Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 448

Chapter 448 - A Terrible Attitude

This skyscraper, on the other hand, was something Fatty Lai had given to Lin Yi for nothing. He felt like he needed to give something back to Fatty Lai and asking about his father could lead to something.

Fatty Lai froze at the question. He didn’t quite believe what he’d heard. He made sure he’d heard Lin Yi right before he let his joy take over, and after that, his tears and snot. He felt like his hard work and determination had finally paid off! Lin Yi had always been unwilling to even meet him, care about him…. But now he was asking him about his father on his own accord! What a blessing! What an honor it was!

“Wow… Miracle Doctor Lin, I knew it, I knew you were a good man! I knew you cared about my father!” Fatty Lai cried as he prepared to kneel. “Let me thank you in my father’s stead—”

“What the – stop! Stop now!” Lin Yi was in shock. He was pretty much afraid of this bastard at this point! “Don’t be like that! If you continue, I’ll stop asking from now on. Jeez, should’ve kept my mouth shut…”

“No! I’ll stop, I’ll stop crying…. I-I’m just crying with joy!” Fatty Lai got up quickly and wiped away his tears.

He was a man worthy of the crybaby moniker. His tears disappeared as fast as they came, and he was now wearing a huge smile again.

“As long as you don’t cry, you can call my phone like normal next time.” Lin Yi was speechless. This guy sure had impressed him. He decided to give him the right to phone calls just so he could get him to cry less.

“Really? That’s… Miracle Doctor Lin!” Fatty Lai almost cried again when he remembered what Lin Yi had just said. He quickly held back his tears for the sake of retaining his phone call right.

“Tell me about your dad’s condition then. It’s uremia, right?” Lin Yi said with a wave of his hand. This guy sure could be a drag even when he wasn’t crying.

“Right, uremia. After using that half of the Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing, he’s seeing prominent effects, and he’s awake with a clear mind now. Everything’s getting better for him, but the doctor says he’s not fully healed yet. He said that the treatment can continue, but we don’t know if things will worsen,” Fatty Lai said worriedly.

“Has he had a kidney transplant?” Lin Yi nodded.

“No. He’s too old, and the doctor doesn’t recommend putting him on the operating table. We’re worried he won’t make it back out alive,” Fatty Lai said honestly.

“Alright,there’s no problem then,” Lin Yi said. “Here, I’ll write down a couple of Eastern medicines for you. You go buy them for me, and I’ll brew something for your old man to drink for a week. Come back a week later to refill the medicine.”

“Ahhh! Okay! Thanks, Miracle Doctor Lin!” Fatty Lai was bursting with emotion. He felt like he’d done the right thing! Miracle Doctor Lin had a kind heart, after all, and after his constant grinding he was now finally willing to help!

Lin Yi didn’t have complete trust in Fatty Lai yet, so he didn’t ask him to buy all of the important things, just the ones he needed for the first stage treatment. He didn’t specify the amount either, asking for around five ounces per medicine type. He even added a couple of medicinal items that he didn’t need for the treatment to the list.

Fatty Lai took the list and hugged it in his arms, afraid that he’d lose it. With that, he rushed out to do some medicine shopping.

Lin Yi let out a long sigh of relief after finishing with Fatty Lai. He turned to Xuemin. “Grandpa Guan, did you get the company’s medicinal items approved?”

“Yes. Those are all trivial affairs. I only needed to ask Xiaoxiang to go help. He’ll have them delivered here in a bit.” Xuemin nodded. There was a knock on the door right as he finished speaking.

“Dad, the stuff you asked for.” It was a middle-aged man who walked in, his face resembling Xuemin’s. He should be Xuemin’s son, Guan Xiaoxiang.

“Just set it there. Right, let me introduce you. This is the Mr. Lin Yi I talked to you about,” Xuemin introduced.

“Nice to meet you, Uncle Guan.” Lin Yi stood up in greeting. Xiaoxiang was still his elder, after all, and he didn’t want to put on any airs.

But Xiaoxiang’s attitude towards Lin Yi seemed neutral. He nodded. “Nice to meet you, Mr. Lin.”

Xiaoxiang shouldn’t have referred to Lin Yi as Mr. Lin after he’d called him uncle. It was polite, but definitely cold.

Lin Yi smiled wryly in response, wondering how he’d annoyed the guy. He didn’t know what else to say and stood there awkwardly.

But Xuemin spoke up, “How’s the company, Xiaoxiang?”

“It’s doing good,” Xiaoxiang said quietly. “Dad, why’re you thinking of starting a company all of a sudden? You never liked using your name for stuff like this, right? Be careful that you don’t lose focus after getting old. A lifetime of glory can always end overnight.”

“Xiaoxiang, what’re you talking about?” Xuemin’s face quickly grew solemn as he eyed his son. “Did you need anything? If not, you may leave.”

“It’s busy back at the company. I came to give you the materials. I have to rush back, you know,” Xiaoxiang said coolly. “I’m just giving you a reminder: Don’t get scammed.”

With that, Xiaoxiang looked at Lin Yi before turning and leaving the room and the villa. Then came the thud of the villa’s front door closing.

“That kid!” Xuemin was rather pissed off. He shook his head, a bitter smile on his face. “I hope you don’t mind, Yi.”

“Ha, Uncle Guan’s just saying that for your own good. He’s worried I might be a scammer.” Lin Yi smiled slightly in understanding. Xiaoxiang’s words were logical, too. He didn’t pay him respect, but he was doing the right thing from a family perspective, warning Xuemin not to fall for any scams.

He was just too straightforward about it, that was all. He could’ve said those things after Lin Yi left, but Lin Yi didn’t care in the first place.

“He’s not against you or anything.” Xuemin shook his head. “This kid still hates me because of the past!”

“The past?” Lin Yi blinked.

“The older son of mine. I’ve told you about him. He’s a good-for-nothing and unemployed. He used my name to get some medical businessman to start up a medicine practice, and he’s doing quite well with that,” Xuemin said. “When my younger son was about to graduate from college, he teamed up with a couple of close friends, thinking of starting a clinic using my name. I turned him down right away. He’s just a bit bitter about me letting you use my name for this medicine company, that’s all.”

Lin Yi couldn’t help but let a chuckle slip out at the explanation. “So, Uncle Guan’s jealous of me?”

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