has something to do with Lan Feng, and as such we owe it to him to see if we can find out what’s going on at the very least.”

Hearing Hui Yue talk about Lan Feng, Sha Yun, Deng Wu and Wang Ju Long all nodded their heads. The three of them knew that Lan Feng was a divine beast living within his body, while Xu Piao and Xie Lan believed Lan Feng was an expert whom, with a priest help, had his soul merged with Hui Yue.

Hearing that it concerned Lan Feng, Xu Piao knew that Hui Yue would do anything in his power to figure out what was going on. Hui Yue was the kind of person who repaid other people’s kindness tenfold. It was easy to see that so far he was the one receiving help from the hidden expert behind him.

It was obvious that he was the hidden expert who directed the four of them to venture down underground for the sake of fighting. It was also obvious to the Guild Master, that the hidden expert had saved Hui Yue on numerous occasions for example during the duel against the Demon Dancing family.

Seeing that Hui Yue was set on returning the favor, Xu Piao nodded solemnly as he decided that he would assist the young man. He always considered himself a good friend of the young man, and he was still feeling guilty for his choice of reporting their actions back to Zhou Long.

Deng Wu’s eyes grew darker than usual and anger was visible on both Sha Yun’s, and even Wang Ju Long’s faces.

The three of them remembering the small children who were the laws for the seasons along with Sun who had been captured. Although Sun seemed apathetic about her own future, she was still a living creature; she was someone whom had emotions and was living her life.

Seeing how the Dragon Corps treated these Laws left a bad taste in Hui Yue’s mouth. Although he knew that he owed nothing to the Laws, he was still disgusted by the way the Dragon Corps treated other living creatures.

It was one thing to kill them. Hui Yue understood that he was living in the world of martial artists, a world where death was looming around every corner and where only the strong would prevail. This was something he had long since accepted, something he even felt was thrilling.

However, he believed in swiftly killing one’s opponent or enemy. Capturing the laws was in no way for the sake of killing them. It was obvious that these creatures could not die no matter what was done to them, and Hui Yue highly doubted that they were being gathered at the Dragon Corps for the sake of a gentle conversation. The word ‘cargo’ alone showed how the Laws were viewed.

Sighing deeply, a determined look appeared in Hui Yue’s ice-blue eyes before he cracked his neck and gestured for his friends to follow him, “Next stop, the Dragon Core!”


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