Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 447

Chapter 447 - Rolled In

As expected, Lin Yi nodded and sat back down on the sofa. “I’ll listen.”

Huaijun didn’t waste any time and got straight to the point. “Grandpa Guan, I’ve brought Song along today mainly to ask for information about your connections.”

“No need for the courtesies, Yang. Just tell me what you need.” Xuemin waved his hand. He understood that Huaijun had to have something important if he was coming to him like that.

“Thank you, Professor,” Lingshan quickly said.

“So, Grandpa Guan, there’s a criminal organization trafficking organs, stealing the kidneys and corneas of beggars, homeless, and the disabled. The audacity with which they operate has gotten out of hand – it’s absurd,” Huaijun said. “I wanted to ask if you could help check the sources that the bigger hospitals use for these organs and what those sources are. Hopefully there’ll be some clues in there!”

“That’s not difficult, but I can only ask around. For those who’ve had surgery done already, I can’t ask them to cut it back out even if it’s from an illegal source,” Xuemin said.

“Of course. That wouldn’t be very ethical. But they’ve been involved in criminal activity, so punishment is still due,” Huaijun said. “Thank you again for the help, Grandpa Guan.”

“I’ll give Xiaoxiang a call. He’s the shareholder of the most hospitals. His network is more extensive than mine.” Xuemin nodded.

Xiaoxiang was Guan Xuemin’s younger son, Guan Xiaoxiang. He was Guan Xin’s father, and held many shares of different hospitals, owning a private hospital with Guan Xin’s mother in Songjiang as well. A proper celebrity of the medical field.

“Haha, with Uncle Xiang and Aunt Lan’s help, I’m sure something will turn up.” Huaijun nodded. Aunt Lan was Guan Xin’s mother, Xiaoxiang’s wife.

Huaijun had brought Lingshan along to ask Xuemin for help, and now that Xuemin had agreed to help without hesitation, they were done here. Xuemin evidently had Lin Yi over for something else too, so there was no need to stay. Huaijun stood up to say his goodbyes. “Grandpa Guan, we’ll be going then. It’s been a little busy at the station recently. We’ll visit some other day!”

“Alright, drop by for dinner sometime.” Xuemin nodded.

“Wait!” Lin Yi stopped Huaijun. “Your second stage medicine, it’s ready, but I didn’t bring it. Can you come to my school for it tomorrow?”

“Alright, but I’m involved with a huge case in a neighboring city. I might be pretty busy with that. I’ll have Song go for me if I don’t have the time.” Huaijun nodded. “I know you don’t want me to be saying thanks all the time. You get it anyway.”

“Yeah, go work. You’re not gonna die from that.” Lin Yi shrugged. “Didn’t see you so busy before I cured you.”

“Heh, the more capable you are, the bigger things you do, right? I’m almost cured anyway, aren’t I?” Huaijun said, a little embarrassed. “Also, I’m creating a chance for you and Song, right?”

“Wha?!” Lin Yi’s eyes widened, as did Lingshan’s.

Lin Yi was speechless. Why was this Huaijun always thinking about getting him together with Lingshan? What Lingshan was shocked about, on the other hand, was how Big Bro Yang acted around Lin Yi. This playfulness wasn’t like him at all!

Hmph! It had to be that Lin Yi! He’d corrupted Huaijun! It had to be the case! She had to make Lin Yi pay someday when she made her comeback, but that day was still far away. She couldn’t do anything now, and it seemed she’d have to work rather hard.

After walking Huaijun and Lingshan to the front door, Lin Yi went back to Xuemin’s study. The old man was just finishing his phone call when Lin Yi stepped in. “I called Mr. Lai. He’ll be here soon.”

“Mr. Lai? Fatty Lai, right?” Lin Yi blinked before making the connection.

“Haha, that’s him.” Xuemin, naturally, couldn’t really call Lai Changyi Fatty Lai.

The two were only a couple of words into their conversation when they heard people talking outside the room. Then a human ball tumbled into the study. Fatty Lai had been here before, so Aunt Liu let him in after recognizing him.

But Fatty Lai had heard Xuemin mention that Lin Yi was here. In his panic to meet Lin Yi, he got too excited and tripped on the door threshold, literally rolling into the room. He hadn’t seen Lin Yi since the birthday party, after all.

Lin Yi was taken aback by the rolling. “Is that martial arts or something? Even if you wanted to come in quicker you didn’t need to do this, right?”

“Heh heh… Was just a mistake, sorry. Tripped myself…” Fatty Lai said, a little embarrassed “Miracle Doctor Lin, I finally get to meet you again! I missed you! W-Waah… I thought you didn’t want me anymore! I thought I would never see you again! You don’t know how excited I was when Professor Guan called me! I haven’t been this excited since my son got married!!”

“Alright… Just… Put some distance between us. I’m a little worried. I don’t doubt your sexual orientation, but I have my guard up,” Lin Yi said after moving away from Fatty Lai.

“It’s alright as long as I can see you, Miracle Doctor Lin!” Fatty Lai didn’t mind Lin Yi avoiding him one bit as he took out a document from his bag. “Miracle Doctor Lin, please give this a look! The rights to the building have all been put under Ms. Guan Xin’s name, so the contract will be effective as soon as she signs!”

“Oh? Your new company’s in the building too, right? What’re you gonna do if you hand everything off?” Lin Yi said, confused.

“I’ll become a renter. But don’t worry, I’ll pay my rent on time every month!” Fatty Lai said. “You wouldn’t kick me out, would you, Miracle Doctor Lin?”

Lin Yi felt that this Fatty Lai was a bit noisy, but he had no reason to kick him out. The guy had given him his entire skyscraper. He’d be a real asshole if he kicked him out.

“No, just stay. Forget about stuff like rent.” Lin Yi waved his hand.

“Heh heh, I’ll stay, then!” Fatty Lai had made his decision. He wanted to latch onto Lin Yi! After all, it was obvious that as long as he was close with Lin Yi, good things would keep happening in his favor!

Lin Yi wasn’t too close with him yet, and didn’t seem like he wanted to be, but that was fine. As time passed, they’d start getting along. After all, their relationship had developed pretty well already. Lin Yi was now willing to meet him, at the very least!

“How’s your father?” Lin Yi had taken somebody’s skyscraper for free, and it didn’t sit right. He didn’t like to take stuff for free, and while payments for his services were costly, those were deserved since he’d put in effort for them.

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