Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 477

Chapter 477 - I'll Give It Back

Feng Xiaoxiao was in a happy mood as she returned to school. She’d been planning to go and attack Tang Yin psychologically using Lin Yi. It was the guy’s own fault for not being at school! Since he wasn’t here, Tang Yin wouldn’t even be able to confront him.

Hm hm hm! Xiaoxiao smiled happily as she strolled.

She reached class nine’s door and was about to call Tang Yin out when her phone rang. She was the only one in school who actually had her ringtone enabled. Even the people who set their phones to vibrate had to be careful.

The dean, Wang Zhifeng, was just patrolling the hallways, checking the students’ discipline when he heard a phone ringing. He was about to explode on the rule-breaker when he saw who it was.

He quickly lowered his head and walked away, shifting his eyes away.

Zhifeng didn’t think he was being very honorable with his position as school dean. There were two special cases in the school that he couldn’t touch, one of which was Lin Yi, the other being Xiaoxiao.

It sucked, but there wasn’t much he could do other than look the other way.

But Xiaoxiao actually raised her head and beckoned him? She started speaking in a sweet voice, “Mister Wang, Lin Yi has something to do these next two days, so he can’t come to school. I’m requesting leave for him!”

They were right at the door of class nine, not far away from the window Tang Yin sat next to. It was open, and Tang Yin felt her heart stop as she listened.

She was leaning into her table and not paying attention to what was going on outside, but Xiaoxiao’s voice made her jerk her head up subconsciously, shocking her when she heard Xiaoxiao ask for leave in Lin Yi’s stead. Were they actually in a relationship after all?

“Oh, alright.” Troubled, Zhifeng gave the permission and quickly left.

Xiaoxiao’s face, on the other hand, grew cold all of a sudden as she looked at who was calling. She quickly walked to the bathroom and picked up. “What’s wrong?”

“Xiaoxiao, you have to come back to the hospital today,” a middle-aged man said from the other end.

“Hospital? What hospital, I’m gonna die even if I go. Should I go there to waste my life away?” Xiaoxiao’s emotions heightened all of a sudden. She seemed quite resistant to the idea.

“Didn’t the doctor say it’s possible to slow it down?” the man said after a moment’s silence.

“Bullcrap! They said the same about mom, so where is she now?” Xiaoxiao said, not calming down. “My mom, my aunt, it’s going to happen anyway. If you don’t have time to be with me, then please, will you stop wasting my time?”

“I’m sorry.” The man sighed. “But Dad has to work. This time, though, I’ve contacted an expert through a colleague. I’ll have a car pick you up—”

“No! I’m not going! I haven’t had enough fun yet. How much time do you think I have left? You’re just gonna trap me there for two months again if I go! I don’t have that many two months left to use!” Xiaoxiao yelled into the phone before slamming it onto the floor, pissed off.

The middle-aged man sighed helplessly as he put his phone in his pocket. He wanted to be with his daughter as much as possible, but the circumstances of his job barely gave him any off time throughout all 365 days of the year.

Xiaoxiao’s chest heaved as she put her hands on the mirror to steady herself. She looked at the students having fun in the field and held back the tears rimming her eyes. I can’t cry. I’m Feng Xiaoxiao… You can do it, Feng Xiaoxiao!

She rested a little until she heard someone approaching the washroom. She quickly regained her composure and left the washroom calmly after picking her phone up from the ground.

Tang Yin was feeling really upset. She was worried she wouldn’t be able to control herself in class, so she made her way to the washroom instead, dazed. She was thinking of washing her face and calming down when she saw Xiaoxiao come out right as she went in, yelping in fright at the intense hostility and alertness in her eyes.

Tang Yin didn’t know what she should do at a time like this. She never had the experience. At the end of the day, she was just an eighteen year old girl, a twelfth grader who’d never encountered any romantic rivals. Her mind seemed to be empty as she confronted the situation.

Xiaoxiao, however, was much more composed than Tang Yin was. She blinked when she saw Tang Yin, smiling at her. “I’m going to go on a honeymoon with Lin Yi soon. He gave you the break up fee, right?”

Xiaoxiao knew that her father would still send a car to pick her up even if she’d hung up on him. Lin Yi had to attend to something, so her disappearing at the same time was a good chance to make Tang Yin misunderstand.

“H-He did, but I won’t accept it! I’ll give it back to him!” Tang Yin said determinedly as she bit her lower lip, raising her head to look Xiaoxiao in the eye. “Tell him this: I hate him!”

“Okay, I’ll be sure to send the message,” Xiaoxiao said, a little stunned. Was Tang Yin saying that she’d received a break up fee? What was going on?

She didn’t understand but kept a composed look all the same as she smiled at Tang Yin. “But I’d advise keeping the money for yourself.”

“I don’t want to!” Tang Yin’s eyes wettened a little as she watched Xiaoxiao walk away. She wasn’t sure if it was because this felt undeserved, or because of her budding relationship with Lin Yi coming to an end.

A black Audi A61 with a custom license plate parked at the gates of Songshan’s First School that afternoon.

“Captain Feng, we’ve arrived at the school,” the driver said carefully to the middle-aged man in the back seat who was resting his eyes.

“Oh, we’re here? That was fast.” The man opened his dry and bloodshot eyes. He was evidently a man who’d overworked himself. “Turn the AC off, and roll the windows down for some air.”

“Understood.” The driver did as he was told.

The man known as Captain Feng took his phone out and dialed a number. He waited until Xiaoxiao picked up. “Xiaoxiao, I’m in front of the school.”

“How many days is it this time?” Xiaoxiao had known that she wouldn’t be able to get out of this, that her father would come pick her up whether she agreed or not. The phone was rather sturdy, on the other hand. It still worked after the impact.

The phone Xiaoxiao’s father gave her was customized with a special GPS tracker. The phone itself was extraordinarily durable, as well.

“Two or three days. It’s just a checkup; it won’t take long. We can bring the treatment stuff back with you,” Captain Feng said after some hesitation.

“Alright, wait a second,” Xiaoxiao agreed rather quickly.

“Ah?” Captain Feng was a little puzzled. When had his daughter said yes so quickly? It always took a lot of talking and even physical pulling that one time, but now…

“What? You don’t want me to go?” Xiaoxiao joked a little. She hated how her father was never by her side or Mother’s, but he was still her father.

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