Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 494

Chapter 494 - The Miracle Doctor Guan Medicine Company

If an item sold well in the auction, the host would contact the provider in the case that there might be more than just one, asking if there were more or if there was anything similar to put up for auction.

Haitian calling Fatty Lai, as a result, wasn’t very surprising.

“Mr. Lai, this Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing is quite popular. I wonder if there are more similar treasures in your possession? You’ve heard the audience’s reaction too, Mr. Lai. There are guests that haven’t had a chance to bid,” Haitian said amiably.

He didn’t used to put a lot of value on Fatty Lai, but now he thought much more highly of Fatty Lai.

“I’m sorry, Mister Yu, but currently I only have three. It’s impossible to bring out a fourth one this auction,” Fatty Lai apologized.

“I see. What a pity.” Haitian sighed. “Looks like I’ll have to go onstage to explain.”

“Perhaps I could be the one to do that. It’d be good timing to explain why the pill is so rare,” Fatty Lai said.

“That works; thank you, Mister Lai!” It saved Haitian a lot of trouble if Fatty Lai went onstage himself, otherwise people would be coming to him for the pill. He might be the one in charge of the auction, but there was no way he could put out more Pills of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing. Placing this responsibility on Fatty Lai’s shoulders was nothing short of perfect!

After hanging up, Fatty Lai moved his large frame onto the stage as the audience watched, puzzled.

“Good evening, everyone. I’m the representative of the Miracle Doctor Guan Company. Allow me to extend to you my deepest apologies!” Fatty Lai said to the audience, mic in hand.

“What?!” Everyone listening widened their eyes at Fatty Lai. This man was part of the Miracle Doctor Guan Company? Why was he fighting in the bidding earlier? Was he buying what he was selling to raise the price?

A lot of the guests started frowning, not very pleased with Fatty Lai’s actions. After all, it wasn’t a very nice thing that he did.

There wasn’t anything wrong with it on paper, since everyone at the auction knew the rules, that House Yu took a percentage of the profit.

What Fatty Lai did, however, was still damaging to his name.

The most pissed off was none other than MIracle Doctor Kang. Tianyi’s bid was considered very low, so he wasn’t too affected by the reveal, but Miracle Doctor Kang, on the other hand…

He’d spent 430 million! That was the vast majority of all movable funds House Kang had! Fatty Lai had played them!

“This Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing is made with constituents that are extremely rare. The refining process itself is very complicated as well, and it took Professor Guan Xuemin almost a year to create five of the pills. We’ve offered three for auction!” Fatty Lai said, shaking his head.

Fatty Lai’s words balanced the audience’s emotions a little. One year for five pills, and on top of that, rare constituents. The pill must be a truly priceless treasure.

If it was said that Miracle Doctor Kang was the one who made the pill, people would most likely doubt it. Xuemin, on the other hand, had credibility to the houses of power. He was a miracle doctor himself, in the first place.

But weren’t there two more pills? Where had those gone?

“Of the remaining two pills, one was given to a partner of the Miracle Doctor Guan Company, which he brought to Miracle Doctor Kang’s birthday party as a gift for Miracle Doctor Kang. The other pill, however, has already been consumed by my father!” Fatty Lai bullshitted as he created a false origin. Naturally, he wouldn’t tell anyone that the pill his father took was actually the one meant for Miracle Doctor Kang.

“Ah!” Everyone who knew Fatty Lai finally understood why his father recovered so quickly. The man was a uremia patient inches away from death and was now alive and walking, healthy as ever!

These people had heavy hearts as they regretted their actions. Why didn’t they make a move earlier? There were only five pills, and there was nothing left!

Of course, the one taking this the hardest was none other than Miracle Doctor Kang, whose old face burned with embarrassment!

He’d just told Xiao Ji that the pill was a long-lost ancient medicine, but it turned out Xuemin had refined and created it!

On top of that, Miracle Doctor Kang was given one pill himself during his birthday party! And here he was, shamelessly calling the pill a long-lost unique item!

But Xiao Ji didn’t say anything. He was looking down on Miracle Doctor Kang a little, but he was now on the Kangs’ side. MIracle Doctor Kang’s humiliations didn’t give them any relief.

But what Fatty Lai said next made Miracle Doctor Kang feel a little better. “So the three pills were the only available ones! I may be the acting chairman of the Miracle Doctor Guan Company, but it doesn’t give me the right to own a pill for myself. It was because I was aware of the effects the pill had that I joined in the bidding as well! I couldn’t help myself! It’s a pity I didn’t manage to make the purchase.”

The audience started murmuring in understanding. So Fatty Lai genuinely coveted the pills. He wasn’t trying to raise the prices or anything. They may not have wanted it before, but he did!

As for why Fatty Lai was so relentless in his bidding, the reason was simple: He knew firsthand just what the treasure was worth.

“But I’ll go discuss this with Professor Guan when I get back. I’ll see if we have anything to offer for auction on the third day!” With that, Fatty Lai gave everyone a bow. “Thank you all for your interest and love in the Miracle Doctor Guan Company. Our products will be listed on the market shortly after the auction!”

With that, Fatty Lai left the stage as everyone started discussing the third day items that Fatty Lai mentioned, their interest intense as they wondered just what kind of surprises the company would bring.

Guan Xuemin’s name had always been a bright topic among the billionaires and powerful houses. His reputation and skill were very much legendary.

But the man wasn’t a particularly social person, and it was very difficult to get close with them even if they managed to associate with the person.

No one had expected Xuemin to start a company with someone. Was this a competition against the Miracle Doctor Kang Company? Or was the professor finally interested in making money?

No matter the case, everyone would welcome the new company if it provided quality medicine. This Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing, for example!

People had already been wondering if this pill and company were connected to Professor Guan, but now that Fatty Lai had confirmed it, there was no longer any trace of doubt. All that remained was regret. After all, Miracle Doctor Guan was a man with very strong principles, a just man. He would never lie.

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