Blue Phoenix

Chapter 115: The Road of a Primal Law

All the air within Hui Yue’s lungs was pushed out of his body as he slammed into the tunnel wall, quickly followed by blood.

Hui Yue felt that his entire body was devoid of spiritual energy, and he knew that if the woman had managed to survive that last attack of his, then he would be unable to stop her from leaving.

Hui Yue was a man and he would never take back his word. Although he would be very unhappy to see her leave, he would not go back on what he had previously stated.

Sliding down the wall, Hui Yue felt how his entire back was one huge wound, not to mention his meridians had all been damaged from the excessive use of spiritual energy.

His legs were weak as he forced his body to stand up. Hui Yue’s blood was flowing from the wounds on his back, and another wound on his head.

Cursing slightly, Hui Yue could not help but feel lightheaded, as he slowly made his way towards the other side of the tunnel where he could see the vague shadow of the woman from before.

Hui Yue felt bad when Sha Yun killed the men within Cave’s End City, and even now he refused to allow Deng Wu to seal the souls of people whom he did not know regardless of if they had done something terrible, however, this was different.

The Dragon Corps was a group of people who had gotten in his way by capturing the person whom he was supposed to save. It would have been better if he did not have to kill them. However if he had allowed even one of them to leave, then it was obvious that the rest of their time within the Dungeons of the Divine would be as outlaws.

Being hunted was far from anything which Hui Yue enjoyed and as a result, he was merciless ordering the members of the Dragon Corps to be killed.

Finally making his way towards the opposite side of the cave, Hui Yue saw that half of her body was gone. Relief finally appeared on his face, as he felt that they could finally move on in a relatively safe manner.

“We will rest for a bit,” Hui Yue said with clenched teeth as the pain was throbbing badly, threatening to overtake his consciousness and knock him out, “Yun, you take over and make this look like it was done by magical beasts. Ju Long, you deal with Sun and don’t let Wu close to her! Wu, come here and look after me.”

Having given the orders, Hui Yue collapsed to the ground as a green hue finally surrounded him, slowly but surely healing every part of his body.

Seeing that the woman was dead, Deng Wu followed Hui Yue’s orders and first withdrew a blanket from his storage stone. He then placed it on the ground before placing the young white-haired boy upon the blanket while he was healing.

Seated next to Hui Yue, Deng Wu once brought out his inscription tools and re-summoned the soul shadows he had previously used to kill the Dragon Corps and surround the captain. Knowing that Hui Yue frowned upon him taking new souls as soul shadows, he treated the few he had left with great care.

He had previously used a lot of soul shadows in the fight of Riluo City. Back then he had attempted to capture all the dying people’s souls, yet after the battle finished he noticed that the inscription he made was faulty and all the souls dissipated into the Netherworld.

Looking back, this was one mistake which Deng Wu was relieved to have made, as he knew that Hui Yue would have been furious, had he truly made these people his slaves in their second life.

Looking at Hui Yue, who was sleeping calmly on the blanket Deng Wu could not stop a smile from appearing on his face.

From a young age he had always been bored with the life which was available to him in Riluo City, and after getting the figurine, little dragon, he felt it even more so.

Although Deng Wu felt adoration for his family, he knew that it was not a place he wished to spend his days at, and he wanted to one day travel away and experience epic adventures.

Then he met Hui Yue and the new boy had been a fresh breath of air. He helped him save his family and now he brought Deng Wu along on his adventures. Gratitude for the kindness and friendship shown to him was welling up within the black-haired boy, and he swore that he would follow any order given by this friend of his, even if it meant meeting certain death.

Upon thinking about death the image of Rong Xing appeared in his mind and a longing blossomed within his heart. A sigh escaped his lips while he was thinking about his childhood friend. he then decided to sneak a peek at Sun, the woman who was much more than just a woman.

Glancing towards the woman, Deng Wu stiffened with horror as he saw Wang Ju Long glaring at him and he quickly shifted his glance towards the working Sha Yun.

The snake-woman was busy moving the corpses around. She picked up Hui Yue’s storage stone and withdrew multiple wolf corpses and jade vials of blood which she spread all over the place together with her own blood. Using her beastly attacks, she marked the area. Everywhere an attack had landed, she made an attack on top ensuring that the marks left behind were done by a magical beast, not a human.

Not a word was said within the tunnel while Sha Yun was working. Deng Wu dared not look at Sun once more, as he feared that Wang Ju Long would tell on him and he did not wish to let Hui Yue down.

Wang Ju Long, on the other hand, had nothing to talk with Sun about so all she did was stand next to the Primal Law as she waited for Hui Yue to wake up. An awkward silence appeared within the tunnel, but none of them knew how to break it.

Sha Yun was busy working, but as soon as she ended her clean-up she went straight to Hui Yue, where she positioned herself at his side not deeming the other’s worthy of her time.

Usually, she would enjoy talking with Deng Wu, however right now only Hui Yue’s injuries were on her mind. She guarded her friend and master with vigilant eyes, constantly on the lookout for magical beasts coming their way.

Sun was standing next to Wang Ju Long, however, she said nothing and just stood there waiting patiently for Hui Yue to wake up.

The awkward silence lasted for almost an entire hour where Deng Wu was constantly struggling with his impulses of looking at Sun. At the same time, Wang Ju Long was glaring daggers at the black-haired man, ensuring that he did not have any plans of closing the distance towards Sun. During the whole time, Sha Yun was seated quietly and alert by the side.

Small mumbling words could be heard as Hui Yue finally opened his eyes, only to feel that the green pearl from within had almost vanished, losing the majority of its powers. As a result, it was now drawing in Qi from the Qi spiral and essence from the heavens and the earth to replenish itself.

Opening his eyes, Hui Yue’s body was comfortable, and the green pearl restored everything on the outside closed all the wounds and healed all the scratches and cuts from being thrown into the tunnel wall.

Hui Yue’s organs had also been healed, but this was where the healing ended. His meridians were still shredded and in a pitiful state. Looking at them, it was obvious that they would need at least a month of rest before he would be capable of circulating spiritual energy through the channels.

Due to Hui Yue using his full power this had not only broken his meridians it also forced open the Du Mai meridian which specialised in protecting the body from outside attacks. It was a meridian which Hui Yue did not know too much about, however, he was still excited to know that it was almost open.

Although Hui Yue’s meridians were shredded from the overuse of energy, Hui Yue knew that they would heal in due time and, for now, he had to wait patiently before exploring his newly opened meridian.

Sitting up, Hui Yue glanced around and saw the awkward atmosphere everyone was in due to his final orders before falling asleep and a short laugh escaped his lips. He quickly stood up and moved towards Sun, where he respectfully bowed in front of her.

“It is my pleasure to meet you, Law of the Sun,” The white-haired boy said with a genuine smile on his face, causing Sun to nod in reply.

“We wish to reunite you with the other laws within Cave’s End,” Hui Yue continued while looking at Sun as he had the feeling that she did not care at all as to what their plans were.

“Excuse me for asking, but why would you not care about what happens to you?” Hui Yue furrowed his brows, as he truly did not understand this woman’s existence in front of him.

“I am the Law of all the Suns within this world,” Sun finally opened her mouth and a beautiful voice sounded out, a voice filled with warmth. “As long as the suns exist, so shall I. As long as I exist so shall the suns.”

Hui Yue nodded, he had already been told about the laws before, however, that did not seem to answer the question he just asked.

“No matter where I go, I will always be Sun. Unlike you humans who choose your road, mine is predetermined. I can follow these men, but by doing so it will not change anything; I will always be Sun wherever I go. Staying within Cave’s End can have no other ending.” A slight feeling of regret could be seen within her eyes, however, the regret quickly disappeared and was replaced by proudness.

“You are human, this is one thing you will never understand.” She sighed deeply, as she looked at Hui Yue with a complicated expression in her eyes. “Every road you tread will lead you closer to becoming yourself. Every road you take changes you from whom you were before. You improve. You change. But I am a law, and a law is constant. A law is the same from birth to death”

Sun’s expression was as placid as ever while she spoke these words, but Hui Yue felt a slight conflict going on within the law in front of him. A sense of pity also arrived. Living within a limited world such as these dungeons for eternity was something which Hui Yue could never imagine. Especially without any aim to life other than bringing forth the different seasons.

Sun sighed deeply as she looked at the tunnel walls which surrounded her.

“I miss the seasons,” She said after a while. “Once upon a time I wished to become something else and took a trip through the many tunnels and caves only to realise that life within these dungeons was the same no matter where I am. I would like to return home even still.”

Hearing this, Hui Yue nodded and the friends all stood up, getting ready to escort the woman back to the forest in which she used to live.

Walking through the tunnel, Hui Yue grabbed a cape from his storage stone and asked for Sun to wear it. Donning the cloak, the five made their way back to Cave’s End and the forest in which Sun had lived for eons, and where she would spend the rest of eternity.

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