Blue Phoenix

Chapter 141: Chaos

Standing in front of the massive head, Hui Yue’s heart clenched slightly as he felt that he might have underestimated the snake in front of him. Even so, he felt that this was a battle they needed to fight. It was simply too late to back out.

“GO!” Zhou Long’s voice was not low and gentle as it had been every time so far, instead, it was filled with killing intent and echoed throughout the valley and into the distance.

The yell instantly caused the previously still snake body to start moving Hui Yue spared no time to look closer at the body, instead, he fed the blue flame in his hand drop after drop of spiritual energy, allowing it to suck up as much as it could. At the same time, Hui Yue pulled out some of the refined bone marrow, the refined bone dust, and unrefined beast cores.

All of these extra things were added to the flame causing it to increase in size and increase an immense amount making the fire soar into the sky. A roaring filled the air, and Hui Yue pulled one small fire orb from the large one after another, bombarding the snake.

Although Hui Yue was using the most dangerous fire he could produce, he was after all only Master ranked and his elemental affinity was and spiritual energy just so. The beast he was up against was an Emperor ranked beast. The fact that the blue flames managed to destroy one scale at a time causing it to catch on fire and crack revealing some of the flesh beneath, was already a shocking effect from a flame sent forth by a Master ranked cultivator.

Hui Yue was not the only one who was attacking to his heart’s content. What Hui Yue did was destroy small groups of scales, which then the flesh underneath was attacked by Wang Ju Long’s small poppies under the orders of the large one.

The poison within the poppies was weak when compared to the poison which existed naturally within the flesh of the Horned Snake, but even so one poppy after another gave up their lives to infect even a slight bit of its flesh. They were attempting to add enough poison to stun the snake. If the snake was stunned for even a moment it would increase their opportunity to defeat it.

A roar sounded out from the massive mouth of the awakening Horned Snake. The roar alone was enough to make the mountains tremble. A rain of stones and boulders started falling down towards the three groups of cultivators who tried to get rid of them.

“Yun!” Hui Yue called out with an urgent voice, and the woman who was merged with Earth nodded before she lifted her arms, and by her side, the earth started moving. It created two barriers that the boulders slammed into, slowing their fall down significantly making them much easier to avoid.

With an approving nod, Hui Yue wiped the sweat from his forehead, as he continuously fed his spiritual energy to the blue flame above his head summoning forth one small fire ball after another which he used to break open the heavy armour of the Horned Snake.

Hui Yue and his friends were situated right in front of the snake and the only thing they could see was the area around the mouth. The snake’s eyes were each placed on the sides of the head.

Hui Yue, Zhou Long and the formation specialists were placed in a triangle, making Zhou Long stand in front of the right eye and the formation specialists at the left. Although Hui Yue’s location in front of the mouth seemed dangerous, the two other groups had the most dangerous positions as they were the first thing the snake would see.

Hui Yue was unaware, but the Horned Snake had indeed opened its eyes moments before. Although the damage dealt by Hui Yue was not a lot, it was still enough to hurt the snake and also they were not the only ones attacking.

From one side, Hui Yue could feel the aura of the elemental flame he had summoned and this one was even more domineering than the one he summoned at the tournament. On his other side fluctuations of very powerful energies were sweeping about.

Behind Hui Yue, Xie Lan, and Xu Piao were quiet for some time as both of them were preparing two attacks which contained a great deal of Wu Wei, but for it to succeed Hui Yue and his friends needed to make the snake open its mouth.

Continuing to destroy scale after scale, Hui Yue saw how the beastly soul shadows were corroding its flesh, destroying everything in their path. Even more agonizing hissing sounds could be heard coming from the beast as its skin was corroding and its scales burning, constant pain being inflicted upon it.

Xu Piao and Xie Lan combined their Wu Wei into a golden spear which shone with an intense and highly dangerous aura, even Hui Yue was certain that he could do nothing to block an attack of this magnitude. He gritted his teeth before he determined that it was no longer time for him to play around with the small blue flames.

Lifting both his hands, the massive Fire Orb above his head started moving. It did not move quickly and because it was no longer producing smaller Fire Orbs it was gaining in size every second. Slowly it made its way towards the awakening Horned Snake.

This snake, although large and deadly, seemed to take forever to react and wake up. It already noticed both the formation specialists along with Zhou Long and it was perfectly aware that a third group was right in front of it, but its large size was disadvantage in a battle such as this. All it could do was hiss in pain while slowly activating its cultivation base.

Hui Yue was the first to notice the difference. The previously mud-green snake was changing colour and was becoming golden. A golden hue was even shining from its scales which he no longer had any ability to destroy.

Pushing the blue flame faster, Hui Yue guided it inside the mouth of the beast, however, just as it reached the open cavern the head started to move!

Loud creaks were heard as everything shook. Hui Yue and his friends all struggled to keep their balance, the worst was Sha Yun who was merged with Earth, as a recoil hit her and her face paled as pain welled up from within.

The Horned Snake was a highly intelligent beast, and it was perfectly aware that the real problematic one of the many cultivators present was Zhou Long. It turned its face towards him, causing the other eye to be right in front of Hui Yue.

Seeing such a perfect target, Hui Yue did not wait many seconds before he commanded his flame to strike its eye; it hissed in pain and suddenly the world started crumbling around them.

The Horned Snake lifted its upper body above the ground and slammed it down with as much force as it could muster, in the hope of crushing some of the cultivators in the process.

Seeing the snake lift itself up, Hui Yue’s eyes widened with terror and he turned around yelling out loud, “BACK UP!” He rushed away and was followed by the others, but not all of them were lucky.

Little Poppy had been too close and too slow to make it out alive. It was crushed under the massive snake, the death of the flower cutting its connection with Wang Ju Long, making her offensive powers limited.

“Wait behind!” Hui Yue shouted to Wang Ju Long, “We will definitely need your healing later on!” He continued before the entire cave shook from the massive snake slamming down..

Seeing that the snake was waking up, Hui Yue knew that they did not have a lot of time to stay around. When he looked at the right eye, the eye which the blue flame struck, satisfaction was evident on his face as he saw how the blue flame was still burning the eye and flesh with an intensity which no other flame could match.

Rushing back to where they were before, Hui Yue gestured to Xie Lan and Xu Piao as the mouth of the beast was wide open, and they threw the Wu Wei spear with as much force as they could, the spear pierced through the back of its head before it got stuck halfway through the throat.

The spear did not make it all the way through, but the fact that half of it had pierced into the tough scales showed how powerful the spear truly was. Hui Yue decided to follow up their spear attack with his own. Although he had no wish to get close to the snake he knew that it was necessary for him to attack with another Fire Orb. Once more summoning a small flame in his hand, after which he withdrew a little of Lan Feng’s affinity with Fire and watched the flame turned from red to lighter colors until it was finally blue

Not waiting for a second longer, Hui Yue fed this small blue flame with as much spiritual energy as he could, knowing full well that he was going to run out of spiritual energy fairly soon. He still wished to attack with one more Fire Orb before he and his friends withdrew.

While Hui Yue was focused on his Fire Orb, Sha Yun was busy creating Earthen Spears which kept empaling the beast on all the wounds left behind by Hui Yue and Deng Wu.

Deng Wu summoned one soul shadow after another going through his scrolls quickly. Although it was rare for a necromancer to have a lot of beast shadows, this was not the case with Deng Wu as he had gained thousands of them during the time they waited within the tunnels for the Dragon Corps to appear. Now was finally the time to use them.

One beastly soul shadow alone would do nothing, but as all the shadows merged together they became stronger and stronger until there was just one shadow left, corroding the scales and flesh of their opponent. Although it took the shadows a long time to corrode even a small bit of the snake, these shadows were completely unaffected by anything the snake had done so far.

Just as Hui Yue was about to release his second blue Fire Orb, a feeling of immediate danger washed over him and he once more retreated backwards, rushing out of the range of the snake.

It turned out to be the right decision, as moments later a golden flash filled the area causing blood-curdling screams, from the side where the formation specialists were at, followed by a tremor which ran through the ground.

The screams only sounded for a few moments before everything turned eerily silent Hui Yue gritting his teeth, as he threw a glance towards the location where Zhou Long was supposed to be fighting the snake. So far, Hui Yue had not seen much help from either of the groups sent by the Dragon Corps.

Knowing that they could not expect much help from either of the teams he desperately sought out the phoenix within his dantian cave, but the phoenix completely ignored him. No matter how Hui Yue tried to get into contact with Lan Feng, the bird just stayed there with closed eyes golden light shining from within his body.

Looking at Deng Wu, Hui Yue noticed an ugly expression spreading on his face, and as soon as the handsome boy noticed Hui Yue’s glance he shook his head. He was not able to contact little dragon either. It was as though the two divine beasts entered a trance, unable to be woken up and unaware of anything which happened around them.

Clenching his hand, Hui Yue summoned Black Blood and the Qi Dagger as he looked up at the snake, contemplating the best options they had for survival.

Seeing Hui Yue draw his weapons, he was no longer alone. Behind him, Sha Yun was now carrying her halberd, Wang Ju Long carried her red staff, Deng Wu carried the sword, and the two King ranked experts both carried weapons of their own. Seeing the determination in everyone’s eyes, Hui Yue nodded to them. There was only one way they could possibly kill the snake and that was to destroy the beast from within, the scales were simply too formidable!

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