Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 466

Chapter 466 - Lin Yi Steps in

Xiaoxiao didn’t notice the shark getting close. She was too focused on getting the bracelet back as Pinliang swam in her direction.

Pinliang’s eyes lit up when he saw Xiaoxiao. He pivoted towards her, planning to escape by redirecting his pursuer. He wanted to shift the shark’s attention to Xiaoxiao!

He would never do something like this in normal circumstances. After all, he was very much afraid of her. Now that his life was being threatened, it didn’t matter. He needed to save his life at all costs, even if that meant sacrificing someone else to the shark right behind him! Only by making Xiaoxiao the new target would Pinliang live.

As expected, the shark placed all its focus on Xiaoxiao instead and started swimming towards her.

“Boss! That shark!” Xiaobo cried out in shock, pointing in Xiaoxiao’s direction.

Lin Yi frowned, also seeing the shark change its target. He wouldn’t mind at all if Pinlaing got eaten. He’d actually be pretty happy if that happened.

But Xiaoxiao…

Lin Yi didn’t like her very much, but he didn’t hate her or even dislike her. Plus, if she got chomped by a shark out of nowhere and for no reason at all, then Lin Yi really would pity her.

He could get over it if he didn’t know her, but she did sit next to him in class, and he did cause her trouble. Lin Yi would be lying if he said he didn’t feel any emotion. He stood up and started walking towards the sea.

“Feng Xiaoxiao, you dumbass, get out of the way!” Lin Yi yelled in spite of himself.

“Huh?” Xiaoxiao was surprised by Lin Yi’s abrupt yelling and raised her head to see Pinliang swimming with all his might towards her, a shark right behind him!

Xiaoxiao blanched. She could tell that the first shark was fake after Lin Yi pointed out the discrepancies, but this one was evidently a real shark, especially if Pinliang was trying this desperately to get away.

But wasn’t this guy too much of an asshole? Did he have to swim to her? Wasn’t he just telling her that he wanted to sic the shark on her?

Xiaoxiao was furious but was still hesitant about swimming away. The bracelet her mom gifted her had fallen off around here, but if she left now it’d be really difficult to locate it again! It’d be almost impossible if she came back later.

“What’re you thinking about?” Lin Yi was starting to get a little frustrated and worried. Xiaoxiao seemed rather smart, so why was she turning into a sitting duck in a time of crisis?

“M-My bracelet,” Xiaoxiao said, panicking.

Lin Yi was floored. The girl was thinking about her bracelet when a shark was swimming towards her. What the hell was wrong with her? Xiaoxiao not moving, however, meant that she wouldn’t make it to shore even if she started swimming right at this second. 

At that thought, Lin Yi dived into the sea, his clothes still on.

Pinliang’s life had nothing to do with him, but that idiot Xiaoxiao… Lin Yi didn’t want her to die or anything.

Xiaoxiao was frozen from disbelief and shock. Was Lin Yi really jumping into the sea to save her? She couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

Was this really Lin Yi?

Lin Yi swiftly swam over and ignored Xiaoxiao, but he did see Pinliang hide from the incoming shark behind Xiaoxiao like a coward.

Fighting a shark was nothing new to Lin Yi, and while he was in deep water, his feet still touched the bottom. With a place to push himself off, he could very well use his late phase golden class strength to kill the shark with one punch.

But that would be too much for everybody watching, so Lin Yi decided to use the method he’d gone with last time. After punching the shark, he thrust the stick that was still in his hands and stabbed it into the shark’s gills.

It was a clean kill and the shark died instantly, much to the absolute shock of Xiaoxiao, and Pinliang, who never expected that a shark would be such easy prey for Lin Yi. What was he even thinking, making him his enemy?

Xiaoxiao, on the other hand, was stunned by Lin Yi’s sheer skill. His movements wasted no time, and he was both effective and efficient. He was worth the huge sum of money Pengzhan was paying him.

The spectating students, however, had just seen Yushu kill a shark with a cobblestone, so Lin Yi’s kill had much less of an impact on them. They just assumed that sharks died easily after Yushu’s example.

“You trying to kill me, scum?!” The first thing Xiaoxiao did after getting over the shock was to kick Pinliang’s crotch, resulting in a wail and Pinliang’s eyes rolling back, almost sinking himself into the sea.

Xiaoxiao had put a lot of strength into that kick. She was boiling mad at what Pinliang did. It was essentially attempted murder! He was trying to get the shark to eat her! Wasn’t that plain murder?

So Xiaoxiao didn’t hold back with that kick. Pinliang would really deserve it if he died!

Pinliang knew what he’d done, so as much as it hurt he silently got back to shore with his hands holding his crotch, not even able to talk as he endured the pain. 

Xiaofu quickly walked over to ask the pale Pinliang how he was doing.

No one pitied Pinliang. What he did really was rather immoral. Trying to get the shark to target someone else when he couldn’t fight it himself? Wasn’t that too much?

They could imagine how it’d be if it hadn’t been Xiaoxiao but someone else. Would Pinliang do the same and direct the shark to them? If it weren’t for Lin Yi, would that person now be dead at the bottom of the sea?

“You dumbass, why weren’t you running?” Lin Yi was a little angry at Xiaoxiao refusing to run. He wouldn’t have had to come into the water himself if she had! Now he was all wet and didn’t feel comfortable one bit.

“My… It was the bracelet my mother gave me.” Xiaoxiao remembered her lost bracelet. She ignored the stench of the shark blood in the water and dived down to look for it.

“What bracelet? You’d risk your life for it?” Lin Yi didn’t know how to react.

“It’s her final gift before she passed,” Xiaoxiao said, a little embarrassed when she looked at Lin Yi, but didn’t avert her eyes. This bracelet was very important for her. She didn’t want to lose it.

“Final gift?” It was Lin Yi’s turn to be stunned, but if that really was the case, he understood why Xiaoxiao was willing to risk her life to look for that bracelet. Surprising Lin Yi further was the fact that Xiaoxiao lost her mother.

“My mom died when I was very young.” Xiaoxiao shook her head, a hint of sadness in her eyes.

Lin Yi sighed. He didn’t think Xiaoxiao would have this side to her.

He felt around underwater, and then dragged out Xiaoxiao’s right hand.

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