Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 446

Chapter 446 - The Other Side of Song Lingshan

Lin Yi almost fell back out the doorway from the shock. Lingshan was twisting her personality!

“Haha, Song. It’s probably time for you to get a man, too. You’re so wild and unrestrained!” Huaijun said with a laugh.

“Ah? Big Bro Yang… Wha-what are you saying? Get a man? What man?” Lingshan’s eyes went wide as she blushed, a little pissed off as she looked at Huaijun.

“It’s not like you’re never going to marry, right?” Huaijun didn’t mind the look. “Plus, I’m your big bro and everything, but I still need to go beg Lin Yi for his help!”

“You… Begging him?” Lingshan had always been suspicious of Lin Yi’s identity. Even if he was a really strong bodyguard there was no reason for Huaijun to shower him with such praise and approval, especially when he wasn’t one to give anyone his approval easily. The way he carried himself when with Lin Yi, the way he looked up to him… It absolutely perplexed her.

Yang Huaijun was someone who’d retired from a top-secret special ops organization, and while he’d sustained injuries and lost a huge chunk of his strength, the man still great achievements and past glory. Approval and even respect didn’t come from him easily, not in the slightest.

But what was with his attitude towards Lin Yi?

Lingshan didn’t understand just how the two were associated! What was most suspicious was how he’d utterly lost his composure the first time he met him!

Huaijun nodded, completely serious. “I’m begging him to cure me right now!”

Huaijun had the heart to get Lin Yi and Lingshan together. While House Song was powerful on its own, they didn’t meddle with Lingshan’s romantic affairs much, especially since the Songs were descended from a family of warriors. They respected strength, and Elder Song said to Lingshan herself that he’d be very supportive if Lingshan could find a man who could beat her in combat.

And Lin Yi fit that condition nicely! It was just one condition, so Lin Yi could very well give it a try.

What made Huaijun hesitate was the whole thing with Ning…. He understood that Ning’s family would never accept him, but he still couldn’t help himself from covering for her all the time.1

It was an odd mentality. He’d buried his feelings for her deep, and turned himself into a guardian angel of sorts for her.

Lingshan didn’t know what to say. She thought that Huaijun would be able to help back her up today, but she seemed to have been mistaken, because Huaijun… couldn’t command Lin Yi either!

“Ha… You doubted me. All our deals are off,” Lin Yi said as he sat down on the sofa beside Lingshan.

Lingshan almost spat out blood in regret at that. She would’ve held her tongue if she’d known what would happen! She thought Huaijun could back her up, she really did!!

That look on Lin Yi’s face said that he didn’t need anyone’s help, and he didn’t want her bothering him either. As frustrated as Lingshan was, there was simply nothing she could do except try to make it up to Lin Yi a little. She kicked him softly. “Hey, come on, don’t be so stingy, okay?”

“It’s not about being stingy, it’s about principles. I said I won’t help, and that’s that. It’s all off.” Lin Yi was quite delighted. He didn’t want to take care of Lingshan in the first place, and he wouldn’t have paid her any attention at all if it weren’t for Huaijun!! Now that he had this chance it was only natural he’d use it to erase his involvement with that troublesome girl.

Lingshan glared in frustration. After some hesitation, she decided that there wasn’t any other option left. She started pulling at the corner of his shirt and speaking softly into his ear, “Miss Braindead was wrong, okay? Just forgive her this once.”

Lingshan was trembling a little from just uttering those words. When had she ever brought herself down like this to beg for someone’s help? 

But this was the only way when it came to Lin Yi, she needed to drop her airs! What did she do to deserve this rotten luck? Now she was utterly helpless against him! She’d never be able to make a comeback ever again.

“Ah… Fine, I’ll forgive you this time.” Lingshan’s attack was actually pretty effective, to Lin Yi’s surprise. So even Lingshan could pull something off like this and move him.

After all, there weren’t any pretty girls who weren’t cute, just pretty girls who didn’t know how to express that cute side. This was the conclusion Lin Yi had come to. It seemed that he was still too kind – not a good thing.

What if a female assassin acted cute toward him one day? Would he let her go if that happened?

Lingshan’s voice was soft, and Xuemin couldn’t hear what she’d whispered, but… not Huaijun. He heard everything!

He was strong. He did delevel a bit due to his injuries, but he was an early phase golden class at his peak. That meant that he had much better ears than normal. What Lingshan said to Lin Yi really did take him aback. He almost fainted from the shock.

Was this even the Song Lingshan he knew? Lingshan did show him a girly side once in a while, but it was the sort of girly side a younger sister would use on her brother! She still thought of him as an elder, there weren’t any romantic feelings attached in the slightest!

But Lin Yi… He wasn’t even older than her, was he?

Did Lingshan finally fall for someone?

Huaijun kept his suspicions to himself, acting as if he hadn’t heard anything. This concerned the honor and reputation of a girl, and while it was something she could say to Lin Yi, she might very well go kill herself if any unintended listeners caught her doing it.

Lingshan stabbed an intense glare at Lin Yi before turning her head away, pissed off and refusing to give him any more attention. She’d gotten the satisfactory answer she was looking for, anyway.

Xuemin didn’t know what had happened, but his gut told him that Lin Yi’s relationship with Lingshan was an unusual one. He sighed to himself. He was aware of his granddaughter’s feelings for Lin Yi, and Xuemin would be pretty confident in securing a marriage if it were any other boy, but this was Lin Yi…. He didn’t have any control at all over the situation.

For a start, Lin Yi was better than he was, and most likely excelled in areas other than medicine on top of that…. Just their conversation was enough for him to make that conclusion.

“Yi, wait awhile. Yang and Song had something to ask me, and they’d just come, so let’s talk after they get their answers,” Xuemin said to Lin Yi. As he got closer to him, Xuemin started treating him like family. He’d stopped using courtesies with him as much.

“Yeah, no problem. I’ll just sit around for a bit.” But Lin Yi turned to Huaijun. “Or I can give you guys some space?”

With that, Lin Yi started to stand up.

Lingshan had to stop herself from clawing him back. This was something she’d wanted Lin Yi’s help with, what was with him “giving them space”?

“No, you can listen too. We could use your help if a clue or something comes up,” Huaijun said with a wave of his hand before Lingshan said anything.

Lingshan breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed that Captain Yang’s relationship with Lin Yi was a rather strong one. He may claim to be begging for Lin Yi’s help, but she could tell that Lin Yi would never turn down a request from him.

  1. The Yi girl from Lin Yi’s team that I mistranslated


also, the editor for BAB is changed. Bye bye Jun. New editor is Weirdo

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