Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 452

Chapter 452 - Guan Xuemin’s Sense of Crisis

“Oh?” Lin Yi paused at what Xuemin said. It seemed that this Fatty Lai was pretty good. He’d thought that the guy was just some wuss with a strategic brain. “So Fatty Lai’s here to genuinely help?”

“Haha, he’s smart. He knows who to follow for a brighter future.” Xuemin smiled. “He might not have made that decisive decision if it weren’t for the half of the Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing he dug out from the trash, but the pill gave him confidence. It decided his future path.”

Lin Yi nodded. If the information Xuemin researched was accurate, then that’d be the only explanation. He found Fatty Lai’s taste and vision of making him his boss quite impressive.

“As for the shares, do you have any suggestions, Grandpa Guan?” Now that Fatty Lai was in their ranks, Lin Yi needed to address the issue regarding the splitting of the shares.

“I work in a different field, but I still think that you should have at least half the shares!” Xuemin suggested after a sigh. “We’re all on good terms now, but you can never be too safe. With half the shares you’ll have the final say in things. That’s very important.”

“Alright!” Lin Yi wasn’t worried that there’d be any betrayals, but the whole thing with Pengzhan Industries earlier was an example he didn’t want to follow. It’d be so much trouble to take care of all that if it did happen, too, so Lin Yi decided that he’d follow what Xuemin suggested. “Alright, both you and Xiaobo will have fifteen percent. I’m still watching Fatty Lai, but if he turns out to be genuine I can give him another fifteen percent. We’ll put the fifty five percent left under Guan Xin’s name.”

“Oh?” Xuemin paused, not quite understanding Lin Yi’s intentions. What was he planning, putting all his shares under Guan Xin? It’d be logical if the two were already a couple, but from what he’d seen only one party was active, and that was his granddaughter. Lin Yi didn’t seem to have the same feelings Guan Xin had.

Lin Yi’s decision was rather thought-provoking. He’d placed the building under Guan Xin’s name as well, and that was odd enough as it was. Xuemin couldn’t help but ask the question at this point. “Yi, you’ve given me fifteen percent, and fifty five to Guan Xin along with the rights to the building. If our family were to take over the company, it’d be no more trouble than just announcing it. Did you take this into consideration?”

“Hah.” Lin Yi smiled. He wouldn’t say anything if Xuemin just accepted everything without saying anything, but Xuemin would indeed drop in his list a little. The entire medicine company was something he’d started on a whim in the first place, and he wasn’t planning on investing too much effort into it. If Xuemin were to swallow the whole thing up, Lin Yi would just admit to his misjudgement of the man’s character.

At the end of the day, the main reason he’d started the company was that he didn’t want to be living on a woman’s money and eating soft rice.1 He needed to earn some allowance himself! With that one hundred million from Tianyi, it didn’t really matter if Lin Yi started a company. 

It was also for Xiaobo’s sake, so that Miracle Doctor Kang’s family would stop looking down on him, and also so that he could stand up for himself.

So Lin Yi smiled. “Grandpa Guan, the whole thing’s founded using your fame. All I supplied was two medicine recipes. If you want to take it, there’s nothing I can say.”

“Haha, you have too much confidence in me.” Xuemin didn’t have any greed for stuff like this, but Lin Yi’s trust still moved him nonetheless. “I’ll give Xin Xin my shares, but if she decides to take over your company one day, don’t come looking for this old man.”

“She wouldn’t.” Lin Yi shook his head. Guan Xin wasn’t that type of person at all, not according to what he knew about her.

He discussed medicine with Xuemin for a bit before getting up to leave. His bag was still at school, so he needed to go back.

“I’m going then, Grandpa Guan. Call me if anything comes up,” Lin Yi said.

“Not waiting for Xin Xin to come back? I had wanted to keep you for dinner,” Xuemin said, regretting it a little. They didn’t get to finish their discussion, and the three of them wouldn’t be having dinner like he’d thought.

Would things actually work between Lin Yi and his granddaughter? As an elder, Xuemin very much wanted Lin Yi to become his son-in-law, but he couldn’t help but feel that he was in a crisis after Lingshan showed up. Huaijun’s attitude towards them was troubling as well.

But Lin Yi’s reaction gave him comfort. At least he didn’t really like Lingshan, and he’d placed all his shares with his granddaughter too…. He trusted Guan Xin, he knew that much. At the very least, Xin Xin was currently in the lead in this race….

“Maybe next time.” Lin Yi looked checked the time with his phone. “I still need to get back to school.”

“Alright, next time then.” Xuemin didn’t insist. Things were different now too. He was a business partner with Lin Yi, and he’d inevitably drop by often.

Lin Yi walked out of Xuemin’s house and drove back to school. He stepped into the classroom to be greeted with the final bell for night study hall.

Mengyao and Yushu had gotten used to Lin Yi missing class long ago and didn’t bother asking him where he’d went. 

But Mengyao still found it a little irritable. Lin Yi was her follower, and it was still his working hours! The guy shouldn’t be missing all the time like that.

“You’re back, Lin Yi?”

Lin Yi was just sitting down when a gentle, fragile voice hit him. He almost fell out of his chair.

Xiaoxiao was giving him the full on puppy eyes, smiling slightly as she looked at Lin Yi with a very cute look. She pulled out a drink from her desk and handed it to him. “Are you thirsty? I bought this for you.”

“… Are you okay?” Lin Yi looked at Xiaoxiao in disbelief. His rivalry with Xiaoxiao wasn’t that bad, but it had to be equal to him murdering her father, right? What was this attitude Xiaoxiao was giving him. Was she perhaps hiding a blade behind that smile?

“I am?” Xiaoxiao blinked, confused. “What’s wrong? What do you mean?”

Xiaoxiao’s question shut Lin Yi up immediately. What could he say? That he’d peed on her, blasted her ass with firecrackers? They were currently enemies! She shouldn’t be that sweet and gentle with him at all. It defied logic.

But the words failed to come out from his mouth.

1. Remember what soft rice is?

Chapter Notes:

So uh... Update on the second BAB translator.

He's currently reading BAB to catch up, so he's expected to start working on BAB after a month or so. He's not as fast as I am and he's pretty busy too, so don't expect a sudden burst of chapters...

Also, something else. I know most of you are really understanding and everything, but I just wanna say to the other readers that you need to understand translating is a more of a hobby thing than a part time job... I don't wanna sound like an asshole but I'm the person legally in charge of deciding how many chapters I wanna do every month. I could just say 10 chapters a month and fulfill that if what you want is consistency, but I still try to do one every day and take some days off when I've had an especially long day or when I'm sick. I understand that it's been two chapters a day for eight months and it looks like I'm skipping school or something but I just feel like some of you guys are sooo taking that old release rate for granted... Again, I'm saying this to just a small portion of the readers, people who have the wrong perspective and approach to the release rate- you're kinda thinking about it the wrong way. If I do less chapters, I get paid less. That's how the payment thing works. I'm not being paid to translate 60 a month, nor am I required to, so all the people criticizing me and saying it's my job to do more... Now you know. Look at some of the other novels' release rates, man! What're you slapping my butt for =(

I'm saying all this because the complaints have been rising recently, and I understand the frustration. I do, man. You think I don't feel bad? I read things with slow release rates and short chapters too. I know how it feels. I just read a BAB chapter in Chinese just now and I know it's a really quick read, it was over before I knew it. I get it! But... It's not a quick read for me when I'm translating it.

Why do you think I'm even getting a second translator for BAB? I've overestimated myself. I can't handle BAB on my own anymore. I've strayed clear of getting a group contract because BAB started as a personal project of mine, I wanted my name on it, it was special to me, but the passion has just been... dried out. 

Someone said I'm taking translation for granted- I'll admit that perhaps I am. After doing it every day for eight months I guess I do kinda take it for granted. I remember when I would look at the votes every day at first, excited to see it fight its way to the top. I was so excited to see it resting comfortably in rank two. Then I started checking less and less, and eventually I just expected to see it at top two. I guess it's the same thing, I just expect to go home and do a chapter. Taking it for granted... Argh, I don't know.

Things will hopefully get better when my friend starts helping me out. In the meantime, keep on reading Lin Yi's harem adventure.


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