Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 496

Chapter 496 - Confrontation

“Of course, that’s not a problem. Just come to Songshan anytime you can, Elder Wu,” Xuemin said, not refusing him.

But he’d never take the initiative to personally go treat him at their house!

All the most powerful houses and billionaires understood Xuemin’s stubbornness in that regard. He was okay with treating you and never dwelled on the price, but he never left his own home to treat his patients. The only way was to see him in Songshan.

This was also because Xuemin still had to prepare his lessons for the university. As far as he was concerned, he was a professor, and it was his calling to educate. Giving his students a lecture was the priority.

“Alright, I’ll go pay you a visit sometime later!” Elder Wu nodded with a smile.

“Grandpa, this is the man! He’s the one I told you about. Not only did he go for Sun Jingyi, he even pretended to be some miracle doctor! He’s a con artist, and I got slapped by Aunt because of him!” Chentian said after realizing it was Lin Yi sitting beside Xuemin. Rage and humiliation rushed to his head as he lost all reason, pointing at Lin Yi and yelling at him on impulse.

Chentian had been too pampered in the Wu household, and they all had high expectations for him, raising him to be the third generation inheritor!

He was a man in the golden class at only a little more than twenty years old. It was an astounding feat, an extreme rarity in this world. At least, for the Wus it was.

And so the Wu Family gave Chentian everything, resulting in a bratty attitude and small-mindedness. He wouldn’t let anything that wronged him pass. Seeing Lin Yi made him act without even thinking things through.

Xuemin’s face darkened very quickly. To him, Lin Yi was a teacher and also a friend. At the least, he was like a senior elder brother if they were in a sect! It was only natural he’d be unhappy at people bad mouthing Lin Yi. He gave Gonggao a look and spoke evenly, “Well, we’ll be leaving then, Elder Wu!”

Gonggao’s expression froze. He wasn’t expecting Xuemin to stand up for Lin Yi. This was quite troubling for him.

He wasn’t a man who’d take the right stand over taking his grandson’s side; he was notorious for it. His grandson was someone with exceptional talent, someone very precious to him who he pampered with anything he wanted. No one was allowed to do anything to him! Naturally, he’d stand up for this grandson if anything happened to him, regardless of whose fault it was or the person he had to deal with.

But Xuemin was one of the only people he didn’t dare cross. With him here, he couldn’t really go and cause Lin Yi trouble. He gave Lin Yi a brief look and burned his face into memory, thinking of some way to get back at him.

Gonggao didn’t say anything, but someone else exploded before he could.

“Who’re you calling a con artist? You’re the con artist! You’re nothing!!” Xiaoxiao said after witnessing this person insult Lin Yi out of nowhere. Who did he think she was? She was trying to act as if she was Lin Yi’s admirer! This man’s words were degrading Lin Yi, and if Lin Yi were a con artist, that would mean she’d fallen for a liar and criminal! The man was insulting her!

So Xiaoxiao, naturally, wouldn’t have that. She glared at Chentian, and the only thing stopping her from sending her foot into his face was the amount of people around them.

After all, Xiaoxiao was a girl who beat people up for breakfast.

Chentian raged when he heard someone speaking up for LIn Yi. He was about to say something when he saw it was a pretty, delicate girl. He couldn’t really yell at her. “Don’t butt in, this has nothing to do with you!”

“The young one has no manners, and so does the old one, I see?” Xiaoxiao pursed her lips. “Yo, old man, aren’t you gonna educate your grandson? Where are his manners?”

“You little—! What did you say?!” Gonggao’s face heated as he looked at Xiaoxiao, his hands curling into fists. He was the head of the Iron Fist Wu Family, and letting this sort of disrespect pass was simply unimaginable. It’d be absolutely humiliating to himself and the entire house!

“Wh-What are you going to do, you old man!” Xiaoxiao said, shocked. She didn’t know any martial arts, but there was a prominent killing intent coming off of him.

“Mystic class early phase!” Lin Yi’s heart skipped a beat. Gonggao was the same as Chentian. Both were physical practitioners, not spiritual. As a result, he couldn’t sense the energy within them unless they released it themselves. He was only able to assess their level of strength when that happened.

He wasn’t expecting the old man to be so strong. Lin Yi subconsciously moved his body, a wry smile on his face.

Regardless of anything else, Xiaoxiao was speaking up for him. It didn’t matter what her intentions were. Lin Yi couldn’t just leave her to her fate like this. It’d be quite wrong for him to do so.

So Lin Yi was prepared to take a hit for Xiaoxiao if Gonggao attacked. He was a mystic class opponent, but Lin Yi had golden class late phase strength, along with his Art of Dragon Mastery training. He could very much take a strike from a mystic class early phase, and while there was no guarantee he’d win, he could confidently hold his own against him.

But Lin Yi’s preparation was unnecessary. Right as he stepped forward, a middle-aged man quickly moved between Xiaoxiao and Gonggao, his eyes on the old man. “Elder Wu, are you going to raise your fist against a little girl?”

Gonggao froze briefly, his expression changing completely. This was Feng Tianlong, a face he’d always recognize. He took a deep breath, understanding that there was nothing he could do today. Punishing Xiaoxiao was completely off limits.

What gave Gonggao pause wasn’t Tianlong’s golden class mid phase strength. For a mystic class master, golden class fighters weren’t a threat at all. What he was wary of wasn’t Tianlong’s background either. It was a highly formidable group, the mystery investigation department. Their authority was nothing short of stunning. But that was in when it was in the eyes of a normal person. Someone like Gonggao might not want to make enemies with a group like that, but by no means was he afraid of them!

What really terrified Gonggao was that person who’d disappeared from the scene more than ten years ago, Tianlong’s former captain! That man was once part of the mystery investigation group as well and had brought Tianlong on missions. Their bond was a strong one.

If it were someone other than Tianlong, Gonggao might not have held back, but Tianlong was someone he had to pay some respect to. He had no other choice.

After all, it didn’t matter if he was mystic class or earth class. That man would crush him with one move either way.

He didn’t know just how great that man’s strength is, but he knew one thing for sure. Pissing him off would be the end of the Wu Family, and it’d end in but one day too.

“Phew,” Gonggao breathed out, an embarrassed smile on his face. “Captain Feng! I’d never raise my hand against your daughter, of course not. It was a joke!”

“It’d better be.” Tianlong nodded, sighing in relief before he took Xiaoxiao’s hand. “Stay put next time!”

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