Blue Phoenix

Chapter 155: Battle in the Arena

The entire area was so silent that you could hear a pin drop, no one dared say anything.

Having been kicked far back, the guards instantly rushed to their master’s side trying to assist him in standing up which in turn caused the already mad young man to explode, unleashing his rage onto the men who came close to him pummeling them.

“Well done. Haha, very well done!” The young master said with a voice trembling in anger as he looked at the indifferent young man in front of him. “So you have the guts to go against the Demon Dancing family.”

“I hope you do not regret your decision, I won’t let anyone, not even the Dragon Corps, stop me from getting my revenge just you wait that snake-woman will become mine and you will suffer!”

Having said that, the young master was about to walk away when he realized that could no longer move. It felt as if someone took over his body, giving him orders which he himself did not give, but at the same time a tranquil and gentle atmosphere emanated from the young man who was standing in front of him, his face anything but tranquil.

Hui Yue was unaware that he could use the tranquil cloud to take over another person’s body, nor would he have been able to do so had he consciously attempted it, however, deep within his disire turned into a roar. A roar which turned into an order. Hui Yue ordered his body to stop the young master, to not allow him to speak his last words.

The tranquil cloud helped him accomplish this goal. The only one who felt the restrained was the young master who no longer could move, whereas everyone within the marketplace only felt the tranquility; they felt a calmness which in no way belonged to the scene in front of them.

This tranquility was many times more frightening than the killing intent would have been understandable, but the gentle air was almost oppressing causing the young master to fear for his life as Hui Yue slowly took one step at a time closing in on the young master and placing a hand on his shoulder.

“Listen up,” He said with a low voice, almost growling, “I don’t mind if you insult me. Call me a half-breed or whatever, but don’t you ever mention anything about my friends. Don’t think that just because scum like you exists everyone is like that.”

Hearing his soft voice, the silence within the marketplace was such that almost no one dared breathing; his low voice reached every single corner at the square where they were standing.

Behind them, Sha Yun was standing and her eyes glistened in pride as she heard the words Hui Yue said, her heart beating erratically as he was protecting her. Hui Yue was getting mad because of her. A smile was on her face because she was grateful about how he was protecting her and cared for her. Even though she was aware that he did not return her feelings, he still valued her greatly as a good friend, something which warmed her heart.

As soon as the words left the pale lips of the white-haired boy, the restraints on the young master vanished and he stumbled forward, diving straight into the ground before he scrambled to his legs and ran as though there was a demon behind him.

A moment later, the tranquil air which kept everyone standing still, afraid to make even the slightest move, vanished without a trace. Hui Yue returning to the friends by his side as he smiled a gentle smile reminding them why they were there in the first place.

“Time to eat!” He said, as he took Sha Yun and Wang Ju Long’s hands and dragged the two girls with him towards a food stand with delicious smelling food, leaving Deng Wu to catch up.

“Oi wait for me!” He called out as he rushed after them. Sha Yun’s face filled with laughter and even Wang Ju Long was smiling at the young man trying to catch up.

As soon as they started walking away everyone who had been at the food marketplace, apart from those who owned stalls, all vanished into thin air. They all feared that someone would be back for revenge.

Hui Yue seemed to not have any fear of the family returning and as soon as they found a stall with a seating area, they instantly sat down. They ordered a wide array of dishes which everyone enjoyed together while freely chatting about everything and nothing.

Time went by quickly as the group ordered more and more delicacies, wishing to try them all now that they had the time to do so.

While they were eating, the sun slowly moved across the sky. When the sun was almost getting ready to set, the group of four finally stood up paid their bill and got ready to head back to the Mercenary Guild when they saw that the entrance to the marketplace was now heavily guarded, guarded in a way it had not been earlier.

The guards were at least Master rank, with some of them being Grandmaster ranked and even a few Duke ranked experts. All of them were standing at the entrance clearly under the command of the young master who had been there earlier. The Young Master was now quite far away from the others in a safe location as his eyes shone with mixed emotions.

Hate could be seen within his eyes, along with apprehension and even fear. As soon as the young master returned to the Demon Dancing family he told his father about the situation and the father ordered him to take some guards to wipe out the ones who caused trouble.

His father was not interested in taking in Sha Yun, nor was he interested in what his useless son was doing, no what he was worried about was how commoners and cultivators would view his Demon Dancing family if he allowed for such low ranked experts to make fun of his family.

“Here they are!” Someone suddenly yelled and all the guards who were harassing citizens or challenging the original guards at the marketplace finally stopped their actions and gathered up, looking at Hui Yue and his entourage.

The entourage was only four cultivators and only one of them was a Grandmaster, while the others were Master ranked. The four people were enough to make the group of guards laugh out loud because they all believed that they had what it took to beat them senseless within moments.

“Don’t underestimate them!” The young master said from his hiding spot outside the marketplace, while guarded by four Duke ranked experts. He looked uncomfortably at the fifteen cultivators who were all standing between him and the other group.

Laughter rung out from the marketplace as the fifteen cultivators heard the serious voice saying that they needed to take them seriously. All of them were aware that they had much more manpower and more men with higher ranks than the four in front of them.

“Keep the snake-woman alive,” The young master suddenly called out once more, “Keep her alive for me and I will pay you a hefty sum of money.”

Hearing those words, a cold gleam appeared in Hui Yue’s eyes once more. He slowly lifted his hand, gathering the attention from his friends all of them waiting to hear what his orders were.

“Kill them all.” Hui Yue said in a low voice which swept across the entire area, and for some reason a shiver ran through the many men who were getting ready to attack.

“You sure talk big,” One of the guards said, his face twisted in malice and indignation from hearing the words of the young white-haired man. Who did he think he was to order their deaths?

Deng Wu picked up his scrolls. The majority of them were Fire Orbs, but three contained beastly soul shadows and these were the first thing he summoned. Pointing them towards the men in front of him and planting a sliver of will within them, ordering them to kill their enemies.

Seeing the large shadows the eyes of everyone present widened in surprise. Necromancers were not that common underground either and coming across one was something which could be considered very bad luck. The Demon Dancing family even went so far as to insult and start a battle against a necromancer, this was shocking to the extreme.

Before Deng Wu released his soul shadows, everyone expected that Hui Yue was the strongest in the team because he was the leader, yet after seeing those soul shadows their thoughts instantly changed and everyone looked at the black-haired handsome young man with renewed respect and dread.

Seeing Deng Wu was a necromancer, dread was visible on the face of the young master, but in a life-threatening situation such as this his mind was reeling at a speed unlike anything else and he quickly stood up,

“Wait!” The young master yelled loudly into the air his hands waving manically. Seeing this, Hui Yue lifted his arm and made Deng Wu pause his attack. Standing by white-haired’s side was the three beastly soul shadows in front of the two, keeping the guards at bay.

“Killing everyone here will not be beneficial for either of us,” The young master said, his mind reeling in fear and worried how he would get out of this. Even if he did manage to deal with the man here, he still had to return home and inform his father about the outcome of the fight.

“I’m listening,” Hui Yue said with a slightly hesitant voice. Although he knew that he could get rid of all the men present, he also knew it would be troublesome if they suddenly ended up fighting against the entire family. It was not something he could take lightly. Still, as long as they had any ideas about his friends, Hui Yue would fight to the bitter end.

“We will do a one on one fight in the arena next week,” The young master said with a serious expression on his face.

“Battles in the arena are to the death and no one is allowed to go against the verdict. Should you lose then you have to hand over the beast to us, should we lose then we will never touch you nor your friends again.” The plan of the young master was to have a one on one battle. Although the necromancer had soul shadows, it was possible for him to be beaten if it was a one versus one.

“No deal,” Hui Yue’s voice cut through the audience, chopping down the hope which the young master started to harbor.

“The fight in the arena will be to your advantage,” The white-haired boy continued, his voice devoid of all emotion only facts were being said.

“If we lose we have to hand over Sha Yun? Well in case you lose you have to hand over ten thousand demon coins or demon cores.” He said with a steady voice.

Ten thousand demon cores was not a small amount of money for any family. Had the Demon Dancing family not been as famous as they were, then likely they would not have that much liquid assets, but the young master contemplated their options.

The first choice was for them to all die now. The second was to have a battle against them, which they were likely to win. It was obvious which of the two options the young master preferred and a smile appeared on his face as he nodded his head.

“Four days from now, when the sun is high in the sky let our two groups fight against each other then.” He said before he fled the location, hurrying back towards his home to inform his father about the event.

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