Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 473

Chapter 473 - Break Up Fee

Lingshan took a look at the mess in the yard and frowned. “Are these people dead?”

“I killed them with a car,” Lin Yi explained evenly.

“How could you just kill people?” As a policewoman, it was only natural that Lingshan couldn’t quite tolerate Lin Yi’s actions.

“They were pointing a gun at me. Should I have waited for them to shoot instead of running them over?” Lin Yi rolled his eyes. “I called you here so that you could take over.”

Lingshan nodded. Lin Yi was making sense, and he did at least leave her one of the criminals alive. She was quite pleased with that.

She quickly went to Fen, the beggar, and the woman to take records before getting them into the police car. She was going to drive the other two victims and leave Fen with Lin Yi.

The back of the Audi TT was tiny, so unfortunately Xiaobo and Fen would have to squeeze together.

Lingshan then started cleaning up the scene as Lin Yi left.

In truth, Lin Yi wouldn’t get in much trouble for his killings even if he went to the police station. He only did what he did in self defense and for the sake of a rescue.

But it was troublesome, and Lin Yi didn’t like troublesome things. Letting Lingshan deal with the whole thing was a lot more relaxing, and it even let the girl take some credit.

They weren’t in emergency mode anymore, so Lin Yi drove rather slowly on the way back, much to Xiaoxiao’s unhappiness. “Lin Yi, how come you’re driving so slow?”

“You can drive if you think it’s too slow,” Lin Yi said coolly.

“Uh, you drive then.” Xiaoxiao was a bit frustrated. She still wanted to see Lin Yi show off his skills! It didn’t seem possible anymore.

Tang Yin went back to class and remembered what happened this morning. She’d assumed it was fake, but the more she thought about it, the more worried she got. Was there really something between Xiaoxiao and Lin Yi?

She remembered how Xiaoxiao transferred to the school all of a sudden, sitting beside Lin Yi and everything. It was quite troubling to think about. Why would Xiaoxiao latch onto Lin Yi every day if they didn’t know each other?

And she was saying all those things in front of Lin Yi and her when she knew who the girlfriend was too. Was she speaking the truth this morning?

Why would a girl dirty her name and honor to announce how Lin Yi might’ve gotten her pregnant, that they should go to the hospital to have it checked?

Tang Yin thought that even if she’d gotten to that point with Lin Yi, she wouldn’t announce it to everyone. Unless… unless there was an external threat that forced her to announce her relationship with Lin Yi as an emergency measure. Then she’d do it.

So was it the case for Xiaoxiao? She wouldn’t announce that stuff if Tang Yin’s relationship with Lin Yi didn’t threaten her, would she?

If she was willing to throw her pride away to say those things, did that really mean she had that sort of relationship with Lin Yi?

Tang Yin’s brain was a mess as she thought about it, all based on the scene she’d seen this morning. Her heart didn’t want to believe that Lin Yi would move his feelings for her onto someone else, but what Xiaoxiao’s words implied wasn’t that. She seemed to be talking as if she’d been with Lin Yi first, and Tang Yin had only come after!

If that weren’t the case, Tang Yin wouldn’t believe that just a couple of days after transferring here was enough for Xiaoxiao to fall in love with Lin Yi, and even develop her relationship with him that far! The only possibility was that the two had known each other beforehand…

She remembered asking Lin Yi about his relationship with Xiaoxiao, and he’d only replied that Xiaoxiao had seen him drive before, only briefly and vaguely explaining the encounter, that she wanted to learn how to drive.

Tang Yin’s frown started deepening.

Learning how to drive. Just for that? She went through all the trouble of transferring schools and into the same class as Lin Yi, just so she could learn from Lin Yi?

Tang Yin took her phone out. There weren't any missed calls, or texts. Why wasn’t Lin Yi explaining anything?

With the ongoing confusion, Tang Yin managed to hold out until the end of first period. There were still no calls or texts from Lin Yi. She waited in class, yet Lin Yi never paid her a visit!

Didn’t she speak to Lin Yi about this when they parted in the morning, that he’d come to her and explain the situation after first period? 

But Lin Yi was nowhere to be seen, even after the next class began!

Tang Yin’s head exploded with doubt and confusion. Could that scene this morning be real?

Tang Yin was really starting to regret not staying longer to hear what Xiaoxiao had to say! She should’ve ignored the humiliation!

But she couldn’t and had to leave.

Tang Yin didn’t even manage to react in time when the teacher asked her a question. She didn’t know how she did it, but she survived the classes. She couldn’t take it anymore.

How could Lin Yi do this to her? Even if there really was something going on with Xiaoxiao and him, he should at least talk to her about it! What did he think she was? Did he think it was right to not even say anything about the whole thing?

Frustrated, Tang Yin gathered up her courage and walked to the doorway of Lin Yi’s class. She asked a student to help get Lin Yi out for her! She wanted to confront him and see just what the meaning of this was!

Lin Yi’s relationship with Tang Yin was known throughout the entire school at this point, so nobody found it odd that she was looking for him. 

But the student looked around the classroom before turning back to Tang Yin. “Lin Yi isn’t here?”

“Oh?” Tang Yin blinked, and, for some reason, asked another question. “Then is Feng Xiaoxiao there?”

The student looked back before turning to Tang Yin. “Feng Xiaoxiao isn’t here either.”

“Oh… Thanks…” Tang Yin’s eyes got wet. She was so upset she felt like crying. Both Lin Yi and Xiaoxiao weren’t in class. What were the odds that this was a mere coincidence?

Did they really go out together? Tang Yin almost tripped on her ankle when she considered the possibility. She quickly leaned onto the wall to steady herself.

Tang Yin was already suspicious enough as was. Seeing both Lin Yi and Xiaoxiao absent only heightened those emotions.

She recalled what Xiaoxiao said to her this morning and how serious she’d said it.

“Didn’t Lin Yi give you a break up fee?” Xiaoxiao looked at Tang Yin, confused. “I’ve known Lin Yi since a long time ago! I wanted to let you be the second wife because I feel bad for you, I was willing to share, but since you weren’t cooperating, I had no choice but to have Lin Yi say bye bye to you.”

Tang Yin felt even more upset as she thought about it.

Wait a second… Break up fee? Tang Yin jolted as she remembered seeing Lin Yi give her mother something. Was that the break up fee Xiaoxiao was talking about?

She quickly phoned her mother at the possibility, taking a deep breath and calming herself before speaking. “Mom, where are you?”

“I’m at the bank,” Mrs. Tang said, the words slipping out from excitement. She was absolutely overjoyed. She’d checked the debit card Lin Yi gave her before Tang Yin called and learned that there was five hundred thousand yuan on the card!

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