Blue Phoenix

Chapter 178: Escape Plans

Hui Yue frowned slightly as he noticed that there was no one from the caravan in front of them who came to question Hui Yue’s group. No one came over to ask them if they knew anything about the murders that occurred late into night.

Instead, it seemed as though they decided to just accept the deaths and then rush forward. Although the white-haired young man was fairly surprised by the turn of events he clearly was not unhappy. As soon as the caravan started moving, they too packed up their campsite and the three of them once more moved set out towards the next cave, staying only a few kilometers behind the big caravan.

It was quite normal for small groups to travel behind big caravans and it did not take long time before quite a few groups were following a few kilometers behind the powerful caravan.

There are many reason for this. Firstly, if a demon beast horde were to attack the big caravan was likely to repel them, and secondly, there was safety in numbers.

Bandits had never proven to be a large problem within the earlier caves. Although there were some bandit groups it was not as though they met them often, however, the further into the Dungeons of the Divine that they travelled, the more bandits they came across.

Travelling behind a massive caravan ensured that the bandit groups would flee. Even if they wished to attack one of the groups walking behind the caravan it was likely that the energy ripples from the battle would bring trouble for the main caravan then they would return to make the fighting stop. Usually by slaughtering them all.

The only ones who dared attack a large caravan was a large bandit group with high ranked members. These bandit groups would focus on the major caravans as that was the most profitable. If attacked, the followers would use the chance to run away Escaping to all sides in the hope that they would not be caught by the bandit groups.

Masquerading as one of these groups Hui Yue, Xu Piao, and Xie Lan kept traveling behind the major caravan, each one of them slightly hesitant.

Hui Yue expected to be questioned this morning as soon as the dead soldiers were found, but nothing happened. The group just rushed away from their previous location not paying any attention to the dead guards.

This took Hui Yue by surprise. After a while he finally realized that the leader of the caravan in front of him was on an important mission which he put above the life of his guards. A smile appeared on Hui Yue’s face as he came to this conclusion.

At first he expected he would needed to rush and kill as many as fast as possible. But seeing that the captain paid no attention to the deaths, Hui Yue knew he could take his time and in a safe way remove the middle dantian experts one after another.

Although he decided to go slowly, his heart quivered as the image of Wang Ju Long appeared before his eyes once more. Previously he had seen both Deng Wu and Sha Yun, and neither of them seemed to be injured, however, he did not manage to see Wang Ju Long. Though he assumed that she was within the same carriage and fine it was impossible for him to know for sure.

While thinking about this his flame of anger from within grew. This caused the blood red mist from within his dantian cave to start roiling in response.

At the last moment, Hui Yue calmed himself down and allowed for the tranquil cloud to push back the red mist. He sighed deeply as he wished that the two phenomena would be as easy to handle as the golden wings and the green pearl.

The caravan and its many followers kept traveling further and further into the tunnels, they were running unceasingly and one group after another fell behind. These followers were unable to keep up with the quick pace that the caravan set. Only Hui Yue and his group along with two other groups managed to keep up. After running for half a day, they finally took a break.

Just like the night before, Hui Yue set up a bonfire and waited for the caravan to settle down. It seemed that, unlike last night, they would not be sleeping tonight. Everyone was looking around alertly; perhaps even more alert now than they were during the day when bandits were likely to attack.

Seeing this a sneer appeared on Hui Yue’s face as he slipped into the shadows while watching both sides. Xu Piao and Xie Lan stood up as well and merged with the shadows. They closed in on the caravan. Not saying a word nor releasing even the smallest bit of their aura.

Unlike the previous night the guards on watch did not stay behind at the campfires any longer, instead they were patrolling the area in groups of two.

Standing in the shadow Hui Yue felt the two experts appeared by his side. All three were standing completely still, holding their breath as two guards walked their way.

Step by step, edging closer and closer Hui Yue waited for them to circle behind one of the caravans so that he could strike without being noticed. However, as the two guards moved behind the carriage two shadows by his side, Xie Lan and Xu Piao, rushed forwards and both executed a swift and decisive strike at the guards necks. Without a sound both collapsed to the ground.

Seeing this, Hui Yue rushed over to pick up the storage stones before he too merged with the shadows just as the two King ranked experts had already done.

Waiting in the darkness ready to pounce on the next guards who passed by, Hui Yue’s eyes were gleaming with murderous intent. His hands were clenched tight as his eyes swept to the carriage his friends were locked up in.

Just as Hui Yu glanced at the other carriage he suddenly frowned as he heard the voices of children from within the carriage in front of him.

It was the carriage which did not have any windows. The only thing Hui Yue could hear was the voice of a few crying children and his face instantly paled. What was the Dragon Corps doing with young children?

Pondering for a moment Hui Yue nodded his head and a determined expression appeared on his face. Within moments he pulled backwards and gestured for the two King ranked experts to follow.

As they all retreated back to their campfire, Hui Yue was quiet for a short while before he looked to the two by his side.

“Will the two of you be able to hold back the four King ranked experts for about ten minutes?” Hui Yue asked seriously, his eyes filled with a certain amount of determination. The atmosphere around him chilled as a small red gleam slowly rose in his eyes.

Looking at each other, both of their eyes filled with determination and they nodded their heads before they once more looked at Hui Yue. “We can hold them back for ten minutes but no more than that,”

Hearing this the white-haired man felt grateful to his two friends. “Tomorrow night we’ll attack the entire caravan.” Hui Yue said his eyes determined, “Keep the King ranked experts under control and I’ll deal with the rest.”

Hearing him say this Xu Piao looked at him questioningly. Although Hui Yue was strong, seeing him planning on fighting with over twenty experts the same rank as him, some even a little higher, was something which should be impossible.

However, even though Xu Piao was worried about the young man he said nothing. Determination and certainty were evident on his face and the young man refused to allow this to end badly.

The following day happened the same as the day before. Hui Yue and his group followed the caravan which once again ignored the death of two guards and rushed towards the next cave.

Rushing for the whole day, Hui Yue spent some time planning the battle and strategizing with Xu Piao and Xie Lan. They planned when and where the two needed to meet the four King ranked experts.

Hui Yue himself would deal with all the Grandmasters, Masters, and Duke ranked experts.

As the time went by the caravan once more prepared to settle down and rest their tired and sore legs after rushing through the tunnel at top speed.

Seeing this Hui Yue’s group once more set up camp. This time he did not wait long before the three of them snuck closer  to the caravan.

Standing in the shadows of the carriage from where Hui Yue heard the crying voices, the young white-haired boy hid his body completely so that not one of the patrolling guards noticed him. Standing behind the carriage, Hui Yue lifted his hand and suddenly a blue flame sprung to life over his palm.

The flame was small compared to how big it usually was, however, as soon as the flame came to life Hui Yue threw it as hard as he could at the carriage. Its ceiling instantly exploded as blue flames soared high into the ceiling of the tunnel.

As soon as the flame left his hand, Hui Yue rushed backwards into the shadows again. The three of them observed the four King ranked experts who quickly escaped their personal carriage and rushed towards the carriage which was now in flames.

Seeing the four experts, Hui Yue looked at the two people by his side before he closed his eyes and allowed for the red mist to billow outwards from deep within his dantain. It took over his entire body and swept into the surroundings, drawing the attention of all the cultivators in the camp.

“Behind the carriage!” A voice screamed out and a large group of lower ranked cultivators rushed towards Hui Yue who finally breathed out. He felt as light as a feather as he activated Velocity Flow, creating a copy of himself.

Both he and his copy rushed towards the cultivators. Blue flames lit up in his hands as he threw Fire Orb after Fire Orb at the men coming his way.

Having gotten rid of four men who were burnt to death, Hui Yue finally sat down and instantly merged with the Earth. He created pitfalls with Earthen Spears in the bottom where three unprepared cultivators fell down and were  instantly impaled, their eyes quickly dimmed as life escaped them.

“There is only one, attack him in groups!” Another man screamed as they rushed towards Hui Yue. Surprisingly enough, the four King ranked experts showed no intention of attacking this intruder, nor did they seem to have any interest in him. Instead the four of them surrounded the burning carriage in which the children were locked up. They ensuring that the fire died out and they protected the children within from anyone who would threaten them.

Seeing this, Hui Yue did not wait for long before he started rushing towards the other carriage with his friends locked inside.

Rushing as quickly as he could while at the same time avoiding every single member of the Dragon Corps, Hui Yue quickly made his way towards the carriage.

Just as he reached the carriage three men appeared in front of the frenzied Hui Yue, however, before they had the chance to stop him two hands with five sharp claws on each finger grabbed their heads.

Relying on strength alone, Hui Yue bashed their heads against each other, while releasing a low growl. A cracking sound was heard as the two skulls splintered and blood started seeping out through all openings in their face.

Seeing what just happened, the third man did his best to escape. Hui Yue paid him no heed as he tore open the door of the carriage where his eyes lit up at the sight of his three friends waiting patiently for him.


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