Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 468

Chapter 468 - Xiaoxiao's Confession

No! Lin Yi saving her was one thing, the humiliation she’d suffered was another! There was no way she was just letting this go like that. She was Feng Xiaoxiao, and Feng Xiaoxiao didn’t hesitate. She wasn’t indecisive!

Harrumphing, she hardened her heart. She said she’d make him pay; she wouldn’t go back on her word.

Monday morning the next day, Lin Yi went to pay Mr. Tang a visit with the shark fin he’d just cooked. Stuff like this wasn’t very special to two young misses like Mengyao and Yushu.

Naturally, Mr. Tang was very much delighted at the sight of Lin Yi visiting with shark fin, as was Mrs. Tang. Lin Yi appearing in their lives had caused nothing but miraculous changes.

“Lin Yi, I’ve thought about it. After moving we’ll buy a store. It’ll cost a bit more, but we’ll be able to start a barbecue shop.” Mrs. Tang voiced her thoughts on the matter. It was a decision she’d made after she heard about Lin Yi’s suggestion to open a shop from Tang Yin.

“That’s great!” Lin Yi nodded. “Then you’ll be able to have the shop at the front and the living space at the back, and you won’t need to worry about having a place for the time being.”

“That’s right.” Mrs. Tang seemed a little discomforted as she spoke. “But, the money we borrowed from you… It might take longer to pay you back. We did make some money these days, and along with what’s left from paying Old Tang’s surgery fees, we should have enough to pay for the store.”

Mrs. Tang knew that having Tang Yin say this to Lin Yi would certainly be too embarrassing for her, so she decided to be the one to say it anyway. Even if Lin Yi rejected it they’d be fine, since it would be her taking the humiliation.

“Ah, you don’t need to pay that money back,” Lin Yi said with a smile. “You can tell me if it’s not enough.”

“It is, it’s enough!” Mrs. Tang replied with a wide smile. She turned to Tang Jucheng. “Old Tang, see! I told you that it’d be fine with Lin Yi!”

“That’s good.” Tang Jucheng sighed in relief. He was quite nervous about being indebted. Lin Yi might be Tang Yin’s boyfriend right now, but they were weren’t engaged. Owing that amount of money to Lin Yi had constantly unsettled Tang Jucheng.

“Mom, why are you so greedy!” Tang Yin was a little unhappy. She wasn’t really against using Lin Yi’s money now, but she had borrowed it for her family! It didn’t sit well with her that she still felt like she owed him! Now that her parents couldn’t pay Lin Yi back, the debt fell onto her. How was she supposed to handle that?! What if she couldn’t pay it back?

“Tang Yin! Greed? What are you saying! Isn’t our family in a difficult time!” Mrs. Tang glared at her daughter, thinking that the girl sure didn’t understand how to use her resources. Couldn’t she have just asked for a bit more if Lin Yi was so generous? They could have purchased a larger store or even gotten one with a second floor!

Tang Yin lowered her head, upset and feeling wronged. She couldn’t argue against her mother. She might say something embarrassing if she did, so Tang Yin decided to just stay silent.

“Well, Uncle Tang, Aunty Tang, I’ll be going to school with Tang Yin then,” Lin Yi said with a smile as he helped get Tang Yin out of the awkward situation.

“Okay, it is almost time. Don’t be late!” Mrs. Tang said with a smile as she walked Tang Yin and Lin Yi to the door.

Before leaving, Lin Yi turned around and pushed a debit card onto Mrs. Tang.

Mrs. Tang paused before accepting it with a smile, understanding that Lin Yi was giving it to her as she slipped it into her pocket. He had done it behind Tang Yin’s back too, meaning that this was absolutely free money, not a loan.

There wasn’t any evidence, and Tang Yin didn’t even see it.

Other than the shark fin, Lin Yi had also come today to give Mrs. Tang the debit card. He wanted her to get the barbecue shop set up quickly and lessen Tang Yin’s burdens.

“What did you give my mom just now?” Tang Yin had sharp eyes and noticed the movement.

“Nothing.” Lin Yi smiled.

“Did you secretly give her money again?” Tang Yin guessed. She wasn’t stupid.

“Nope, just a small accessory,” Lin Yi said nonchalantly.

“Oh.” Tang Yin sighed in relief, still worried that she’d have a hard time paying Lin Yi back for everything she owed him.

Lin Yi drove Tang Yin to school and parked the car on the food street. He was getting out when Xiaoxiao drove up and parked beside him in her Audi TT.

Xiaoxiao’s car took up another vendor spot, but none of the vendors dared say anything. After all, this was someone who knew Lin Yi. No one in their right mind would get themselves involved.

“Honey!” Xiaoxiao waved at Lin Yi after parking her car.1

“What!” Lin Yi’s eyes widened. He turned and looked at Xiaoxiao, wondering if she had gone insane. Was she seriously calling him honey now?

The look on Tang Yin’s face darkened as she looked at Xiaoxiao, confused. Xiaoxaio had been overly intimate with Lin Yi back at the cafeteria, and it had been enough to make her uncomfortable. What did she think Tang Yin was, calling Lin Yi her husband in front of her like this?

“Lin Yi, didn’t you say you’d talk to her about it?” Xiaoxiao ran over and hugged his arm. “You liar! You told me you’d give her a break up fee and break up with her! Why’re you still with her?”

“Feng Xiaoxiao, are you out of your mind?” Lin Yi was angry at Xiaoxiao’s absurdity.

“Lin Yi, I think I might be pregnant. Can you take me to the hospital to check?” Xiaoxiao continued, not responding to what Lin Yi said.

Tang Yin frowned as she looked at Xiaoxiao. Considering what Lin Yi had just said, she didn’t believe Xiaoxiao.

But anyone would have suspicions when hearing something like that. “What’s going on?”

“Didn’t Lin Yi give you a break up fee?” Xiaoxiao looked at Tang Yin, confused. “I’ve known Lin Yi for a long time! I wanted to let you be the mistress because I felt bad for you. I was willing to share, but since you weren’t cooperating, I had no choice but to have Lin Yi say bye bye to you.”

Tang Yin paused. She didn’t really believe what Xiaoxiao was saying, but she couldn’t help herself from having some suspicion with how confidently and boldly Xiaoxiao spoke those words!

Honor and reputation was very important to a girl. Why would Xiaoxiao, who didn’t even have a boyfriend, dirty herself by saying things like that?

She noticed some passing students look in their direction, and felt her face heat up with embarrassment and frustration. What Xiaoxiao was saying was obviously being used to attack her! Even if she was lying, Tang Yin still felt uncomfortable about it. This would make the people listening think she was trying to steal Xiaoxiao’s man!

Never would Tang Yin have imagined that she’d be the main character of a love triangle!

“Lin Yi, talk to her and clear it up. I’m going. Come find me at lunch!” Tang Yin said to Lin Yi before quickly walking away, not wanting to get looked at with those confused eyes any longer.

Lin Yi, on the other hand, looked at Xiaoxiao, looking a little pissed off. “What do you want, exactly?”

“Lin Yi, I like you!” Xiaoxaio tilted her head up and stared into Lin Yi’s eyes, her face completely red. “I can’t take it anymore! I’m in love with you! I thought I could hold myself back, but after you saved me yesterday… I can’t stop myself anymore!”

  1. Literal translation is “hubby.”

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