Blue Phoenix

Chapter 158: Wasteful Brat

Throwing the fire, Hui Yue eyed his opponent, however, this time the giant decided not to meet the fire head on instead he stomped on the ground and managed to throw himself sideways, out of the trajectory of the blue flame.

Seeing that he successfully dodged the blue flame a satisfied smile appeared on the giant man’s face as he once more stomped hard on the ground and used his leg muscles to propel him forward, shooting towards the young man in front of him.

Once again, the golden light of Wu Wei exploded from within and shaped itself into a halberd, which cut a crescent shape towards the perplexed boy.

And once again, Hui Yue was sliced in half, but like last time it was just a copy, and a sudden feeling of danger emerged in the heart of the giant as the young man appeared right behind him, two blue flames in his hands.

The giant man being a King ranked expert  and the halberd changed direction in the middle of its slash, the edge suddenly going towards Hui Yue.

An explosion sounded out and the floor of the stage disintegrated into sand which was thrown up blocking the sight of everyone present.

Only after some time was it possible to see the two figures who were still standing on the stage, neither of them moving.

“Too shallow, huh?” Hui Yue said with a grimace on his face. His side was cut open and blood was dripping down the ground from the wound.

The reason the other did not reply, nor do anything in return was because his right arm, the one which had been carrying the Wu Wei halberd, was black and the scent of burnt flesh was wafting out, making a few in the audience look ashen.

Although the wound looked bad it was not so bad that the right arm was out of commission, something which troubled Hui Yue to no end.

However, just as Hui Yue was about to curse his own luck a green hue slowly appeared around the wound on his side, the green pearl seemingly in a mood to help out the owner of it’s residence and hope filled Hui Yue.

“Seems like I truly have no choice,” He mumbled as he saw how a wretched expression appeared on the face of his opponent. The wound he just dealt was rapidly healing, once more shocking the audience and the two families.

Seeing the green hue was a big surprise to the Demon Dancing family and the leader’s eyes narrowed a lot, his mood turning more and more foul with each thing he saw in front of him.

“A cultivator with affinity for Wood and Fire. Wood and Fire!” He spat at his son, “He could become an alchemist, who knows, he might actually already be one, but you had to go and insult him!”

“At this point we cannot afford to lose to him,” The family head continued, “If we lose then every large family will do anything in their power to gain favor with him, and we will be the ones they trample upon!”

Hearing that, the young lord of the Demon Dancing family trembled slightly as he imagined how much his world would change if he was no longer associated with an esteemed family.

Although the Demon Dancing family was shocked, they were not the most shocked upon seeing the green hue healing Hui Yue. The person most shocked was Xu Piao. The Guild Master had previously seen Hui Yue use both Fire and Earth, he had even been informed by the young man himself that his affinities were Earth and Fire, so how come, all of a sudden, the boy was able to use the Wood element?

While the two groups were busy being shocked about his affinities, Hui Yue had no luxury to drown in the feeling of being healed, instead, he closed his eyes for but a brief moment. Focusing, his consciousness rushed towards the phoenix in his dantian cave and both of his hands pulled on the small line which kept the two tied together. For the first time ever golden energy seeped from the line into Hui Yue’s consciousness and from his consciousness through his entire body. A strength Hui Yue had never experienced before rushed through every part of his body.

Opening his eyes, the blue within had changed to a bright golden colour, his body and the green hue was replaced with this golden colour and because it was so abundant it starting seeping out from his body.

Unlike the King ranked expert in front of him, Hui Yue had no upper dantian where he could store all the Wu Wei rushing into him from Lan Feng, and instead it seeped out, making it possible for Hui Yue to use it according to will.

Within moments a large golden palm appeared above the air. This was one of the few attacks which Hui Yue had actually managed to see, and copying it was something he did within moments causing Xu Piao to stare agape.

Xu Piao was not the only one to shocked to their core and staring agape, the entire arena was so quiet that the sound of a needle dropping would be considered loud. No one doubted that Hui Yue was a Master ranked expert, even now if one looked at him you could sense  the aura of a Master ranked expert; however, golden energy which felt like Wu Wei, looked like Wu Wei, and acted like Wu Wei was streaming out from his small body in massive quantities.

The palm grew in size, constantly expanding above Hui Yue’s head and finally, after a few moments, the giant understand that now was not the time to hold back. Wu Wei gushed out from his body and took the shape of a halberd. Unlike the previous two instances this time the halberd was somewhat smaller as some of the Wu Wei was clad around the cultivator protecting his body should the halberd not be enough to break through the palm.

It felt as if time had stopped, everyone within the audience was quiet, no one dared to breathe. The eyes of the family head of the Demon Dancing Family were bloodshot, his heart was trembling with worry the same as his son’s.

At the same time, Deng Wu, Sha Yun, and Wang Ju Long were standing with smiles on their faces, excited smiles showing that they had no doubt in their friend and that they fully believed in his success.

They were not the only ones standing with exciting expressions on their faces, Xu Piao and even Xie Lan were filled with astonishment and excitement as they watched the match. No matter who won, it was something which would be spoken about for months afterwards, something which everyone would hear about within the entire cave, maybe even further. A Master ranked expert who wielded Wu Wei was something no one had ever seen before.

The palm was slowly descending from the air, and while doing so, a cracking sound could be heard, and within moments, Hui Yue ascended into the skies his entire body golden as the Wu Wei was still flooded out of his body into the palm.

The breaking sound was the reason for him suddenly taking flight, within his dantian cave one of the small caves had cracked and collapsed, released two golden wings which instantly appeared on Hui Yue’s back. The wings also started sucking in Wu Wei, their size growing tremendously as the rich Wu Wei was absorbed.

Moments later the palm was below Hui Yue and with a trust of his hand the descent increased in speed, as it was about to collide against the halberd.

As soon as the two of them touched each other, a golden explosion occurred and the energies from the clash exploded out to every side. Even the audience was almost blown away from the raw power which flew everywhere.

Hui Yue stopped the constant flow of Wu Wei, and slowly his newfound wings shrunk in size allowing for the young man to descended down onto the completely broken stage. The entire arena was dumbstruck by the sheer power such a young man had released, not to mention the image which was branded into their minds, an image of a beautiful white-haired angel descended from the sky.

Landing onto the stage, Hui Yue once more clad his body in spiritual energy and activated Qi Guard, standing still as the final specks of dust fell down, revealing whether or not he managed to defeat his opponent in time, or if he needed to draw on even more of Lan Feng’s hard work.

Slowly everything died down and with baited breath Hui Yue waited to see that the only thing in front of him was shattered stones. Nothing of his opponent was left behind and even when the Demon Dancing family went onto the stage to find any remains of the giant, none could be found leaving them to grit their teeth and admit their loss.

The entire city was in uproar after hearing the results of the battle and they were even more shocked when they heard that the winner was a Master  who fought against a King ranked expert from the Demon Dancing family.

At first everyone assumed that either the King ranked expert lost on purpose, but after the recordings started to spread across the entire city everyone was shocked to their core to see a Master ranked cultivator capable of wielding Wu Wei.

A rumor quickly spread that he in fact was not a Master ranked cultivator, but in fact a King or even an Emperor who was training and masking his real cultivation base.

During this time while rumors were flying around outside, Hui Yue was inside the Mercenary Guild refusing to meet anyone from the city only seeing his friends. Although Hui Yue used Lan Feng’s Wu Wei, his body took a heavy toll, as the energy went through every cell remaking and strengthening them.

When one opens the upper dantian they would go through a thorough cleansing of the body, not leaving anything the way it had been before.

The large amount of Wu Wei within his body made him go through this thorough cleansing, but his body was not prepared for it yet causing a backlash which left the young man bedridden.

The moment Hui Yue left the arena he was still somewhat conscious, yet after arriving at the Mercenary Guild, he quickly collapsed and was sound asleep for the following five days.

On the fifth day when he woke up it was still dark outside, but the young man could not help and smile with gratitude as he saw Deng Wu was sleeping on the floor in front of him, Sha Yun sleeping next to him, and Wang Ju Long sleeping by his side in a chair.

Slowly he managing to wriggle his way out of Sha Yun’s tail. Hui Yue could not help but smile wider when he saw the unguarded expression on Wang Ju Long’s face. It required a lot of self control to keep from touching her soft cheeks, but after some time, Hui Yue finally went towards the bathroom.

Looking down, the body which spread out beneath his eyes was incredibly filthy after all the impurities had been removed by the Wu Wei, his body was currently feeling much stronger than it ever had been before. He started to see just how much his body benefited from the energy flush of Wu Wei.

However just as his happiness was reaching its highest peaks, a dry voice spoke from inside the dantian cave, ‘It’s all very well that you benefitted from this, but the amount of Wu Wei I have left is miniscule. Don’t expect me, nor my energy, to save you anytime soon you wasteful brat!’




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