Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 467

Chapter 467 - Zhong Pinliang's New Plan

“Wh-What’re you doing?” Xiaoxiao jumped in fright, not knowing where this was coming from. What did Lin Yi think he was doing? She subconsciously moved her hand away but didn’t make it in time.

Lin Yi didn’t say anything. He put something in her hand and turned around to leave.

It was… a bracelet. Xiaoxiao looked at what Lin Yi had given her, stunned speechless. 

She’d been looking for this for so long, and Lin Yi had gotten it after just feeling around in the water?

Xiaoxiao stared at Lin Yi’s receding figure, her eyes filled with disbelief, feeling that she didn’t understand Lin Yi at all.

Lin Yi was no treasure hunting expert. He couldn’t find Xiaoxiao’s bracelet at the bottom of the sea that easily. All he did was use the faint hostility Xiaoxiao had towards him and located the item with Xiaoxiao’s presence on it with the jade’s ability.

It was a very common ability the jade had, and Lin Yi had used this trick often on the battlefield to find the items his enemies left behind.

However, it only worked when people were hostile toward him. It didn’t apply to anybody else.

And with that, the spring trip ended rather plainly after Pinliang’s little incident.

At dusk, everyone got on the seaplane they’d been on earlier and returned to Songshan.

Pinliang’s face was pale as he sat beside Xiaofu. They weren’t sitting at the very back anymore, but behind the other students instead, at around the middle of the plane.

“The perfect spring trip plan, completely ruined!” Pinliang felt that nothing went his way these days! No matter what he did, it always ended in failure! He might think the god of misfortune had latched onto him if this went on.

“Sorry, Liang Bro, I didn’t warn you in time when that shark came,” Xiaofu said guiltily.

“Forget it, I was too impatient.” Pinliang said with a wave of his hand. “Mengyao probably has an even worse impression of me now. She probably thinks I’m a coward who tries to get girls in trouble when I’m in danger. It’s hopeless. It’s over. It’s utterly impossible at this point.”

“Liang Bro, don’t say that! Don’t give up yet! There’s still hope!” Xiaofu said. In truth, he too felt that hopes were looking really slim for Pinliang.

‘Really? There’s still hope?” Pinliang was like a drowning man clutching at the straw keeping him alive. He knew it was hopeless, but he didn’t want to let go.

“Yes!” Xiaofu said after some hesitation. “Liang Bro, I actually think you should do a B&E!”

“A B&E?” Pinliang paused, a little shocked at what Xiaofu was suggesting. “You’re telling me to…”

“Yes, I am!” Xiaofu didn’t really mean it at first, but now that he’d said it, it seemed like a good idea. So he continued, “Look, Liang Bro, it’s April now, and we only have two months left before college entrance exams. Time’s running out, so if you don’t do anything now, it’ll get even harder in college! At college, Chu Mengyao will start to date people, and what if she gets a boyfriend!”

“Yes, you’re right!” Pinliang nodded. “But isn’t a B&E too risky? Chu Mengyao’s house isn’t a normal one. I don’t want to get screwed!”

Pinliang did give Ruoming a similar “breaking and entering” suggestion once, telling him to force himself on Tang Yin, but it was something to do to poor girls such as Tang Yin who didn't have a powerful background!

Mengyao was no poor girl. If he were to do something to her, would Pengzhan spare him?

“Not necessarily!” Xiaofu said, waving his hand as if he were a wise man. “Think about it, Liang Bro. What do these upper society people care about most? Their name! If Chu Mengyao becomes your woman would she tell on you? Would she dare? Even if she would, Chu Pengzhan might not even agree to her pressing charges! This involves his daughter’s name and honor, her lifelong reputation! If this got out, how’s Chu Mengyao supposed to marry anybody?!”

“That makes sense, but that doesn’t guarantee that Chu Pengzhan wouldn’t do anything to me behind the scenes!” Pinliang was still a little worried after thinking about it.

“That’s easy. First, Chu Mengyao will be your woman, so I don’t believe that she won’t care about all that. As long as she cares, you’ll be able to use that and penetrate her mental defenses!” Xiaofu said confidently. “Second, Liang Bro, you have to gain power! Go to Chu Pengzhan’s company and tell them that Chu Mengyao’s your woman, that you’re Chu Pengzhan’s son-in-law! Let them all know! Once you establish that fact, Chu Pengzhan will have a hard time dealing with you even if he wanted to, since everybody knows about it! He’ll have to admit to you being his son-in-law. That’ll be his only option if he doesn’t want people laughing at him!”

“Huh? I say, Xiaofu, you sure have some good ideas!” Pinliang said after Xiaofu’s analysis. It made perfect sense! It wasn’t a bad idea at all. It was doable if things went right!

“Of course, Liang Bro. If you’re really worried that something will go wrong, there’s another way.” Xiaofu was getting excited himself. “You lock Chu Mengyao up first and go to Chu Pengzhan to tell him how she’s your woman. See what his reaction is! If he takes it and admits to your status as son-in-law, then perfect, you go back and cook the rice! If he doesn’t want to admit it, let Chu Mengyao go unscathed. Tell him it’s just a joke! The risk is as small as it gets!”

“Xiaofu! I never realized this, but you’re really so smart!!” PInliang had some reservations at first, but this failsafe plan Xiaofu gave him really put him at ease! There was practically no risk anymore!

“Heh heh, all thanks to your lessons, Liang Bro!” Xiaofu smiled happily.

“Man, I got kicked by Feng XIaoxiao down there. It’s all swollen. Looks like I won’t be able to use it for a while, so B&E won’t work for the time being anyway!” Pinliang said in regret.

Xiaoxiao gripped her bracelet tightly. It seemed that she needed to reassess Lin Yi’s strength.

She’d underestimated Lin Yi way too much. That was why she kept failing. It seemed that getting Lin Yi to fall in love with her wasn’t a simple task either, especially after how he’d saved her today. She could feel that Lin Yi didn’t have any romantic feelings for her or anything. He’d only saved her out of a sort of pity!

So Xiaoxiao felt like she needed to make some adjustments to her plan. As things were, Lin Yi would never fall for her even if she chased him like this for her entire life. She needed to make more than a few moves.

A little hesitant, she looked at Lin Yi, who was sitting beside her. Didn’t going after him after he’d saved her make her ungrateful? It’d be repaying grace with revenge.

Most importantly, he even helped her find her mother’s bracelet.

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