Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 472

Chapter 472 - Nest of the Crime Syndicate

“No, but they said something about you delivering them fresh kidneys, something about cutting Fen’s and my organs out so we could suffer together!” Xiaobo shook his head as he remembered.

“Oh?” Lin Yi blinked. Kidneys? Organs?

Could this be the nest of that organ trafficking crime organization? Did he just stumble upon the HQ?

He remembered what Lingshan said about this syndicate, that they specifically targeted beggars, hobos, and the disabled. Lin Yi made the connection and realized that Fen just so happened to be disabled! The slums weren’t an area with rich people either, so it was very plausible that the criminals had chosen to operate there.

Lin Yi kicked open the door to the basement, but Xiaobo rushed past him and charged in before he could. Lin Yi shook his head. Xiaobo was being way too impulsive. They didn’t even know if there were more enemies in the basement.

But Lin Yi’s jade didn’t give off a warning, which meant it should be safe. There was no reason for Lin Yi to stop Xiaobo’s charge.

“Xiaobo!” Fen didn’t expect Xiaobo to appear here. She was quite surprised. “H-How did you get in?” 

Fen’s first thought was that Xiaobo had gotten captured as well, but after thinking about it, the door to the basement had been kicked open. Could Xiaobo be here to rescue her?

But there were four buff dudes standing guard! How did Xiaobo get so deep into the base?

Fen was getting quite confused when she saw Lin Yi’s figure at the basement door. She understood immediately that Xiaobo must have come with Lin Yi’s help.

But Fen was moved all the same. Lin Yi’s help must have been vital, but Xiaobo had still come to rescue her without considering his own safety! She was touched, very much so. What a good life she led, having a man who cared for and loved her like this!

“Heh heh, I got on a taxi to follow you when you got kidnapped in that van, and I called Boss.” Xiaobo scratched his head, a little embarrassed. “If it weren’t for Boss getting here on time, I’d be locked up in here too!”

“Boss, thank you!” Fen was copying Xiaobo and calling Lin Yi boss too, sincerely grateful.

Lin Yi waved it off, as if to say it wasn’t a big deal.

He’d approved of Xiaobo as his follower at this point. He wouldn’t have any complaints no matter how much he needed to help him.

What Lin Yi was concerned of, however, was something else. Fen hadn’t been the only one in the basement. There were two other sets of eyes watching from a corner! They didn’t know who Lin Yi and Xiaobo were, keeping their mouths shut as they watched.

One of them was a teen around sixteen years old. From the way he was dressed, he seemed to be a beggar. There was also a disabled woman around thirty years old in plain clothes. She was missing two arms.

If it were only Fen here, Lin Yi might think that these people were solely targeting Fen or Xiaobo. Seeing other people involved, along with what Xiaobo said regarding “cutting out organs,” Lin Yi assessed with confidence that this was a base of operations for the organ traffickers!

Xiaoxiao was both excited and afraid as she cautiously walked behind Lin Yi. From what she could see, Lin Yi was, without a doubt, the greatest hero who’d taken down a criminal syndicate!

Xiaoxiao did a lot of stuff that was on the edge of the law, like fighting or racing, but that didn’t mean she had no admiration for heroes. She only sought thrill from other sources because she herself couldn’t adopt the role of the hero.

Witnessing Lin Yi wipe out a criminal syndicate stimulated and excited her. “Lin Yi, is this a criminal syndicate?”

“Probably.” Lin Yi planned on calling Lingshan to let her take over. He wasn’t a hero or anything, and he’d come here for the sole purpose of getting Fen out. That was all. Leaving one man alive earlier was just so he could understand why they’d kidnapped Fen too.

Everything else, however, was of no interest to Lin Yi. It wasn’t his business whether they could get to the mastermind of the whole operation with this lead.

Xiaobo now noticed Xiaoxiao walking behind Lin Yi. He couldn’t help himself from giving Lin Yi a thumbs up. It’d just been a few days! Had Lin Yi gotten with Xiaoxiao already?

Lin Yi could see the dirty thoughts Xiaobo was thinking. He glared at him in annoyance. “My car’s slow, so I drove here in Feng Xiaoxiao’s.”

“Oh.” Xiaobo was a little disappointed. He thought Xiaoxiao and Lin Yi were a couple now.

“You guys, stay put. I’m going to make a phone call,” Lin Yi said to Xiaobo and Fen before leaving the basement, dialing Lingshan’s number.

Lingshan almost denied the call when she was it was Lin Yi again. She had enough trouble to deal with as was, but this Lin Yi kept adding little things and increasing her stress!

“Hello! What is it now?! I talked to the traffic police already! Didn’t they back off?” Lingshan roared, pissed off. She didn’t want to take this phone call, but she knew that she couldn’t piss Lin Yi off too much. Showing some of her frustration to him, however, should probably be fine, and so she continued to roar, “Do you know how busy I am? It’s been days since I’ve had a good night’s sleep because of this case!”

“Oh, well I found a place I suspect to be a nest of organ traffickers, but if you’re busy, then bye bye.” Lin Yi hung up.

“What?!” Lingshan was stunned. Organ trafficker nest? That Lin Yi found? Lingshan stood up subconsciously from the excitement. “Wait…”

But she realized that Lin Yi had hung up already, much to her itching frustration and pounding heart. If what Lin Yi said was true… then wouldn’t all her recent problems be cleared up?

Everyone on the police team looked at Lingshan standing up all excited. They stared with questioning eyes, but Lingshan didn’t explain herself. “I’m going to the office for a bit.”

With that, she fast walked back to her office and closed the door before calling Lin Yi.

“Ha, I thought you weren’t interested!” Lin Yi answered with a smile.

“Come on…. Don’t be mad! I was just a bit excited, that’s all. I was in a bad mood! Mister, please tell this Miss Braindead where that nest is.” Lingshan’s hair was standing up from the tone she was using on Lin Yi, but there wasn’t much she could do when Lin Yi only reacted to gentleness! The only way to get help from him was through endurance!

“Well, it’s Dunmeng 7th Street. It’s best if you come alone, and in a big car.” Lin Yi told her the address.

“Alright, wait for me! I’ll be right there!” Lingshan hung up and ran down to get a car before driving right to where Lin Yi was, alone, since Lin Yi didn’t let her bring anybody along.

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