Blue Phoenix

Chapter 159: Meridians and Benefits

Hearing what Lan Feng said Hui Yue could not help but smile sheepishly. It was true that the energy which caused great changes and huge benefits to the white-haired young man were all gained from the Wu Wei which the phoenix spent a very long time painstakingly refining.

Just as it was with the spiritual energy as soon as the energy was used it would not automatically replenish itself as long as the body relaxed as there was no dantian. Everything which was refined floated in the soul itself. It was like the soul worked as a box to keep it trapped, yet as soon as it escaped it would not return.

There was no doubt about this and both of them knew it from the beginning, even so they agreed that fighting against the King ranked expert was the best solution. That way they would show everyone in the Demon Dwelling Cave that they were not to be trifled with.

While thinking about the battle the previous day, Hui Yue finally rinsed all the filth off his skin before he entered the warm bath and allowed for the hot water to massage his sore muscles.

Staying within the water the young man’s consciousness slowly made its way down to his dantian cave where he went towards the newly opened cave.

As of now, four out of the nine caves had opened themselves. The first, the bloodlust, was definitely the largest of them all, and also a type of energy which Hui Yue did not understand, nor did he wish to understand it as he feared that the more he used it the more likely he was to completely lose control of himself.

The second cave was the tranquil cloud. This cloud was always a great assistance to the young man, and as if it had a mind of its own it would always help suppress the red mist. However recently, the tranquil cloud had started to behave in a bizarre way. In a way where it would take control of other cultivators who were within the cloud. Hui Yue did not have complete control over the cloud, and allowed for it to act on its own which put the owner of the body in a tight spot at times.

The third cave was no better. No matter what Hui Yue did, nothing seemed to have any effect against it. The most beneficial of all the caves so far had to be this one because an orb which was capable of healing one’s wounds was something everyone would dream about, but, sadly, once more this phenomenon was something which he could not control and the orb only healed him whenever it felt like it gained something from it. At least that was his theory.

Looking at the orb, it was currently back to usual size while it had been as small as a pea days back after healing the young man. After healing him it slowly grew in size and now it was the same size as before, yet it seemed as though it was still growing, something which puzzled Hui Yue greatly. The green pearl was in every aspect impossible to figure out.

After walking past the three known caves, his heartbeat quickened the closer he came to the fourth cave. The memories of flying into the sky, having wings on his back, was something which had felt incredible and also very empowering that Hui Yue had almost felt drunk.

Standing in front of the cave, his eyes widened in surprise as what he saw was two incredibly small wings floating in the middle of everything. These wings were so small that if he wore them on his back, no one would ever notice them. They seemed to be about the size of his finger as each was no longer than one centimeter.

‘They grow with Wu Wei,’ Lan Feng commented as he saw the puzzled expression on the other man’s face.

Hearing the one thing which Hui Yue had hoped not to hear. The feeling of flying in the air was one which he wanted to experience again soon, but now he knew that it was impossible without either Lan Feng’s help or reaching the upper dantian. Still, looking at the wings, a smile adorned his youthful face as the feeling still lingered in his body. Flying was definitely one of the better things he had experienced within this new world.

Returning his consciousness to his body, Hui Yue left the bath to start examining what exact physical changes occurred during the outburst of Wu Wei. The first thing he found was that removing the impurities caused the Qi and spiritual energy within his body to circulate far quicker than it had before. It had also made it much easier to fortify organs with Qi as less resistance was met during the process.

Secondly, moving his body around, he found that it was many times more resilient than it had been before. Each and every cell was reconstructed by Wu Wei, something which had made his raw strength and resilience far superior to that of a normal middle dantian cultivator.

Strength and resilience was not the only thing which changed and improved. Within the body was something called meridians. These meridians were the vessels through which Qi moved. The meridians of the body consisted of twelve ordinary vessels and eight extraordinary vessels.

These meridians made up a spiderweb system within the body linking different areas together and allowing for the Qi to move through every single part of one’s body at will.

Every person had twelve ordinary meridians, the ones used to move the Qi within the body, but behind these meridians were a set of eight closed meridians which could only be opened at specific times in one’s life, or if someone managed to forcefully open them.

The extraordinary meridians have the job of strengthening the twelve ordinary meridians along with storing extra Qi within This allows the body to have a constant Qi flow from the meridians

Of these extraordinary meridians Hui Yue had managed to open two. The first was the Chong Mai meridian which allowed for Qi to move from the meridian into the body itself, to fortify one’s organs with Qi.

The second was the Du Mai meridian, called the governing vessel. Lan Feng had previously told Hui Yue that this vessel was of utmost importance as it bound all the yang meridians together, something which would be important when he reached the King rank, but for now the meridian was used to store excess Qi.

Having his body remade, the Wu Wei opened not one, nor two, but a total of three extraordinary meridians shocking the young man. He noticed the sudden change in the speed at which his Qi rushed throughout his body, not to mention the suction force which was drawing in the essence of the heavens and the earth many times faster, refining more Qi as it flooded into the new pathways.

The first meridian which were opened was Ren Mai, the conception vessel. Much like Du Mai was the main vessel for all the yang meridians, Ren Mai was the main vessel of the yin meridians. Ren Mai was also the same as Du Mai when it came to storing Qi. He felt that a large suction force appeared from the meridian, sucking in the energies from his dantian cave.

The second and third meridians which were opened was the yin and yang heel vessels. The Yin and the Yang Qiao Mai. Having opened these two vessels, Hui Yue felt shocked when he realized that his speed of refinement  rapidly increased. Not only had his speed increased, but testing it Hui Yue activated Velocity Flow and unlike before, the moment he thought of activating the skill, it was active. His activation speed was now so quick that Hui Yue had full trust in his abilities to flee from even a King ranked expert.

Another benefit of the two vessels was that Hui Yue no longer needed sleep. His Qi was now capable of rushing through his body in a way it had never done before, and these Qi flows kept his body and mind constantly refreshed and filled with energy replenishing his entire body.

Not only did his body undergo a great change in strength and resilience, and  he opened three extraordinary meridians, but his skin had been renewed allowing for no old wounds or scars to remain. His usually pale skin was now shining with a strange golden glow.

Leaving the bathroom, Hui Yue was clearly very pleased with the changes of his body; however, a few things troubled him especially the fact that he had used the majority of the Wu Wei Lan Feng had spent years refining, but ultimately he knew that there was no way he could have won unless he used that much energy to create the palm.

Hui Yue was lucky to have witnessed Xu Piao using his golden palm, as otherwise he was not sure if he would have been capable of coming up with any ability to use against the golden Wu Wei halberd of the opponent.

Returning to the room from the bathroom, everyone were still deep asleep and after writing a small note to tell them where he disappeared to Hui Yue quietly left the room and made his way towards the Mercenary Guild office.

Walking out of the house in which they were residing, everyone who glanced at the boy would instantly show deep respect, most of them either bowing or turning around to take another path. Those who tried to ignore him dared not look in his eyes.

Making his way into the office, the guards dared not stop him, instead, they respectfully opened the door bowing slightly as they would for the Guild Master.

Hui Yue had not previously realized just how much people’s view of him would change upon winning the match in the arena, but much had changed.

Although there were many King ranked experts within the Demon Dwelling Cave, Emperor ranks were nonexistent because as soon as one reached that rank the family would usually migrate to the next cave where their living standards would be much better. For the Mercenary Guild having such a young man, presumably a King ranked expert who was hiding his cultivation base, was something greatly astonishing.

In a world where strength determined who would prevail having good connections with such a genius was incredibly important. This caused every major family within the capital to send messengers to request an audience with him, only to be declined by the Guild Master.

It was yet another day like that where a long queue of people were standing in front of the Guild Master’s office patiently waiting for their turn. Everyone in line looked as though they knew the answer they would get, but the families still sent them day after day, hoping that one day the news would be different.

Seeing the queue, Hui Yue was taken aback as he strode forward with a steady pace. His skin was still slightly golden after his body remade by the Wu Wei, his head was held high, his blue eyes shining with intelligence and his white hair neatly tied up at the top of his head.

No matter who looked at the young man, everyone was shocked as they saw how young he truly was, his aura once again seemed to be that of a Master ranked cultivator. But the golden hue which surrounded his body made him seem as though he was an angel sent to the world of mortals.

Truthfully the golden hue was small traces of Wu Wei stuck within his body, in organs especially his skin. Slowly they would vanish but until they did, Hui Yue would be a golden child someone who shone light by just being there.




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