Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 461

Chapter 461 - Here Comes the Shark

Pinliang was in a hurry, but Xiaofu couldn’t just pull his pants up in the middle of taking a dump, could he? “Wait a second, Laing Bro, I’ll be done soon!”

Pinliang was in such a hurry! The lavatory was located in front of the first row, too, so wasn’t Xiaofu just ruining his image right now? It’d look alright if he’d gotten into the lavatory after rushing there, but pacing around as he held his stomach, wouldn’t Mengyao laugh at him?

Pinliang farted a loud, stinky fart, and he became self-conscious and his face reddened. He sneaked a glance at Mengyao.

“God, the smell! I’m gonna faint, Yao Yao!” Yushu jumped up and waved her hand in front of her face. “Liangy, go get a butt plug or something! Do you want to suffocate Yao Yao and me to death?”

Pinliang’s fart had only been audible to the students in the first few rows, but Yushu’s announcement turned the fart into the focal point of the entire plane.

“I…” Pinliang was really starting panic. He was about to explain himself when another fart escaped from his crack, followed by poop as well as a result of his panic. He’d sh*t his pants.

“Ahhhhhh! Zhong Pinliang, are you doing this on purpose?” Yushu couldn’t take it anymore. She held her nose and started running towards the tail of the plane. The smell was nasty!

Mengyao frowned in disgust herself. What the hell was Pinliang up to, stinking up the plane? She stood up and followed Yushu to the back.

Xiaoxiao was eating a cookie, but the intensity of the fart made her spit it right out. She ran to the back of the plane on instinct as well.

Lin Yi, however, didn’t really mind. He’d lived in places smellier than the fart. Pinliang’s actions, on the other hand, did disgust him a little. Since the Miss had left, Lin Yi got up and walked to the back as well.

Xiaofu finally came out from the lavatory, and Pinliang ran in, cupping the crotch of his pants. The sound of rushed water followed right after.

Pinliang hadn’t brought a change of pants, so he had no choice but to take his pants off and wash them in the lavatory. 

He was too embarrassed to come out the lavatory until the plane landed.

The event had been organized by Pinliang, so while it was very comical for Pinliang to disembark from the plane in wet pants, nobody laughed. It comforted Pinliang at least a little.

“Sorry, Liang Bro. I didn’t do it on purpose,” Xiaofu apologized in embarrassment. He’d screwed up.

“It’s fine!” Pinliang looked at his only follower. There wasn’t much to say anyway. He waved his hand generously. “Just do your best as a shark later.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve practiced in my bathtub a lot. It’ll go off without a hitch!” Xiaofu thumped his chest confidently.

Pinliang nodded. Whether he could redeem himself depended on this! If he gloriously fought off a shark in front of everybody, then having shit his pants wouldn’t mean as much.

The seaplane landed on the VIP water runway section of Fun City, and a speedboat came after a bit to get all the students to shore.

The entire VIP section had been booked by Pinliang, so there wasn’t anyone else there.

The seawater was clear, and there was a sand-paved shallow water section lined with pebbles. There were some conches, small crabs, and fish as well. It was a nice environment.

Lin Yi didn’t hurry to change into his swimsuit like everybody else. He sat in the sand and watched the little creatures in silence. Clear waters were very rare in cities and tourist attractions, and Lin Yi felt like he’d gone back to his old home.

He’d always play on the beach with Er Goudan. Naturally, the old man had forced most of Lin Yi’s time to be spent on training in the water. Goudan, on the other hand… Lin Yi really wondered what his body was made of! It took him so much effort just to maintain his balance in the current, but the guy maintained his posture in the water like he was a tower.

“Why aren’t you changing into your swimsuit?” Xiaoxiao walked over curiously after seeing Lin Yi sit down on the sand and stare into the water.

“For what? I can’t swim,” Lin Yi said distantly. “Why aren’t you?”

“Because I need to be by your side!” Xiaoxiao said, as if it were a matter of course.

Lin Yi shook his head. Now that his train of thought had been interrupted, he turned his attention to the girls who had changed into their swimsuits. Eighteen-year-old girls had bodies that had finished puberty, so this was a nice chance to feast his eyes. He wondered what sort of swimsuits Yushu and Mengyao would wear. Compared to Mengyao, Lin Yi was actually more interested in how Yushu would look in a swimsuit.

He’d seen them in swimsuits before, but seeing it in person was always better than seeing it in a picture.

Much to Lin Yi’s disappointment, Mengyao and Yushu weren’t in swimsuits at all. They’d set up a huge umbrella and were sitting under it as they took out the snacks in their bags. Were these two here for a picnic?

Probably. Mengyao and Yushu had had more than enough chances to go to the beach. He remembered a lot of beaches in the travel pictures on the laptop.

“There don’t seem to be any sharks here?” Yushu said disappointedly as she looked out into the calm waters.

“It’s a tourist spot. Of course there aren’t any sharks,” Mengyao said.

“That Liangy, he lied to me! He said he’d barbecue shark meat for me! I’m never believing him ever again,” Yushu said angrily.

“Even if there were, would you really eat shark meat he barbecued?” Mengyao pursed her lips.

“Ugh.” Yushu remembered how Pinliang had sh*t his pants back on the plane. Just thinking about it disgusted her. She probably wouldn’t accept any shark meat from Pinliang now, would she?

Xiaofu put the shark fin costume on his back now that most of the students were in the water. He furtively dived into the water and circled around a few times.

He started getting nervous when nobody noticed him.

He didn’t want to get too close to the other students. The water in the shallow area was very clear, so people might see that he wasn’t really a shark.

But he couldn’t just scream “I’m a shark! Here comes the shark!”

Pinliang was getting worried as well. He needed to be the sharkslayer, so he couldn’t be the one who noticed it first! The shark should first scare all the students to shore, then he could jump in to challenge and “slay” the beast!

The two were panicking a little when Yushu jumped up excitedly. “Yao Yao, it’s a shark! See, it really is a shark!”

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