Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 459

Chapter 459 - Stolen Seat

What if he’d gone and leveled Tang Yin’s place with a bulldozer like a complete idiot? He’d probably be in the afterlife the next day! What did he have against Lin Yi that a master of Yan Qiyuan’s level didn’t?

Tiandi didn’t have time to worry about pissing Cihua off at this point. He could take a little worsening of their relationship. That wasn’t a problem at all! He quickly stood up. “Cihua Bro, I can’t do this. I’m afraid you’ll have to get someone else, I’m sorry!”

With that, Tiandi dragged Ruoming along and left without uttering another word, wondering what would happen if Lin Yi learned that he was planning to destroy Tang Yin’s house with Cihua.

He shouldn’t have come in the first place. What rotten luck he had! This wasn’t a joke at all!

Cihua frowned at the Zous walking away all of a sudden. Where was this coming from? “What is the meaning of this. What’s the matter with them? I asked you because I like you! Fine, so be it.”

“Cihua Bro, I heard them mention a name just now. Maybe it’s someone they know?” Su Jiaonang said.

“Leave them be. Get Zhong Fabai here. We’re short on time, and Master Bin’s arriving soon. We need to get the real estate company up and running before he comes!” Chua said. “Right, how’re things with Jin Gubang?”

“He’s funded and registered a real estate company, and he plans to give all the shares to Master Bin!” Jiaonang said.

“At least he gets what’s going on. Leave him ten percent of the shares and keep him as the company’s CEO,” Cihua said after thinking about it. “Master Bin’s only going to fool around, and there needs to be someone there to actually manage the company for him. He’s relatives with Zhong Fabai too, so it’ll make things easier as well.”

“Alright, I’ll go talk to Jin Gubang about it in a bit.” Jiaonang nodded and walked away to phone Fabai.

Fabai didn’t have as many concerns as Tiandi. Now that Gubang had fallen, he needed a backer, and Cihua calling him over to work with Gubang and him on a real estate company was perfect timing. They’d be working for the nephew of the boss behind the scenes too, so Fabai accepted the invitation without even thinking about it.


Because of the specifications of the seaplane, there wasn’t a storage compartment for luggage. Some dangerous items weren’t allowed as well.

Under Mr. Liu’s guidance, the students went through the security check and boarded the plane.

It was the first time on a plane for many of the students, and their eyes shone with excitement and anticipation. The ones who had taken a plane before were very excited as well, since it was the first time they took a plane that landed on the sea. Everyone looked forward to the trip.

Smaller planes like this were alright at the front, but got very bumpy at the back. Fortunately for them, the students only occupied the forward seats, leaving space at the back for luggage.

Pinliang and Xiaofu were about to seat themselves at the frontmost seats, the most luxurious  and spacious row. There were four in total, and two were reserved for Mengyao and Yushu, the other two for his own use.

They’d put down their luggage and were about to sit when someone pushed them, almost making them fall. “Move. Stop getting in the way.”

It was Lin Yi. He moved past them and seated himself in the seat that was supposed to be Pinliang’s. Xiaoxiao followed and sat beside him, on Xiaofu’s seat.

Pinliang’s face went green with anger that instant. He wanted to get Lin Yi to leave, but didn’t dare to. He wanted to get Xiaoxiao to leave, but he didn’t dare to do that either! He was unsure of what to do when Yushu spoke up, “Liangy, Yao Yao said that she likes brave boys. Only the bravest can sit the farthest at the back with composure!”

Yushu, naturally, didn’t want Pinliang at the front seats. She still wanted to see what would happen with Lin Yi and Xiaoxiao! 

A simple excuse was enough to get Pinliang away, she thought.

“I-Is that so?” Pinliang now had a way to back off with what Yushu said. “Xiaofu, let’s sit at the back then! The first row’s for scaredy-cats!”

There was only one boy at the front, so Pinliang’s words were naturally directed at him. He regretted it instantly. Wasn’t he just asking to get smacked? What the hell was he thinking?

He sighed in relief after seeing that Lin Yi wasn’t planning on getting him back or anything. He quickly walked to the back of the plane with Xiaofu and seated himself.

It was a low altitude private plane, so there wasn’t much conflict with regular planes at the airport. The plane was going down the runway not long after.

Neither Pinliang nor Xiaofu had taken a private plane like this before, so they thought that it’d be the same as a regular, commercial plane. They only realized how uncomfortable it was when the plane took off.

It was as bumpy as it got, and Pinliang’s face rapidly paled with realization. Xiaofu wasn’t looking too well beside him, either.

“Liang Bro, maybe we should sit a bit closer to the front. This is way too uncomfortable.” Xiaofu couldn’t take it anymore.

“You can if you want. What will Yao Yao think of me if I did? I’d look like a coward!” Pinliang wasn’t feeling too good, but he decided to grit his teeth and get it over with. He’d be known as a dog running with his tail between his legs if word got out. He’d be a joke!

He might already be a joke, but he’d like to be laughed at for fewer things, if possible. If he could grit his teeth and endure it, then he’d do it. He only hoped that they’d reach Fun City’s beach soon.

Xiaofu couldn’t really leave when Pinliang was staying, so he stayed. It was his first time on a plane, and he didn’t have any experience. He was taking it a lot harder than Pinliang did.


Lin Yi didn’t pay Xiaoxiao any attention. It didn’t matter what she said to him. He always replied with the most meaningless responses in conversation, “oh” and “Really?”. It troubled Xiaoxiao.

“Shu, what do you think Feng Xiaoxiao’s planning?” Mengyao had noticed Xiaoxiao’s weird behavior the past couple of days herself.

“I dunno, but I think she’s probably fallen for Shield Bro. Why’s she always being so nice to him if she hasn’t?” Yushu mumbled as she munched on her snacks.

“Fallen for Lin Yi? How’s that possible? Wasn’t she here to cause him trouble?” Mengyao frowned and harrumphed to herself. Falling for Lin Yi? Why would anyone fall for him?

“Are you getting jealous, Yao Yao?” Yushu said with a grin.

“Me? Jealous? It’s got nothing to do with me.” Mengyao harrumphed, as if she didn’t care.

“Nothing to do with you, huh? I wanted to eavesdrop on them, but fine then.” Yushu continued to enjoy her snacks.

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