Blue Phoenix

Chapter 107: Wolf

Standing in complete darkness, Hui Yue felt even more alert than he had previously, and he quickly withdrew a light stone from within his storage stone. Light appeared within the dark tunnels causing shadows to flicker all over the place. Some of which were actual shadows while others were creatures which tried to escape from the light that was being emitted.

Deng Wu took out the one Hui Yue had passed him earlier and Wang Ju Long picked up two from her storage stone, one for her and another for Sha Yun.

Although Sha Yun accepted the stone, she had no need for them because she was a magical beast with enhanced senses. Her cat-like eyes were specialized to see during the night and in a tunnel like this it was no different.

Most of the magical beasts were retreating from the light, yet a good distance away a horrendous howl could be heard and the tunnel ground shook slightly as something was dashing towards Hui Yue and the group.

This was clearly no lightweight magical beast and as soon as they noticed it approaching, energy fluctuations could be felt as all of the young cultivators released their spiritual energy, creating shields which covered their bodies.

With a quick flick of his hand, Black Blood appeared in Hui Yue’s grasp and a red flame sprung to life within his hand. Killing intent surged forward and the advance of whatever beast was arriving slowed down significantly.

Green energy was swirling around Wang Ju Long as she started her incantations. Within her hand was seeds from three different types of plants. She then spread these seeds out in front of her as she kept mumbling incantations.

Suddenly the seeds started to sprout and with an unimaginable speed one of the plants grew and surround Wang Ju Long, shielding her from anything outside.

The plant had long vines filled with thorns and flowers, poisonous flowers, so that anyone who dared to get close to her would have to fight through the barricade she set up.

Although the first type of seeds had grown into the shield which protected her, Wang Ju Long continued mumbling incantations and soon the second type of seed started to sprout into long roots that dug under the ground. Ripples could be seen on the surface, as the roots dug further and further away from the trunk of the small tree before they finally stilled.

The final seed grew as Wang Ju Long’s final incantation finished and beautiful poppies appeared on the ground, an alluring scent emitting out from within the petals.

Looking at these petals one could instantly tell that they were poisonous. Having given life to three kinds of seeds, Wang Ju Long’s face had grown slightly pale, and she sat down in her protective shell, closed her eyes and started to meditate.

The beast which had been slowed by Hui Yue’s killing intent was still running their way, and the closer it came the more the ground shook, causing small stones to rain down from the ceiling.

Deng Wu was unable to use his soul shadow inscriptions in this tunnel as no other living bodies were available, other than himself and his friends, and instead he found some fire inscriptions he had previously made while still living within Riluo City.

Together with inscription patterns small magical gems were taken out of the storage stone. As soon as they entered Deng Wu’s hand he started to chant an incantation, his attention focused fully on the stones in his hands. Slowly the gems started to liquidize and under the expert care of Deng Wu’s incantations the previously shiny red gem turned into a red liquid. He quickly gathered it within a jade bottle, before he elegantly started to spread it onto a sheet of paper into a complex inscription.

In the middle of this inscription was the sign for Fire and after a short time the sheet of paper lit up with a red hue. By the time the inscription had been finished Deng Wu placed it on his arm, preparing to use it should the roaring creature appear.

Sha Yun stared at the other two with slight disdain in her eyes, as she stood there just waiting for the beast to appear. Her skills could be used to protect Hui Yue and herself, yet her personality was not much of a defensive type. Instead she was ready to create a tomb for the creature the moment it appeared.

Sha Yun was in the fortunate position of having synced with the earth and incantations were useless for her. With the wave of her hand appeared a chair created from the stone beneath her feet and she sat down with a satisfied smile on her lips, much akin to an empress overseeing an interesting play in front of her.

Hui Yue grasped Black Blood at the start but seeing the actions of his friends he laughed quietly, as he once more stored it within his storage stones. A complacent look formed on his face as he allowed for his friends to deal with whatever beast was rushing their way.

In the dim light of the light stones a massive figure appeared and even Hui Yue was taken aback from seeing the creature in front of him. It was a wolf like creature, yet not a wolf. It was easily five metres long and three metres tall, filling up the entire tunnel.

Its fur was black with grey legs and a long scaled grey snake-like tail. The look caused Hui Yue to snort slightly as he looked at Sha Yun, who, with the help of a deadly glare, silenced the younger boy.

Its head was raised looking up into the sky and its fangs were like those of a sabretooth tiger. Its eyes were fiercely red with killing intent shining from deep within.

Looking at those eyes, Hui Yue quickly found that deep inside the eyes, behind the killing intent was intelligence and as soon as the snake saw the poppies on the ground it instantly stopped its advance, standing completely still with its body lowered as though it was ready to pounce at any time.

Seeing this expression on the wolf’s face, the playfulness which Hui Yue had been feeling before instantly dissipated and was instead replaced by vigilance and alertness, as he once more brought forth Black Blood and infused it with his spiritual energy.

The wolf seemed as though it understood that the cultivators in front of it were people it could not easily defeat and with a low growl it turned around and got ready to leave.

“Do not let it get away!” Sha Yun jumped up from the stone chair she had created for herself, her voice echoing throughout the humid tunnel walls. This urgency caused Hui Yue, Deng Wu, and Wang Ju Long to prepare for battle.

Wang Ju Long closed her eyes and once more entered meditation, yet this time she kept mumbling her incantations and soon spores of red light appeared from all the poppies after which they floated towards the fleeing wolf.

Currently the wolf was not fleeing at a rapid speed, but as soon as it noticed the spores coming it’s way, his speed instantly picked up.

Swearing at the sight, Hui Yue activated Velocity Flow and with the additional speed-boost he rushed towards the wolf itself.

Right behind him was Deng Wu and the inscription he had written earlier which had been wrapped around a flying Qi sword which shot forward at an incredibly speed.

“Duck Yue!” Deng Wu yelled and per reflex the white haired boy did just that. Moments after a resounding boom could be heard throughout the tunnels and small stones seemed to fall from the ceiling, a blazing fire was burning within the tunnel.

The Qi knife had landed on the wolf and as soon as it landed the inscription erupted with a power in no way inferior to Hui Yue’s fireballs. This was one of Deng Wu’s most used and also most practiced skills.

Although it was as powerful as Hui Yue’s Fire Orbs they also had a heavy price to pay for Deng Wu. Every time he created a new inscription, he had to let go of some of his cultivation base and to rebuild that cultivation base he would have to struggle quite hard.

He did have some inscriptions which did not require cultivation base but spiritual energy instead, however these inscriptions were far weaker and their result lacking in power when compared to cultivation based ones.

Deng Wu was in general not fond of using his inscriptions to fight as all of them would take the life of those who were standing close by, innocent, allies, or enemies, no one would be spared.

This was, however, a choice he had made upon noticing that he was a Metal affinity cultivator. Deng Wu was aware that Hui Yue was the type who chose single target attacks and who enjoyed one on one fighting. This was great whenever it was a cultivator duel, yet Deng Wu knew that it would have its downsides on the battlefield. and since he long ago decided to stay by Hui Yue’s side, he was also ready to choose what he figured would be the most beneficial for his friend.

No matter who was in the way, Deng Wu would do his best to not drag Hui Yue down, and at the same time complement the friend’s strength.

This was the thoughts which ruminated through Deng Wu’s mind, as he saw the flames ignite on the black wolf in front of them.

Deng Wu was not the only one who wished to show off, and as soon as the fires were booming, causing the wolf to howl agonizingly, spears of earth appeared from all sides, directly penetrating the protective fur of the wolf.

The already agonizing screams quickly picked up in intensity, but within a few moments the twitching body stopped moving, and instead the body collapsed on the ground, the last breath of air escaping the fanged lips as the beast no longer had the will to live.

Excitement was seen in the eyes of Deng Wu and Sha Yun, yet annoyance was evident within Wang Ju Long’s eyes as her abilities had not been used.

Killing the flames with a cancelation inscription, Deng Wu walked closer to the beast followed by Hui Yue and the others.

The beast was like a treasure trove, filled with good items which they could have much use for later.

First was the meat which was clearly of high quality, and the sheer amount was simply stunning. If dried properly it could easily refill the storage ring which Deng Wu had emptied previously while trading for information.

The fur was softer than any other fur they had ever touched before, and while not knowing what they might encounter in the future, Hui Yue decided to skin the beast in case they ever needed warmer clothes. Although it was filled with holes from Sha Yun’s spikes, it was still a high quality item and he gladly accepted it.

The beast core was beautifully white, showing that this animal had a pure cultivation, which was increasingly rare with beasts, and also something that could explain the gleam of intelligence which Hui Yue had seen earlier.

Although a beast core like this sold for a lot of money, Hui Yue quickly handed it over to Deng Wu, as it was one of the items he needed whenever he was crafting new inscription patterns. Giving it to him could provide them with a high ranked inscription one day when they were in a tight spot.

Looking at the dead wolf, Hui Yue knew that the bones would be a great benefit as well. hee squatted down and started to take the beast apart, carefully treating each and every bit as a priceless treasure.

The three friends were all used to Hui Yue doing such work and they all helped as though they were one entity, everything working in perfect harmony.

Wang Ju Long and Deng Wu were finding wooden blocks within their storage rings which they used to set up a fire. Sha Yun was using her affinity with Earth to scout the area and set up protective traps.

As soon as Sha Yun started doing her tasks, her face turned pale, as she quietly moved closer to Hui Yue, slowly poking his shoulder as she said with a silent voice, “I don’t want to worry you, but there really are a lot of wolves coming our way. Quite a lot really.”

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