Blue Phoenix

Chapter 105: Understanding the Basics

Everything within this world related to a law. There was a law for the sun and a law for the moon. The was a law for life and a law for death. Each element had its own law much like how there were always clouds in the sky and a sky above the land; there were always laws. Even the heavens and the earth had laws of their own.

The continent which Hui Yue lived on was nothing more than one small continent out of many in a world created by the four Gods. Even something like cultivation had laws tied to it and rules which a cultivator had to follow.

When creating the world, what the Gods had done was create the laws, and from the laws appeared the world. Anyone who lived within this world would be bound by its laws, unless they managed to break through to the level of a God.

This allowed for Hui Yue to truly understand that the level of a God was not something attainable through cultivation alone. It was a level only achieved when a ultimate expert gained enlightenment into the world of a God.

This was the reason why Lan Feng never managed to reach the rank of a God. He had been at the pinnacle of cultivation for years, but sadly, his comprehension was lacking; he never understood the ultimate laws, the ways of the cosmos, stopping him from stepping into the rank he had aimed for all his life.

Hui Yue’s mind was reeling from the vast amount of laws which existed within the world as he finally understood. Cultivation was the road which he had embarked upon, yet to become a God, an immortal, was not something which only cultivators were seeking.

Immortals… The ones who lived forever. The ones who controlled the laws themselves.

As a cultivator, Hui Yue had carved the first steps within his journey to reach this goal, but he was still so weak that even the weakest law was far stronger than him. But a sudden thought sprouted within his mind as he realised that one did not have to be strong to reach immortality. One only needed to have comprehension far above the normal person. Even a newborn child could become immortal, had they fully understood the laws of the cosmos.

Meditating, Hui Yue felt a strength welling up inside. This strength was far different from any he had felt before, as it in no way increased his cultivation base; instead, the silvery sea within his middle dantian gained a slight hue of gold. It was as though the sea itself understood that Hui Yue’s comprehension had soared by leaps and bounds.

Hui Yue’s head hurt as the different laws entered his mind. Each law had a major law and within those existed multiple smaller laws. For instance, there was a law for the water element, but at the same time another law existed for the flow of water, and a separate one for the rain, the lakes, and the seas.

Even though Hui Yue was truly trying to grasp the knowledge which was flowing through his mind, he had a hard time understanding it and some of it became vague. What was not vague was the knowledge that everything within this world consisted of laws, and that the laws were created by Gods, who could in turn break them.

These laws were unlike humans, but they were still living creatures, which would survive as long as the world created by the gods was standing. These laws were far older than even Lan Feng!

Opening his eyes, Hui Yue looked confused as he saw Deng Wu, Sha Yun, and Wang Ju Long all sitting across from him. None of them were meditating; instead, they all observed him intently. A knowing smile was seen on their faces, and Hui Yue could not mask the confusion which spread across his face.

This was not the first time that he had suddenly stopped doing other things for the sake of enlightenment, yet it somehow seemed as though they were treating it differently.

“What’s wrong?” Hui Yue finally blurted out, as his curiosity got the better of him. His body was sore from being seated in the same position for a long time, and he slowly rose to his feet, stretching as though he had never moved before. His entire body was shivering from unused energy, as both his spiritual energy sea and his Qi spiral were bursting with energy, overflowing as though they had not been used for weeks.

“Took your sweet time, huh?” Deng Wu asked with a brilliant smile on his face, causing Hui Yue to frown slightly. Having been so absorbed with the enlightenment of the laws, Hui Yue had completely lost track of time and he had no clue how long had passed.

Seeing the confused expression, Sha Yun instantly felt sorry for Hui Yue, and she slithered next to him, gently massaging his shoulders. “You have been gone for three days,” she said dangerously close to Hui Yue’s ear allowing for her snake-like tongue to slither in the air right next to the young man.

Hui Yue instantly wrested himself free from the gentle grip of Sha Yun and sent her a warning glare, yet the snake-woman paid no heed, as she was observing her nails instead.

Seeing that he was getting nowhere with the snake-woman, Hui Yue let out a sigh before he paid attention to what she had said. He raised an eyebrow in surprise, as he felt no different from how he had felt before entering meditation.

His body worked perfectly well, and he was not hungry nor felt like his body was in need of the natural bodily needs. Everything was exactly as it had been three days ago. The only thing which Hui Yue could say was that the enlightenment must have ensured that his body gained the nourishment it needed.

Suddenly, a thought flashed in his mind and a strange light appeared in his eyes. He no longer showed no interest in whether or not Sha Yun had been trying to flirt with him earlier, nor was the question about bodily functions important.

Hui Yue had had a glint of enlightenment, yet such a thing never appeared on its own. Usually he would gain enlightenment after a fight, or while pondering upon a hard question or during his spiritual arts practice. Yet this time the enlightenment had struck him in the middle of a banquet, where he had not been deep in thought about anything useful.

Hui Yue had gotten very few words about laws from Lan Feng, but this was not enough to trigger such an immense enlightenment, especially since he was not pondering on it by the time of impact.

The only thing which Hui Yue could understand was if he had contact with something that had to do with the laws. That would be enough to trigger such a reaction, and a smile spread on Hui Yue’s face, as he felt that this was a lead to find Sun.

Although Sun was not able to die, she was still a living creature, much like the other laws which Hui Yue had met in the forest, and he could not help but feel that this enlightenment was definitely connected to her. She had to be somewhere within the City Lord’s mansion.

Seeing the smile on Hui Yue’s face, his friends around him also sprouted similar smiles. Hui Yue only had such a cheeky expression on his face when he had found something which meant good luck for the rest of them.

“So do you want to hear what we found out from our trades with the city?” Deng Wu asked curiously, and Hui Yue nodded his head. It was impossible for the four of them to make any move at all before they were more knowledgeable about the world they were now stuck in.

“Okay, firstly, these dungeons are split into two kinds of areas. Some of them are caves like this one and the others are tunnels. The tunnels are what connect the caves to each other.” Deng Wu stated all the information he had gotten from the women days before when he traded with meat.

“The caves belong to only humans and very weak magical beasts,while the tunnels belong to the magical beasts.” Hearing this made Hui Yue nod his head. In that case it made sense as to why they would be astounded, for they were cultivators who managed to break through the area belonging to the beasts themselves.

“This area is known as Cave’s End,” Deng Wu continued with the report. “It is the end of all the caves, and no one seems to know about the entrance we took to enter here. No one seems to know about the cabin we were at within the forest either.”

“There are no cultivation techniques left in this cave and everyone is cultivating according to their own way. When I asked about what they meant with their own way, none of them seemed to be able to describe it properly,” Deng Wu continued. But as soon as he started talking about a way, Hui Yue’s eyes became vacant as he once more remembered the enlightenment from before.

Their own way. This was indeed important. Although Hui Yue was cultivating in accordance with the Rooster, he was also threading his own way in life, determined by the decisions he made and the actions he took. Somehow, Hui Yue felt as though the way he was treading had something to do with the laws of the world, but once again, it was impossible for him to put his finger on exactly what it meant. Complicated words and reasons were flooding his mind, and he eventually stopped thinking about it, as no new flash of enlightenment appeared.

“Sorry,” Hhe said sheepishly, as he once again made his friends wait for him, but none of them seemed to feel any problems; instead, Deng Wu just nodded his head and continued with what he was saying.

“This place, Cave’s End, is the weakest of all the areas, and similarly, the beasts within the tunnels leading to the next Cave are also the weakest. The closer you get to the center, the stronger everyone is.” Saying this, Deng Wu let out a depressed sigh. “No one was able to tell me about the center, as no one has ever been there before. It is something far away which every cultivator dreams of reaching.”

Hearing this, Hui Yue nodded his head as he was getting a rough idea of the world they had descended into. It was perfect for their training, as it would gradually get stronger and stronger, and Hui Yue silently applauded Lan Feng for his thoughts.

“There was one more thing,” Deng Wu said with a smile on his face, looking as though he had saved the best for last.

“There is this thing called the Dragon Corps,” he started, and Hui Yue suddenly remembered the name from the day before. “This corps appears once a year, and each year they require taxes, and in return they make sure that no magical beasts will overrun the cave. The Dragon Corps are much stronger than the City Lord and his elders. They gladly pay the tax every year, but every time they are here they end up taking whatever they wish for on their way back, not shying away from killing the previous owners. If a beautiful woman took their fancy, she too would be forced away from her parents.”

Hearing this suddenly made Hui Yue understand why there was such fear towards the Dragon Corps, and he slowly nodded his head. He was about to open his mouth when Deng Wu held a finger in the air.

“This year I hear that they will not have to pay any grain in taxes, and that the City Lord has managed to come up with such a great item that not even the women are in danger,” Deng Wu said with a cheeky smile on his face. Hui Yue felt a snicker appear on his face. It seemed as though Sun was an item which the Dragon Corps would like very much.
“Tell me something like that earlier!” Hui Yue exclaimed with laughter as he sat down on the ground once more, thinking about their next move.

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