Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 451

Chapter 451 - A New Follower

Lin Yi didn’t know what Fatty Lai was on about. Was he really thinking of abandoning his already set up company for a managerial position at his new one?

“You’re leaving your family business behind?” Lin Yi didn’t understand what Fatty Lai was trying to achieve.

“I gave the family business to my older brother, Miracle Doctor Lin. I don’t want it anymore, and it’s better this way. I don’t want to fight my brother all the time.” Fatty Lai smiled. “Plus, I feel like I’ll have a much brighter future if I follow you! Miracle Doctor Lin, I can see this company of yours getting much bigger than that Miracle Doctor Kang Medicine Company! As your company’s manager and Miracle Doctor Lin’s spokesperson, I’ll be a big shot! My brother will probably come kneeling and crying when he knows how important the Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing is!”

“Kneeling and crying… Don’t you do that all the time?” Lin Yi was rather impressed by Fatty Lai’s spirit. He was abandoning so much to come work with him.

“Heh heh, that’s different. You’re a miracle doctor! I wouldn’t be kneeling and crying just to anybody.” Fatty Lai said, a little embarrassed.

Lin Yi had thought that the guy was a natural-born crybaby, but it turned out that he was only a crybaby to him. Lin Yi found that to be quite a headache.

“That’s good and all, but this medicine company is just something I’m starting on a whim. I’m not sure if it’ll go on, or if there’ll be any products! There’s too many uncertainties!” Lin Yi wanted Fatty Lai to understand what he was getting himself into. Who knew how things would progress from here? His old man didn’t give him a clear answer either.

“It’s alright, Miracle Doctor Lin. Why don’t you accept me as your follower?” Fatty Lai was a smart man, and he’d understood the reality of the situation long ago. Lin Yi was no ordinary man, and he definitely wouldn’t be taking any losses following him.

After all, money had long since lost its importance to someone who’d been raised in luxury. What Fatty Lai wanted now was fame and power, something Lin Yi could very well help him with!

Being a follower isn’t too fun, but that depended on who was followed. Needless to say, he’d be completely willing if Lin Yi was the one he’d be following! 

Lin Yi was someone with extreme power. With those medical skills, the strongest houses would trample over one another to get in line and get on Lin Yi’s good side! Everyone got sick, and everyone would eventually die. Lin Yi’s ability to slow down their dying process was a one in a million value!

Follower? He may just be a follower then, but follower also meant spokesperson when he dealt with the public! Lin Yi was a busy man, so of course he wouldn’t have time dealing with all those people trying to kiss ass. If he were to then show up as Lin Yi’s follower… Heh heh…

Fatty Lai was feeling rather sweet and warm just thinking about it! What was an electronic company worth compared to this? His brother had limited vision, getting all fixated on that when he was seizing this golden opportunity!

One had to have thick skin to be a crybaby. Fatty Lai was one such example, thick-skinned and crying all the time. Wasn’t that what got Lin Yi to like him?

“You wanna be my follower?” Lin Yi looked at Fatty Lai oddly. “I don’t need a follower though.”

“No, no, Boss Lin Yi! Hear me out!” Fatty Lai started analyzing again, now addressing Lin Yi as “Boss Lin Yi” as Lin Yi blinked, speechless. “Boss, you need to understand who you are! After the medicine company gets all set up there’ll be a lot of powerful families coming to your doorstep to beg for the medicines! You can’t meet everyone who wants to meet the boss, one by one, right? You’re busy enough as it is, and you still need to mess around with girls and live life! You won’t have time at all! So you’ll need a follower to handle all that stuff for you, and I’m a good candidate for that!”

Lin Yi thought about it. Fatty Lai was making sense. “But I have a follower already.”

“You’re talking about Kang Xiaobo? Think about it, that’s not enough!” Fatty Lai shook his head. “How’s one follower enough? And Kang Xiaobo’s always by your side, going to school with you as you enjoy life- he can’t always be taking care of company affairs, can he? It’ll be enough for him to be the vice chairman. I’ll be the follower who takes care of the company!”

Lin Yi nodded, but he did leave something out. He still had one more follower back in his old home, Er Goudan. He thought about Goudan’s intelligence level and shook his head. The guy was a fighter and a punching bag, but that was about it.

He decided that he’d give the guy a call someday, see what he was up to. He was starting to miss him after so long.

Fatty Lai continued to strike the iron while it was hot. Lin Yi seemed to be agreeing with what he was saying! “And, you’re not just a nobody, boss! You can’t just have one follower in the first place! Look at all the big shot characters, they all have tons of followers! Chauffeur, bodyguards, secretaries, butlers, nannies…”

“Alright, alright, stop. I’ll accept you as an intern follower first then! I’ll make you an official one if you pass the test period.” Lin Yi was getting a little annoyed from Fatty Lai’s ramblings, but the guy was making sense. 

The problem was that Lin Yi himself was a follower too…. He wondered how it would look now that Fatty Lai was his follower, especially when he went out with the Miss.

A follower having followers… He might very well be the first in history, the strongest follower.

“Haha, I’ll be your follower from now on then, Miracle Doctor Lin!” Fatty Lai said happily, forgetting that the word “intern” was supposed to be attached to the title. “Don’t worry. Just leave the medicine company to me!”

Lin Yi didn’t know what to say. This Fatty Lai was much more passionate about this than he was. It seemed that he’d have much less to trouble himself with having a follower like that by his side.

Although, he wasn’t completely trusting of Fatty Lai just yet. He needed to know exactly what sort of person he was first, and until then there were still things he couldn’t leave to him to handle. He’d have to wait and see.

He handed the medicine to Fatty Lai upon finishing it and sat on the sofa after he left. “What do you think, Grandpa Guan?”

“You’re talking about Mr. Lai?” Xuemin asked.

“Yeah. I feel like there’s something up with him?” Lin Yi thought that the way Fatty Lai spoke and did things wasn’t typical of an elite in the business field. He looked more like an idiot. If it weren’t for his business suggestions from earlier, Lin Yi would’ve even assumed that the guy was one of those young masters who never did anything worthwhile.

“Not at all.” Xuemin shook his head. “When you two were talking I did some research on the web and searched up Lai Changyi. After graduating from college at twenty-two, he used the fifty million yuan in capital his family gave him to start his own business. While he did use his family’s connections, he managed to turn the fifty million into a trading company and a real estate company in just ten years, both worth more than ten billion. He’s not a nobody. As for his crying, I think that’s just because of the situation. He’s a good son, and he’d only kneel and cry when it’s for his father. I didn’t find anything humiliating about him in the news at all.”

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