Blue Phoenix

Chapter 174: Criminals

Xu Piao and Xie Lan exchanged glances as they came to understand that it would be impossible for them to be vague about what occurred. It was obvious that Hui Yue would require a complete explanation.

Sighing, Xu Piao started explaining what happened, “You were still cultivating as the others emerged from the training house and as they did they were discussing what to do. They decided on going out to eat. They all knew that you would most likely be busy most of the day cultivating.”

“Hearing their decision we decided to tag along. After all, cultivating when you reach our level is not really beneficial, so going out and experiencing the beautiful city with friends was a much better way to spend our time. We also thought that if we were lucky we could even gain enlightenment. A lot of cultivators have gained enlightenment within this beautiful city.”

Hearing his words, Hui Yue’s eyes were turning darker and darker, the ice-blue eyes which previously were as light as the summer sky had turned as dark as the deepest ocean. He was not waiting to hear about their plans, what was of importance was what happened with his friends, their condition and current location.

“Hurry up,” He said sternly, cutting through the long prologue before the actual explanation started.

Glancing at Xie Lan once more, Xu Piao sighed as he moved an inch closer, however, as he did Hui Yue moved backwards keeping the same distance between them. Internally he started calling on Lan Feng. The phoenix was the only hope Hui Yue had to be able to escape from the two King ranked experts in front of him.

‘Sorry kid,’ Lan Feng’s voice sounded out, ‘I cannot help you yet, although I have refined enough Wu Wei for one attack you will seriously need it later on.’

‘I can’t just leave my friends here alone!’ Hui Yue exclaimed.

‘They won’t stay here,’ Lan Feng commented, ‘They are most likely seen as very important prisoners and will be moved to Dragon Core for trial. If I were you I’d rush towards Dragon Core and deal with Scarface, then take over his position of waiting for your friends to be delivered.’

‘Don’t you think it will be easy’ Lan Feng continued with a sigh. ‘Scarface is most likely many times stronger than you, and dealing with him will not be easy. Afterwards dealing with the guards who are looking after my friends will be even harder. I am not sure what we can do against them.’

‘Well firstly let us do as they said,’ Lan Feng said, ‘Let us go to the Dragon Corp’s office and flash our B rank emblem. Hopefully they have not set out yet.’

Hui Yue nodded his head as he glared at Xu Piao and Xie Lan then he rushed out from the courtyard, not bothering to listen to any more words from the two older friends. This dialog though it seems like it took a long time really only took a few moments.

Seeing that Hui Yue started to contemplate, Xu Piao and Xie Lan dared not interrupt him and naturally quieted down, saying nothing more. After thinking for a second Hui Yue did nothing apart from rushing away after glaring at them once more.

Rushing to a boat, Hui Yue once more went towards the middle of town. In the very center square there was a large a pagoda with an Azure Dragon making its way up on the outside of the building. Everyone who laid eyes on the building was certain that it belonged to the Dragon Corps.

While heading towards the Dragon Corps, Hui Yue managed to get his anger under control. Although it was still raging inside him his facial expressions were calm and collected, but his eyes were still ice cold, his fists clenched tightly because he could not suppress his anger entirely.

Quickly, the young white-haired boy moved towards the dragon clad building. As he reached the entrance four sets of guards stood watch, not allowing anyone to walk through.

“No entrance for outsiders.” One of the guards said with a voice full of disdain as he looked at the white-haired young man. Like most within the caves they assumed that Hui Yue was an aberration, a spawn  of a demon beast and a human. The further into the cave system one got the more likely these kind of people would appear.

The further one went into the caves, the higher the cultivation rank the humans who occupied the caves had. Correspondingly, the tunnels were also inhabited by stronger and stronger magical beasts. In the innermost regions of the tunnels quite a few demon beast existed which could take on human form.

Demon beasts who took human shape were the epitome of demonic power within the tunnels, however, their children were often looked upon as aberrations who belonged to neither human nor beast society. Some of them looked beastly while others looked more human.

Everyone who saw Hui Yue so far was of the impression that he was exactly one of these aberrations, and due to this misconception many looked down on him.

Seeing the reaction of the guards in front of him, the white-haired boy did not get angry at them nor did he truly care why they looked down on him, the only thing within his mind was finding his friends and freeing them as soon as possible.

With a flash of his hand, an emblem appeared in it. On the emblem was a ‘B’ marked, shining brightly on the golden surface.

Seeing the emblem, shock filled the faces of all the guards present and quickly retreating they opening a path for the white-haired young man. They no longer looked at him with disdain, instead, they were filled with veneration. Being able to obtain a B ranked mission made him a B-ranker, something far far above the poor guards. A swish of his hand would instantly get them fired if they were lucky, killed if they were unlucky.

Fortunately for these guards, Hui Yue had no interest in them whatsoever nor did he have any interest in their behavior, the only thing on his mind was saving his friends.

Rushing up the stairs, Hui Yue paid no attention to the now almost cowering guards as he moved into the first room.

The sight which met him was a counter where a person was seated awaiting information or other members of the Dragon Corps to appear.

Seeing the counter, Hui Yue did not think twice before he moved towards it. Once more he flashed the B rank emblem causing a hint of astonishment to appear on the woman at the counter, however, her facial expressions quickly returned to normal.

“What can I do for you sir?” She asked politely, her entire attention focused on hearing what words would be said by the person in front of her.

“Earlier today, or perhaps yesterday, there should have been a group of three youngsters who were  and one of them was a half demon beast. I need all three released and handed over to me.”

Hearing the words, the woman behind the counter paled slightly as she looked at some documents and the memory stones in front of her.

“I’m sorry sir,” The woman said as she placed the documents to her side, “Those three criminals have already been sent on to the next cave. We are capable of sending out a message to the next Dragon Corps office and they can hold  the criminals there, but I am not certain if your clearance is high enough for me to do anything. I think that the criminals are either B or A ranked. You can get more information at the next Dragon Corp’s office.”

Hearing the words, his anger soared, however, he told himself to endure. Endure so that he could get them back as soon as possible.

“Give me all the information you have on the three criminals and make sure to send a message that they are to wait for me in the next cave.” Hui Yue’s voice was steady as he gave the orders, his hand completely still as he accepted the memory stone containing information about the criminals.

Without waiting any longer within the office, Hui Yue spun around and quickly left, his heart burning with anger. Rushing down the stairs, the guards all did their very best to stay away from the angered man. All of them sensing his foul mood and not wanting to turn into the object he released his anger on.

Rushing down the stairs, the guards needed not to worry, as the young man saw nothing infront of him other than the road leading back to the courtyard at which Xu Piao and Xie Lan were supposed to wait for him.

At present, Hui Yue was not at all in doubt about their allegiance with Zhou Long and his eyes turned darker and darker, his lips curled up in anger and indignation.

The boat he hired sailed at top speed. During the entire trip, Hui Yue fiddled with the memory stone which was resting within his hands. He constantly fought against the urge to place it on his forehead and see what happened, however, he was aware that he did not know how long it would take for him to see it all the way through. It was not something which he should do outside.

Finally the boat arrived at the harbor and as fast as lightning three demon cores clattered in the bottom of the ship as Hui Yue rushed towards the courtyard.

Entering the courtyard, he found that both Xie Lan and Xu Piao were still waiting outside in front of the buildings. Waiting in exactly the same place where he left them earlier.

Without so much as glancing their way, Hui Yue rushed into the house and hurried to his own room where he sat down, legs crossed and eyes closed as he placed the memory stone to his forehead. A gentle light flashed out, but Hui Yue noticed nothing as his mind was filled with images.

The images showed the insides of a restaurant where Sha Yun, Deng Wu, Wang Ju Long, Xie Lan, and Xu Piao were dining. They were all laughing merrily and eating their food, when suddenly a group of Dragon Corps men arrived within the restaurant.

The Dragon Corps requesting something, but unfortunately there were no sound on the recording and what Hui Yue saw was that suddenly the Dragon Corps turned aggressive. As they were about to wound the man behind the counter, Xu Piao stood up for the man and stopped them in their tracks.

Seeing that Xu Piao jumped in all the others backed him up and within moments a fight had broken out.

The Dragon Corps contained a group of fifteen men against the five of Hui Yue’s friends. While Xu Piao’s side had two King ranked experts he quickly found that the other side had four King ranked experts. The battle was fierce and Xu Piao and Xie Lan were at a disadvantage.

At the same time, his three other friends were struggling against the eleven other cultivators and although they fought back it did not take long before they were surrounded.

Finally, Xu Piao took out his B rank emblem, but, unfortunately, the man in front of him was also B ranked.

A few orders were spoken, however once more, Hui Yue was completely unable to hear what was said. Immediately afterwards his brow furrowed as he saw his friends being tied up.

Xu Piao made a last ditch effort to save them, however, he ended up injured by the King ranked experts and while he wished to give chase, Xie Lan held him back as green energy was seen around her hands.

Seeing Xu Piao injured, the three friends followed without making a scene; this gave Hui Yue the impression so the reason they had followed that easily was due to a threat about hurting Xu Piao further.



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