Blue Phoenix

Chapter 114: Battle in the Tunnels

The two circular shaped objects grew in size and after a few moments, everyone from the Dragon Corps was standing on top of the rotating metal-like platforms. Below them Earthen Spikes erupted, only to hit thin air.

“No way!” An aggravated female voice called out followed by laughter from the previous cheerful male voice. Kuang Fung Ji’s face distorted into rage, as she felt that the opponents were looking down on her.

This notion quickly changed as her eyes fixed on the laughing youngster with black hair. In his hands were various scrolls with inscription patterns and one of them was being activated right as they were speaking.

Looking at the shadows which sprung to life, the captain’s face distorted into an alert expression with a slight hint of disgust hidden within. It was obvious that she was perfectly well aware of Deng Wu’s abilities as a necromancer.

“Men,” She called out with a high voice, “Take the woman and flee asap, we don’t need to fight them, we just need to get past them.”

Although Kuang Fung Ji felt that she was capable of defeating these four youngsters, she also knew that it was impossible to do so without any casualties. She did not wish to see any unnecessary deaths on her side.

How did they know? The captain asked herself, grinding her teeth as she used her spiritual energy to maneuver the two circular shaped platforms towards the youngsters at an incredible speed.

No one else than the ones from Cave’s End should know about Sun, she reasoned with herself as she looked at the youngster’s calm demeanour as they rushed past them. Could they truly be from Cave’s End? No. They could not produce such high ranked experts. Could there truly be another world outside our tunnels and caves?

Kuang Fung Ji made a mental note to remember and think on this in the future, in case it could bring her even more prestige to tell everyone about the possibilities of a way out. A world not filled with stifling dark tunnels. A world where the ancient word, sky, would have a meaning other than cave ceiling.

The captain was so caught up in her own thoughts that she did not notice that thick branches were blocking her way, and the two metal platforms crashed directly into it, causing the entire Dragon Corps to tumble to the ground.

Blood curling screams could be heard as a new set of Earthen Spears appeared out of nowhere, instantly taking the life of one Dragon Corps soldier, while rendering another unable to move as the spear impaled his leg.

These spears were smaller than the ones before, but they had been placed perfectly underneath a wooden barricade made by Wang Ju Long. It was clearly made by another cultivator than the one who had made the first spikes.

Kuang Fung Ji was fuming with fury, as she realised that at least two of her enemies were Earth affinity cultivators and she could not help but feel worry deep within. Earth was what surrounded them. For anyone living in these caves, Earth was the element they wished to gain an affinity with.

Although the captain was fuming with anger, she quickly settled herself and looked around the cave, trying to get an overview of her forces.

Sun had not fallen down like the others, instead she floated down gently and was now standing to the side. She was not participating in the battle at all, just patiently waiting for the victors to emerge.

Shaking her head at the Law, Kuang Fung Ji looked to see how her troops were doing. The majority were getting to their legs, getting in formation as their eyes were vigilantly observing the four youngsters which were opposing them.

The injured man was cursing as he tried to stand on the other leg, only to suddenly feel a strong vine wrap around him, thorns breaking through his skin then his world turned black.

Little poppy had been growing for a long period of time and had been eating magical beast after magical beast. After having devoured so many creatures, the flower now had vines as tough as if they were leather, the thorns being as strong and sharp as the beast’s teeth.

Although this flower was bad at dealing with fully functional enemies, its abilities to sweep up the injured ones was simply superb. As soon as it ended the life of the large man, vines appeared around the two corpses, dragging them into the shadows.

Kuang Fung Ji gritted her teeth in anger as she saw how her previously complete team lost two of their members, her eyes started to shine red as anger billowed within her body. With a flick of her hand, two short swords appeared, shining with spiritual energy which they were imbued with.

With burning eyes, Kuang Fung Ji rushed towards the white-haired man, as something told her that this was their leader, and if she took him down the others would be easy targets.

A boom resounded off the tunnel walls and the captain was knocked back, as she came face to face with one of the women.

This woman was taller than any of the men, and upon closer inspection, Kuang Fung Ji’s eyes widened in surprise as she saw her silvery eyes and the snake-like tail. This was undoubtedly a magical beast; however, she had never ever heard of one looking like this before.

Unfortunately, this beast showed no intention of slowing her attacks and her tail instantly met the two swords. The boom alone causing both magical beast and human to be knocked back.

Kuang Fung Ji was knocked two steps back while the beast was knocked multiple metres away. Cracks were shown on her tail with small streams of blood leaking out. A feeling of relief flooded the captain, as she determined that this beast was only of the Master rank. She should be slain easily.

Rushing forward, Kuang Fung Ji decided to use her advantage to narrow down her enemies, but she felt a sudden danger and her attack changed to defence as a shadow appeared by her side. A black knife grazed her cheek before she was able to block it, the force alone knocking her back a few steps.

Standing back with the short swords in a defensive stance, Kuang Fung Ji looked at her original target, the white haired boy, as he leisurely moved towards the beast and grasped her hand only to scould her afterwards.

“Don’t jump in,” He commanded with a gentle voice, as he pointed to the shadows. The captain was shocked as she noticed how the snake lowered her head and slowly slithered into the shadows.

“Sorry about that,” The young man continued as he looked at Kuang Fung Ji. The previously gentle and calm eyes now contained an icy chill which caused the woman to shiver involuntarily.

Looking at the boy, it was obvious that he was of a lower rank than her, yet somehow Kuang Fung Ji felt as though the battle was in his favour.

Her eyes were glued to the man, waiting for him to make his move, however before he did a ruckus appeared with the rest of her troops.

Agonizing screams sounded out as their bodies were turned to liquid and soul shadows made their way to take over the body.

Looking at everything, a thrilled expression appeared on Deng Wu’s face as he was about to write inscription patterns which he would use to trap these new souls. However that gesture caused Hui Yue to frown.

“Don’t,” He said only one word, but Deng Wu understood what was unsaid. It was obvious that although they had killed them, Hui Yue was unaware of whether or not they had done anything which was bad enough for them to no longer be reincarnated. Sighing deeply, Deng Wu removed the inscription patterns and allowed for the souls which were dissipating to enter the Netherworld.

Although the souls had been granted reincarnation, their bodies were now controlled by the soul shadows which Deng Wu purchased before and they all surrounded Hui Yue and Kuang Fung Ji.

The captain felt her heart sinking in her chest. Although she knew that she had a chance against the white-haired boy, she did not feel as though she was capable of defeating everyone present and anger was suddenly visible in her eyes.

“Don’t worry,” The white-haired boy said with a smile on his face. A smile which did not reach his eyes. “If you manage to defeat me we will allow you to leave as you like.”

Having said that he played with the black dagger in his hand while looking at the woman with a taunting appearance.

Kuang Fung Ji narrowed her eyes. She did not believe him one bit, however she had no other choice then to give it a try and hope for the best.

The bodies controlled by the soul shadows along with the three friends of the white-haired boy and an oversized flower were all gathering around the two of them, making it impossible to escape, should she want to try.

A sigh escaped her lips. Even if she wanted to escape there was nowhere for her to escape to. The tunnel was blocked by massive plants, and the way back lead to a town with no cultivation techniques. They would be of no help in a fight like this.

Gritting her teeth, Kuang Fung Ji twirled her two swords around her wrists and with an explosive stomp, launched herself towards the young man in front of her. Her swords were shimmering in the dim light of the light stones, which had dropped on the floor, and the sharpness was one which Hui Yue dared not underestimate.

Lifting Black Blood, and using transforming weapons, Hui Yue created a short sword of his own which he then infused with his spiritual energy and the Metal elemental flame.

Raising the two weapons, Hui Yue bravely went against the cultivator rushing towards him with no signs of stepping back.

Deng Wu, Sha Yun, and Wang Ju Long all felt worried as they could feel the undulations of energy rippling out from behind the captain; worry filled their hearts as Hui Yue dared to meet it in a head on collision.

Spiritual energy gushed out from Hui Yue’s heart and placed a layer of energy around his entire body, shielding him, as a red hue exploded forward only to be followed by a tranquil air.

The sudden atmosphere was at once both deathly cold and also warm and tranquil, causing Kuang Fung Ji’s heart to sink in displeasure, yet she steeled herself and poured all her spiritual energy into the one attack she was preparing.

One of the white-haired boy’s eyes was as deep blue as the vast and endless sea, while the other was blood red like the eye of a demon. His body was emitting red and blue steam, which entwined into a cloud behind him and finally right before the collision a silvery inscription flared up on the black dagger in his hand.

Kuang Fung Ji felt how sudden power rushed out from the body of the younger man, and worry appeared within her heart, even still she grit her teeth, biting so hard that blood could be tasted within her mouth, and her entire soul was placed within the attack in front of her.

Upon reaching one another an energy unlike anything before collided and the ripples pushed everyone back. The two people in the collision shot backwards, both continuing until they landed with their backs slaming into the tunnel walls.

Kuang Fung Ji looked down at herself as she struggled to stand up, shock filling her whole being as she saw a hole in her side. Her entire stomach and lower body was completely missing, blood and guts falling to the floor.

Disbelief filled her eyes as she slowly slid to the ground, allowing for the black world to descend upon her and take her away.

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