Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 444

Chapter 444 - Miracle Doctor Kang's Plan

“The first one: Kang Xiaobo did get us a genuine Pill of Life Extension of Toxin Cleansing, but his line of Kangs were never on good terms with us. So even if does give us a genuine pill, he wouldn’t want us to have it too good- meaning he’d mixed in dog poop into the pill!!” Zhaolong said. “If we take Kang Xiaobo’s age into consideration it’s possible that he’d come up with a prank like that.”

“So if we think about it that way, Kang Xiaobo purposely mixed in dog poop with the pill before gifting it?” Miracle Doctor Kang thought about it- it was plausible that Xiaobo had done so to make them take in dog poop along with the pill.

“It’s possible!” Zhaolong nodded. “So, the one Zhaoming ate might be the half with the pill, and the half you ate, the one with the dog poop…”

Miracle Doctor Kang was feeling a little regretful as he listened to the analysis. He should’ve eaten it himself if he’d known, rather than have Zhaoming test it!

“The second possibility: as the pill was being thrown into the trash, something we’re not aware of happened. It might’ve gotten mixed with dog poop by someone, or might’ve had some dug poop stuck onto it without anyone doing anything… It’s a possible scenario as well…” Zhaolong continued. “So in the end, dog poop shouldn’t be part of the Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing at all- we’ve been researching the wrong thing!”

Miracle Doctor Kang remained silent, his expression solemn. Truth be told, he simply didn’t know what to say! Fortunately for them, what had happened had happened within the inner Kang circle, not privy to outsiders. They’d be the absolute laughing stock of everyone otherwise.

Miracle Doctor Kang and his family, old and young, gathering around the dinner table for dog poop. What a joke.

Having finished pooping, Zhaoming returned to the room. “Well? Any conclusions?”

“The half you ate before might not be all dog poop, but we can’t prove that anymore.” Miracle Doctor Kang said briefly. “In any case, the Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing isn’t dog poop! We’ll end this here. Nobody speak a word of this!”

Guifeng, Zhaolong, and everyone else only nodded. Of course they wouldn’t- who the hell would do something that humiliating?

“Zhaolong, you’ll have to get on schedule with the Xiao house marriage plan.” Now that the research of the pill was a failure, the marriage plan with Xinyan took priority again.

“Alright, I’ll go to Yanjing a few days later then, for the betrothal gift and for the confirmation of the wedding?” Zhaolong was feeling rather disappointed as well- he’d thought that the Kangs would prosper, but nothing bore fruit at all.

“Yeah, it’s just an engagement, so I won’t be going. Guifeng, you go with Zhaolong.” Miracle Doctor Kang instructed.

“Yes, father.” Guideng nodded.

“One more thing- Cuipu, I have something for you to do.” Miracle Doctor Kang turned to Cuipu.

Cuipu froze- he was the useless son of the Kang family, the parasite who only played around without doing anything substantial. What made his father decide to entrust him with a task at all??

But it did make him happy. The Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing research may have been a failure, but Zhaoming’s involvement in the whole thing had produced value for them in Miracle Doctor Kang’s eyes.

“What is it, dad? I’ll do my best!!” Cuipu guaranteed.

“You’re well connected- help me pay close attention to Kang Xiaobo’s family! That friend of his managed to get his hands on the Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing, so he should be connected with some masters. See who they make or have made contact with- if there really are these monsters around we need to dig them out to serve us!” Miracle Doctor Kang said.

“That’s my field- I’ll keep an eye out, leave it to me!” Cuipu patted his chest confidently.

And with that, things came to a conclusion, along with the end of their discussions about the PIll of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing. But Miracle Doctor Kang still wasn’t giving up- that pill symbolized power and wealth, and if House Kang really could take control of that, then they’d grow into a house of a much larger scale.

Xiaoxiao came back to school in the afternoon, very calm, much to Lin Yi’s surprise. At least there wasn’t any rage visible on her face, much like how she wasn’t revealing any of her emotions after getting peed on last time.

Lin Yi guessed that under that calm facade Xiaoxiao was boiling as she thought of a revenge plan! 

Lin Yi felt like this was really undeserved- why did this girl always bother him like this! Couldn’t she leave him alone if she couldn’t handle him??

Fine, I’ll leave then!! Lin Yi decided to just skip afternoon class- he’d received Xuemin’s phone call earlier, telling him that Fatty Lai had finished with the paperwork for the office space. With one nod from Lin Yi, it’d be under Guan Xin’s name.

Xuemin had the medicine items reviewed and approved already- not something hard with Xuemin’s connections in the medical world, it was really just a procedure they had to go through. 

Now that the medicine company was all set up, all that was left was a manager.

Lin Yi wanted to use this opportunity to go discuss the medicine company with Xuemin. Xiaoxiao, on the other hand, could have fun on her own at school.

A very subtle smile formed on Xiaoxiao’s lips as she watched Lin Yi walk away- it was just perfect, she needed to have a good talk with Pinliang and understand just what Lin Yi’s weaknesses are!

As things were, she wasn’t getting anywhere stumbling around like this. Lin Yi’s skills were far beyond her expectations, so incredibly agile…

To be able to so swiftly move the ignited firecrackers off his body and tie it with a dead knot on her… It was a very shocking speed.

Sitting on her cushion, she leaned forward and poked Xiaobo in his back. “Have time? Can we talk about your boss a little?”

Xiaobo had witnessed what happened with Xiaoxiao and the firecrackers yesterday- he was pretty curious himself, but now that Xiaoxiao was starting a conversation with her he didn’t have to trouble himself with approaching her for questions.

“What happened to you yesterday with the firecrackers?” Xiaobo wasn’t with Lin Yi yesterday- he’d missed what had happened before that.

“It was just an accident- I was careless. Let’s not talk about that. Can you tell me about Lin Yi?” Xiaoxiao evidently didn’t want to talk about the firecrackers. “You saw it too, right? Lin Yi left right after I came, he’s obviously avoiding me!”

Xiaoxiao looked at Xiaobo with melancholy- her face was as sad as it got, as if she’d been heartlessly dumped. It was impossible not to pity her.

“Ugh… Boss just has some stuff to do, it’s not like he’s avoiding you on purpose…” Xiaobo knew that Lin Yi had to deal with the medicine company, but this wasn’t something he could tell Xiaoxiao, especially when it was still in its initial, confidential stage. Xiaobo wasn’t beneath that sort of awareness.

fun fact, 444 is the most dreaded number combo in Chinese because it sounds like diediedie. Since no Chinese people ever choose a licence plate like that or choose that apartment unit, they just went and named all fourth floors "5th floor" in Chinese places

Nobody ran away xD

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